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jjardonssam2: In case you missed, is now being generated from the ci of
ssam2cool, OK11:40
ssam2I guess that and will be in sync since they both use git hooks, but we can probably just point to point to
ssam2oh, except gives a 404 .. is that fixable?11:41
locallycompact /spec11:42
ssam2yeah that works, but / doesn't11:42
ssam2however there's content at / on docs.baserock.org11:42
locallycompactdon't think you can do that11:43
locallycompactit's $$projectname11:43
ssam2ah, ok11:44
pedroalvarezit's posible to set  up a cname for that though11:44
ssam2in that case, i'll probably leave as-is for now in case we need to host more docs11:44
pedroalvarezi created as a poc11:44
ssam2the two will be in sync in any case11:44
pedroalvarezssam2: not sure if in sync given that the repos have been moved11:44
ssam2oh, yeah11:44
pedroalvarezand gbo is not in sync with gitlab11:44
ssam2right ...11:44
ssam2so all the baserock/baserock/*.git repos are obsolete and out of date? are they marked as such?11:45
pedroalvarezthere is one special case, lorries.git11:45
ssam2hmm, how can we fix that11:45
ssam2right, lorries.git isn't in baserock/baserock/11:45
ssam2but baserock/local-config11:45
pedroalvarezvery true :)11:45
pedroalvarezbut something we need to consider11:46
ssam2I guess *://* URLs might be able to forward to the appropriate gitlab repos?11:46
ssam2that or we need to add a big warning saying LOOK HERE INSTEAD! to all the obsolete repos11:46
pedroalvarezI pondered creating a lorry file for baserock/* repos11:47
ssam2right, so we just keep the repos up to date from gitlab11:47
ssam2wait, all that automation already exists, but for Gerrit11:48
pedroalvarezIt looks like you can make l-c to lorry in other places than delta11:48
ssam2we could run a lorry-controller that pulls from gitlab and pushes to git.baserock.org11:48
ssam2and make the repos read-only (if they aren't already now)11:48
pedroalvarezthat l-c can be the one we have already running in gbo11:49
ssam2ah, nice11:49
ssam2in which case this becomes pretty easy11:49
pedroalvarezother option is just deprecate everything11:49
ssam2what do you mean by 'deprecate' ?11:49
pedroalvarezmark as obsolete11:49
ssam2but how?11:49
ssam2i don't think it's OK to just break the existing URLs that have worked for the last 5 years11:50
pedroalvarezI agree11:50
ssam2seems like it's least effort to just keep them working, but make them read-only so nobody gets confused and pushes there11:51
ssam2so is now obsolete too? that should also give some hint to users that the princess is now in a different castle11:51
ssam2i guess no build tooling depends on URLs, so that could just be decommissioned and set to forward to gitlab11:52
pedroalvarezyep, thats a good idea11:53
pedroalvarezI believe I made gerrit a bit read-only (nobody can merge) to not leave things very broken11:56
ssam2ah, nice11:56
pedroalvarezAlso, tried to set up gitlab replication thingy, for definitions, and it couldn't cope with the size (hello?) of the repo11:57
ssam2is this a special tool gitlab provides for pushing from Gitlab to other Git servers ?11:58
pedroalvarezyep, let me find the link11:58
ssam2that sounds pretty broken if so, I guess we could try and fix it but since lorry-controller already exists and works, we might as well just use that ...11:58
pedroalvarezthe error output being:
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ssam2hmm, that might be an error from the git-daemon on git.baserock.org12:02
jjardonssam2: in case you missed it, this was all discussed in the mailing list some time ago:
ssam2thanks for the link12:04
ssam2could even be an error from SSH or gitano, since i presume it's trying to push12:04
ssam2oh, but over HTTP12:05
ssam2so actually it'd be from either lighttpd or git-daemon12:05
pedroalvarez+S to that HTTP12:05
pedroalvarezI tested that push from my laptop, and seemed to work12:06
pedroalvarez(i want to believe i did)12:06
ssam2using the same code that Gitlab's server will use? in that case I guess the error will be hard to debug12:06
ssam2still, the lighttpd logs should have something about the error12:07
ssam2since ultimately it's lighttpd that returns the 411 error12:07
pedroalvarezoh, yes, gitlab might not be doing a simple git push as I was doing12:08
pedroalvarez(apologies, I didn't have enought time to debug these things)12:13
ssam2no worries12:13
ssam2i don't yet know whether or not i'll have time to any of this in 201712:14
ssam2*to do12:14
pedroalvarezwe need at least to convince people it's something needed :)12:14
ssam2well, I think if many people were using baserock then it'd be obviously needed because there'd be a chorus of "why is this repo out of date", "why is gerrit readonly" etc12:15
ssam2i'm sure some have actually read the emails announcing the change, but there are usually many who don't :-)12:15
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