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* paulsherwood is failing completely to understand what's happening in
paulsherwoodas you can see from
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paulsherwood'env: /root/ybd/tmp/tmpZ_bnpe: No such file or directory' is reported, but at the point the command is executed, that's not true...08:33
paulsherwood12 -rwx------.  1 root root 5386 Jan 22 18:17 tmpZ_bnpe08:33
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rjekpaulsherwood: Are you sure that directory listing is of /root/ybd/tmp/ ?09:32
rjekAlso, try invoking env under strace so you can see what it's actually trying to do before producing the error09:32
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paulsherwoodrjek: i'm sure it's that dir, yes. i've never used strace, sadly09:58
paulsherwoodanyway, i'm now thinking that the problen is the shebang in the extension... i expect python2 does not exist09:59
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paulsherwoodok, it's not that... but
paulsherwoodso the issue is that something required in the extension is not available in the docker image10:08
paulsherwooddefinitely not a ybd issue10:08
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paulsherwoodjjardon: ^^10:09
jjardonWe only install what the ybd script requires, so maybe there is something missing there?10:12
rjekpaulsherwood: Ah, yes, the error may be confusing if the shebang points somewhere that is not executable, does not exist, or depends on shared libraries that are not available10:13
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jjardonpaulsherwood: the docker image and the build-system-x86_64-chroot has python210:18
paulsherwoodjjardon: ack. as i said above 'it's not that...'10:19
paulsherwoodi'm trying with some debug statements in the extension itself10:19
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paulsherwoodso, it doesn't get into the extension - none of the debugs print out12:27
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paulsherwoodso.... changing the shebang to /bin/sh shows that the ybd part of this works.12:45
paulsherwoodwhich python gives /usr/local/bin/python, not /usr/bin/python...12:45
paulsherwoodjjardon: ^^12:46
jjardonmmm, the extensions use the python version from the host or the one built as part of the base- system?12:56
jjardonpaulsherwood: ^ the one we build is being build with --prefix="$PREFIX"12:57
paulsherwoodi think it's the one built. anyway, i notice that some shebangs are already set as /usr/bin/env python... am trying that at
paulsherwoodand, w00t :)13:08
paulsherwoodso, patch is to fix extensions to use whatever python is available13:09
persia/usr/bin/env python doesn't promise a reliable python, so should be avoided for reproducibility13:10
persia(yes, all the python docs say to use that ...)13:10
* paulsherwood has no idea what to do next13:13
jjardonyeah, I though about the env thing but what persia said ... I think we really need to fix definitions to install python in /usr, not /usr/local13:18
persiaUm, that's not important to what I said.  I only said that if python is being executed, and you want bug-for-bug compatible bahviour to specific code, you need to know which python was run, which `/usr/bin/env python` doesn't achieve.  No reason you can't use /usr/local/bin/python-mycustom-fork-with-4.0-support if you want.13:19
jjardonsure, but the problem is that python should not be installed in /usr/local13:26
SotKdoes this work outside of gitlab?13:27
SotKI'm pretty sure the deployment extensions use the host python rather than the built python13:30
SotKif it works elsewhere, I expect that the problem is that the docker image has python in /usr/local for whatever reason, rather than some weirdness in definitions/ybd13:32
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jjardonah, that would make sense then! can anyone confirm what the extensions are meant to use??15:55
jjardonpaulsherwood: what do you think about
SotKwe've always used host tools with them afaik15:57
SotKthey need to be able to access files on the host system15:57
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ssam2they also need to be the same architecture as the system doing the deployment15:58
ssam2and at least in the past we've wanted to be able to deploy e.g. an ARM system from an x86 machine15:58
ssam2the ARM Python binary inside the system being deployed would not be much use in that situation15:58
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jjardonok, so seems a "problem" in the docker image then!16:16
SotKcan you just create a /usr/bin/python symlink before running the build?16:18
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jjardonyep, Im trying that16:37
jjardonlets see16:37
paulsherwood16:16 < jjardon> ok, so seems a "problem" in the docker image then!16:49
* paulsherwood has been saying that for some time :)16:49
jjardonseems so, yes16:54
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jjardonpaulsherwood: seems yaml module cannot be found now:
jjardonany idea why docker images install python in /usr/local ?16:57
ssam2which Docker images?16:58
paulsherwoodjjardon: no, but i suggest that we go with the /usr/bin/env python hack16:58
jjardonssam2: python2.7-slim from
jjardonsorry, python:2.7-slim16:59
paulsherwoodssam2: we switched to using python:2.7-slim  docker image for ybd runners... but they appear to have python in an unexpected place17:00
ssam2maybe use a better Docker image? :-)17:00
ssam2the Alpine Linux ones seem interesting17:00
jjardonwe would like one that already include python, so we save some time as we do not need to install it17:01
locallycompactalpine is funny17:01
ssam2you can install Python once, then save that as a new Docker image17:01
jjardonI know, but the idea was to use an available stock image, so I do not have to create docker images myself :)17:06
paulsherwoodjjardon: devcurmudgeon:foo is an available stock image :)17:07
* jjardon should create an image with baserock and put it in docker image some day17:08
jjardonpaulsherwood: what are the contents of that?17:08
paulsherwoodthis is all spurious though... unless/until we can do bit-for-bit comparisons, we have no good reason to trust any docker image17:08
paulsherwoodjjardon: i can't remember :)17:09
jjardonpaulsherwood: well, if you can reproduce it (even not bit-for-bit) with baserock is at least an improvement17:09
jjardonpaulsherwood: exactly :)17:09
paulsherwoodjjardon: yup17:11
paulsherwoodjjardon: there is a baserock docker image already17:12
paulsherwoodi did that years ago17:12
jjardonpaulsherwood: are you volunteering to update it?? :)17:12
paulsherwoodi suppose i could :)17:14
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jjardonpaulsherwood: ybd doesn't cound "max-jobs: 1" as part of the cache key calculation, right? Should we consider this a bug?17:48
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paulsherwoodjjardon: it's not a bug in ybd. it's a bug that some upstreams can't be built at > 118:03
paulsherwoodthere's no need to include max-jobs in the cache-key18:03
jjardonyeah, agree18:04
jjardonif I have definitions that are using "max-jobs: 1", and I remove it, the component will not be rebuilt18:06
paulsherwoodare you *sure*?18:06
* paulsherwood notes that if definitions have max-jobs: 1, it's because they didn't build reliably without it18:07
jjardonso it can happen that the build succed (because is taking the artifact from kbas), but if I rebuild everything from scratch it will fail18:07
jjardonyeah, thats my point18:07
* paulsherwood will check18:12
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