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benbrown_so I'm having a look at support for git lfs in definitions/ybd14:32
benbrown_however it appears git lfs won't work without a server14:35
rjekThey have a strange API, yeah14:37
paulsherwoodbenbrown_: why is that a problem?14:38
benbrown_I'm not sure then, how to get any LFS repos to work with ybd's mirroring14:38
benbrown_since lfs wouldn't be able to checkout from the mirrors14:38
* paulsherwood tries to understand...14:39
paulsherwoodhumour me for a second...14:39
benbrown_paulsherwood: you can't `git clone file:///` with lfs repos, it doesn't support it14:39
paulsherwoodwhat happens if we run git lfs fetch on a remote repo that we have cloned, in the case where a) it is an lfs repo and b) it is NOT ant lfs repo?14:40
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benbrown_paulsherwood: in both cases it attempts to fetch lfs objects from the remote, in the latter case it just won't fetch anything14:42
paulsherwoodok, so we can safely have a local repo which is a clone of the remote, with lfs objects fetched?14:42
paulsherwoodbut you are saying that we can't do git clone on that local repo?14:43
benbrown_paulsherwood: yes14:44
paulsherwoodbut we can do checkout from that repo?14:44
benbrown_we can run git checkout in that repo, we can't do a ybd repos.checkout(), since that's trying to clone14:45
paulsherwoodin which case, in ybd.repos._checkout() if repo.is_lfs, copy and checkout instead of clone an checkout?14:45
* paulsherwood hopes it's possible to evaluate is_lfs somehow14:46
* benbrown_ will do that then14:46
benbrown_paulsherwood: I'm setting it up so you would declare that in the startum14:47
* paulsherwood hopes we can avoid fetching n versions of huge-blob, for cases where we only need 114:47
paulsherwoodi was hoping there'd be no need for this to be defined in definitions at all...14:47
paulsherwoodcan't we probe the repo itself to decide it's lfs?14:48
benbrown_paulsherwood: there's an lfs dir in the bare repo14:50
benbrown_it would be more, if repo.is_lfs, copy, convert to non-bare (mirror) repo, and checkout14:51
benbrown_however that might work14:51
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* paulsherwood wonders if it did in fact work16:32
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