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paulsher1oodit's no longer WIP, i believe it works14:59
rjekIs gitlab down?15:00
paulsher1oodnot for me15:00
paulsher1oodalso in other news
rjekoh it just woke up15:01
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* jjardon reads15:39
rjekI do not like this function :)16:06
rjekIssues I see with it: authentication data seems global, you can't control it on a per-url basis, it manually constructs URLs and doesn't check if it needs to encode username or password, logs the credentials, calls out to wget rather than using an internal library that would allow you to hash as you download thus avoiding rereading what might a very large file twice16:08
paulsher1oodrjek: while your criticisms are valid, i don't have time to read up on solutions for all of them... if you have any, please comment on the patch16:11
paulsher1oodi guess i can go for auth_username and do (hidden) on that, same as passwords16:14
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paulsher1oodi don't know how to avoid using wget, and i'm now *assuming* wget knows if it needs to encode username and password18:36
paulsher1ood(since wget creates the url)18:36
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ironfootIt should be possible to fetch things using python, without wget22:18
ironfootYep, using requests library22:21
rjekSame code used for accessing kbas should do the trick22:25
rjekActually using that would solve almost all my issues. Reading from the request object in chunks, throwing through a statefull md5 and sha before writing to disc.22:26

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