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paulsher1oodbenbrown_: while you're on a roll, pls could you give some thought to how ybd could handle binary inputs, from (say) a url or artifactory?15:20
benbrown_paulsher1ood: can do15:21
ironfootor ostree15:21
paulsher1oodironfoot: i think we can assume that will be satisfied by buildstream in due course15:39
paulsher1oodthis specific request is from a customer project15:39
ironfootaha, ok15:39
ironfootjust thought that ostree might be more similar to git than anything else15:40
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ironfootif getting artifacts from url's, how to generate the cache key?16:03
ironfootusing checksums?16:03
ssam2OSTree provides a contents hash similar to Git16:05
ssam2random URL I guess you'd have to hash it yourself to be secure16:05
ssam2artifactory is the same, unless you restrict it to a specific type of Artifactory artifact16:06
ssam2not sure there are any types that provide a contents hash though16:06
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