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pedroalvarezwill gitlab push back the changes to
pedroalvarezwill working on won't be allowed anymore?10:02
locallycompactit still holds the bulk of the source10:05
locallycompactwe can lorry from gitlab10:05
locallycompactif we want the premerge then MRs still have to be on gitlab10:06
locallycompactor what do you want to happen10:06
pedroalvarezright now is still posible to work in, merging things there directly10:11
pedroalvarezand gerrit replicates that10:11
pedroalvarezand gerrit pushes back to g.b.o. after any merge in gerrit (not lorrying it, so that it's not in delta/)10:11
pedroalvarezi just want to know how is this going to work10:12
mwilliams_ctIf is on EE then it would be able to mirror from and that could lorry from gitlab in turn (though I wont speak for how robust the mirroring is)10:13
mwilliams_ctEE = enterprise edition10:13
mwilliams_ctsorry jargon10:13
pedroalvarezI assume no EE here10:13
pedroalvarezanyway, who is going to maintain all of this?10:14
pedroalvarez(new infra)10:14
pedroalvarezhave the new runners been configured using some configuration management tools like ansible?10:15
locallycompactSeems to kind of maintain itself10:15
locallycompactWe have our own runners yet?10:15
locallycompactybd is still on shared10:16
pedroalvarezi understood that from the email10:16
locallycompactdefinitions is on autoscale I guess that's our's10:17
locallycompactwhere/what is that manager10:17
pedroalvarezI don't follow10:20
locallycompactdefinitions is connected to two runners called10:21
locallycompactautoscale-runner-manager and baserock-mustang10:21
locallycompactthe first one is elastic 64bit but where is it10:22
pedroalvarezthanks for clarifying10:22
jjardonlocallycompact: is not elastic, Its the manager to generate the elastic nodes: Its an machine in DigitalOcean as well10:23
pedroalvarezand everything maintains itself?10:24
pedroalvarezsecurity upgrades and all10:24
jjardonpedroalvarez: securitu upgrades for what?10:25
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mwilliams_ctthe operating system the machines run on?10:25
mwilliams_ctand all the software on it?10:26
jjardonwhat machines exactly? the runners? the only that have to be maintained manually is the ARM runner10:26
pedroalvarezhave they been configured using some configuration management tools like ansible? or just manually?10:26
mwilliams_ctautoscale-runner-manager and baserock-mustang?10:26
pedroalvarezright, so who is going to maintain that, or who are we going to blame to if something is not working10:27
jjardonbut is the easiest thing in the world: install gitlab-runner; register the runner; done. For the autoscale manager a little more config is needed but its everything in a toml file10:28
jjardonI can share it privately if you are curious10:28
mwilliams_ctjjardon: I'd be interested in seeing the toml file as it's relevant to something I'm doing10:28
jjardonmwilliams_ct: you have that file in our private tracker already :)10:29
mwilliams_ctBut that's not why pedroalvarez is asking. The Baserock ops team doesnt seem to have been involved in this at all, so how can they ensure it is secure? and available all the time?10:29
pedroalvarezthanks for helping mwilliams_ct10:30
mwilliams_ctI apologise if youre part of the ops team jjardon, last I knew it was gary_perkins, pedroalvarez and ssam210:30
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jjardonmwilliams_ct: Im not part of any specific team10:30
jjardonI setup this as a demo in my free time, to show the community and hoping it can be of interest; If that's the case we can formalize things10:31
pedroalvarezso this is a demo10:32
mwilliams_ctjjardon: OK. I'm not really part of the baserock community, plus or minus a few patches but it strikes me that we should be phrasing this discussion as "can the ops team agree to take on the maintenance overhead of runners". I'll step back for now as I have other things to do, but I imagine it is quite a bit of work10:33
jjardonbut a demo that its much more powerful than anything we have had before; I wanted you to see its potential10:33
jjardonrunners are quite easy to maintain; I will do it myself if nobody has the time10:35
* pedroalvarez adds jjardon to the team :P10:35
jjardonDo I get a badge?10:39
pedroalvarezhaha :)10:40
pedroalvarez(not sure if this is a genuine question, I've heard the badge term in some communities, but not in baserock, ever)10:41
jjardon:) we need to implement that, then10:44
jjardonother cool feature: rigth now the elastic runners are machines with 4cores and 4GB of RAM (same as shared runners in, but with a one line change in the toml file it can be as powerful as we want10:46
jjardonfor the curious, this is the entire toml configuration in the autoscale-runner-manager:10:47
pedroalvarezI'm all for this change, honestly.10:47
pedroalvarezthe configuration of the infra should go to infrastructure.git if possible10:48
jjardonpedroalvarez: good to heard that :)10:48
pedroalvarezI'm just not looking forward to move from the demo to well-done state10:48
pedroalvarezs/to move/to move myself this new infra/10:50
pedroalvarezI'll definitely help though10:50
jjardonpedroalvarez: remember that the autoscale runners is a nice-to-have; we can always use the free runners provided by is something goes wrong / Its not ready10:53
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tiagogomesIf you are moving definitions to gitlab, I think it makes sense to move lorry, lorry-controller, firehose, tbdiff, fhs-dirs, …11:18
pedroalvarez(anything on gerrit)11:19
tiagogomesWhat will happen to the gerrit instance, will it stay read-only ?11:22
pedroalvarezThats another question11:22
pedroalvarezwe will break links, and lose patches11:22
jjardontiagogomes: step by step :) Im mostly interested in definitions because the pre-merge builds, but we can do that, sure11:26
pedroalvarezso, we are not killing gerrit then11:27
SotKwe should be doing pre-merge ci on everything11:27
SotKand gating on the result11:27
SotKat this point I don't really care with what tool11:27
tiagogomestbh I would prefer to move everything at the same time to avoid ending up in the mess where the canonical repos are spread in different servers.11:27
jjardonif we agree on that, it can be easily done11:30
jjardonsetup those project as mirrors in gitlab -> stop mirroring when they are the canonical source11:31
tiagogomesThat's what I thought - it shouldn't be much hassle to move them at the same time11:31
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jjardonhi tiagogomes, is this branch something you plan to submit upstream or are you still working on it? Seems without it the usr-merge is not possible
pedroalvarezpatches can be taken upstream by anyone, anyway15:41
tiagogomesjjardon I am not planning further work on it. I'll create a PR15:47
jjardontiagogomes: cool, thanks15:53
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jjardontiagogomes: not sure I using the correct branch, but I'm getting the same error using you branch:
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