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locallycompactCan we make troves sans baserock yet?15:47
locallycompactbenbrown_, ?15:48
benbrown_locallycompact: sure, though I've not tried it myself15:52
locallycompactI thought there was work gone into making a debian package or something15:53
benbrown_locallycompact: Kinnison is working on getting gitano and it's components into debian15:54
benbrown_locallycompact: I don't believe anything is being done for lorry and its controller15:54
locallycompactlorry is easy enough15:55
locallycompactI will poke him15:55
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locallycompactKinnison has redirected me to mwilliams15:58
locallycompactwho does not appear to live here15:59
CTtpollardmwilliams is on holiday I believe16:01
locallycompactoki coki16:03
jjardonpaulsherwood: seems '-' is not a valid character for environment variables; so seems Its not possible to set "check-definitions" or "artifact-version" though the environment16:12
jjardonany idea for the best wat to fix this or be able to use those variables? what is currenttly in the CI is not working:
jjardonlocallycompact: yep, but thats more a workaround, right? maybe we should change the variable names?16:17
locallycompactI have no opinion, I think changing qualitative behaviour via an config option is ridiculous to begin with16:19
locallycompactartifact-version is a real problem though16:19
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jjardonnevermind, seems to be working in the end: ybd shows first the default config and then what it gets from the environment18:16
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