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locallycompactjjardon, I had to rebase everything, can you reapprove
jjardonlocallycompact: all of it? :) let me check11:30
locallycompactI wish it would let you rebase without two approvals in the browser11:31
jjardongtristan: Hi! about ; you have to resolve all the discussions to allow the branch to be merged12:05
gtristan"resolve a discussion"12:15
gtristanjjardon, resolved discussions12:17
* gtristan likes merge requests and pipelines, and dislikes bug tracking and discussion in gitlab - I'm concerned mostly that discussions on potentially multiple merge requests do not happen on the actual issue they intend to address12:18
jjardongtristan: Add "Fixes #<issue number>" to the merge request and merge issue and merge request will be linked12:31
jjardonlocallycompact: I guess we will need a new release of ybd after is merged?12:32
jjardonlocallycompact: mmm ybd already supports that spec change, so I guess it doesnt matter12:36
locallycompactWhy do we hardlink for one thing and copy for the other? Why not just copy regardless?
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locallycompactI will see if it makes a difference12:42
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locallycompacthere is some ci for the spec
locallycompactwe should fix these rogue unpetrify-ref not being strings14:15
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jjardonlocallycompact: nice, seems its failing though?14:48
locallycompactbc master definitions doesn't pass validation14:49
locallycompactmerge that other one14:49
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locallycompactprobably needs to be calling the spec from definitions rather than the other way around, or both. at least is something14:50
jjardonyeah; can you add the same check in definitions ci, please? probably before doing anything else14:52
locallycompactthat needs to be in first so the script is there14:52
locallycompactwhere to run, first or last?14:53
jjardoncan anyone else review and ?14:56
locallycompactjjardon, done, but needs the branch name scrubbed before merge
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jjardonlocallycompact: done, send the MR please15:10
jjardonsorry, this is still needed:
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jjardongreat, thanks!15:32
jjardondefinitions tested against the spec before merging; welcome to the future! :)15:32
locallycompactit's almost like as if we have our shit together15:34
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locallycompactjjardon, benbrown_
locallycompactrenders here
jjardoncool, we have already though; does anyone know where is the source of it?16:34
jjardonI think we can merge your branch, we can always move the other stuff later on16:38
benbrown_locallycompact: what magic is involved to get it to render from artifacts?16:38
benbrown_or is that not what it's doing16:38
pedroalvarezthe source of is the spec.git repo16:39
pedroalvarezor was16:39
pedroalvarez(now all the repos have been moved, but the infra hasn't been updated)16:39
benbrown_oh, 'pages:'16:39
locallycompactbenbrown_, yeah just that pages field16:39
locallycompactmagic thing16:39
locallycompactI will see if it goes better16:39
benbrown_locallycompact: will that default to master only builds?16:39
locallycompactnot currently16:39
benbrown_locallycompact: in terms of rendering16:40
benbrown_or just whatever the most recent build produces16:40
benbrown_in which case, can has 'only:\nbaserock/spec'?16:40
locallycompactonly master?16:41
benbrown_or rather, 'only:\nmaster@baserock/spec'16:41
benbrown_with a '-#16:41
jjardonO_o, awesome!17:00
locallycompactcool merge it
locallycompactI will fix all the information17:07
jjardonneeds one more approval though;  benbrown_ ?17:12
benbrown_when accepting MR's (post approval), do we click 'remove source branch'17:13
benbrown_or leave it to the owner?17:13
locallycompactwhat does your heart say17:14
benbrown_nuke all the stale branches17:14
locallycompactthen destroy17:15
jjardonlocallycompact: how can we change to point to ?17:20
locallycompactI don't know where that is hosted17:20
jjardonmaybe pedroalvarez knows? or gary_perkins  ?17:24
pedroalvarezyou want to change the dns record to create a CNAME? Or maybe change the configuration in our haproxy to point there? or just continue hosting it?17:26
* jjardon doesnt understand pedroalvarez :) locallycompact what do we want?17:39
locallycompactkoala bears17:39
locallycompactwhat is any of that stuff17:40
pedroalvarezwill that url be accesible using a different url?17:40
pedroalvarezdoes gitlab pages have CNAMEs support?17:41
pedroalvarezI think it doesnt17:41
locallycompactthis doesn't mean anything to me sorry17:42
pedroalvarezwhere is that spec page configured?17:42
pedroalvarezI'd like to see
pedroalvarezso, there, it looks like you can add a new domain?17:45
pedroalvarezand some certificates I guess for TLS17:46
pedroalvarezi'm not sure we would like to upload those there...17:46
pedroalvarez(the certificates we use for infra, I mean)17:47
pedroalvarezbut it looks optional17:47
pedroalvarezcan anyone give me access to that one? I guess is because i'm only user of the spec repo, and not owner or master,  or whatever it's called17:49
locallycompactjjardon, ^17:49
pedroalvarezI keep seeing this in gitlab docs: "Note: Custom CNAMEs with TLS support were introduced in GitLab EE 8.5."17:51
jjardonpedroalvarez: what is you username in gitlab?17:51
pedroalvarezpalvarez89 iirc17:51
pedroalvarezi'm in the baserock group17:51
jjardonok, got it17:52
jjardonpedroalvarez: you should have superpowers now17:52
pedroalvarezmeh, gitlab suggests me to use an A record and a hardcoded IP17:54
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locallycompactpedroalvarez, thanks!18:02
pedroalvarez(I haven't used just in case I broke things)18:02
pedroalvarezIt can be readjusted whenever we agree names etc18:02
jjardonpedroalvarez: thanks!18:02
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