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gtristanjjardon, I enabled that YBD thing that bails out and found all the errors this time and fixed them08:31
* gtristan needs to resubmit the branch now, which is parented to gbo but I guess has to go to gitlab now08:32
gtristanthink git remote set-uri origin <gitlaburl> is good enough ?08:34
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* gtristan has requested access to so he can submit MR08:38
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jjardongtristan: yeah, simply rebase against current master and push a branch with name staging/ in front so all the ci is executed08:45
jjardon(it's setup in this way to try to minimise abusing the system)08:46
gtristanjjardon, ok, staging/module-splitting08:48
gtristanjjardon, can you, did you grant me access ?08:48
gtristanDone !08:49
* gtristan now writes a script which makes random commits and pushes staging/<randomized-branch-names>08:49
gtristanno no dont worry08:49
* gtristan watches build08:51
jjardonThat's ok; at some point your builds will be queued because there is not more runners available08:52
jjardondepend on us how many we want to be running at the same time08:53
gtristanRandom whitespace commits in binutils.morph !08:53
gtristanit didnt start with weston (even if that was at the top of the list)... but08:56
gtristantrove seems to be building alright :)08:56
gtristanwill take a while I guess for them all to complete08:56
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jjardonYeah, seems this time everything is building; make a merge request of the bramch when is ready!09:02
jjardongtristan: btw, any idea why ybd is failing to deploy?
gtristanjjardon, not sure, looks obviously like install-files configure extension wanted /root/ybd/tmp/tmpCiVEwM, but didnt get it09:18
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jmacsI've been looking at MorphLoader today, and it looks like you've got a manual deserializer and validator built into morph; is there any slightly more generic or automatic way of turning YAML into Python classes with some safety?10:44
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gtristanjjardon, I got reconnected... anyway I'm quitting for the day... I'll submit an MR right away11:00
gtristanjjardon, knowing how to provoke that build would be great, though11:00
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gtristanmr submitted11:03
gtristanjjardon, for context, that one build failed because of a connection timeout when doing git clone <ybd-url>11:03
paulsherwoodjmacs: does ruamel help?11:04
jmacspaulsherwood: Not really, beacuse it won't be me dumping the YAML11:04
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jjardongtristan: yeah, I saw that11:07
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paulsherwoodjmacs: locallycompact was doing some thinking on this in defslib, but i don't think his work is generic and i still don't fully understand it11:17
jjardonyou can provoke the rebuild from the UI, I will do it myself11:17
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jjardonanahuelamo: Im trying to open but seems its a bit slow :)14:53
anahuelamojjardon, no problem, looks like it's failing while doing the ostree commit, however I can run that code in my host and it's working14:53
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jjardonanahuelamo: where are you trying to deploy?14:58
anahuelamoIn the same runner there is a directory /ostree/repo in which I did an ostree init, so it's trying to deploy there14:59
jjardonanahuelamo: oh, didnt know you can access the shared runners, how did you do that? ssh?15:02
anahuelamojjardon, commands in the .gitlab-ci15:02
jjardonah, ok, ofc. Let me see15:03
jjardonmmm, seems the machine were the runner is doesnt like the "lsetxattr" function; apart from that it should work15:09
jjardonanahuelamo: can you try the runners from the baserock/definitions project? they are using a more modern version of the OS15:10
anahuelamosure jjardon, I just didn't want to run random thing into them15:11
jjardonanahuelamo: what version of ostree are you using? seems there were some recent patches in the function that uses that call15:13
jjardonthats recent enough15:16
jjardonmmm, I actually dont know what is happening, lets ask in #ostree15:17
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