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tiagogomesjjardon not yet09:08
locallycompactpedroalvarez, the problem was09:26
locallycompactbison depends on git-minimal but not on openssl09:27
locallycompactso when bison try to run git it fails with git: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:27
pedroalvarezi wonder if we are thinking about adding runtime deps to definitions09:31
tiagogomesIt has been a long time since I heard from that.09:31
locallycompactAfter all this code is dead we think about that for V1109:32
locallycompactbecause it will need to be slightly more sophisticated for things when you think about runtime dependencies for things that don't get included in the system, but are non-bootstrap, but their dependencies are supposed to end up in the system09:33
locallycompactat the minute all we have is staging: in, bootstrap: out, but you also need to do that for whole assemblages now09:34
tiagogomesHow that will work, I can see 5 cylinders in each side of the engine but not sure what the 11th will do09:34
pedroalvarez" broom broom" ?09:35
tiagogomesBaserock could benefit from some extra cc09:40
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pedroalvarez"Pep8 forces you to turn perfectly reasonable expressions into twisted horrors to satisfy a character constraint"10:20
pedroalvarezneed to install emojis to follow tiagogomes nowadays10:30
tiagogomesmm, a terminal or irc client that understands utf8 is all u need10:32
jmacsCould we see an example of the twisted horror?10:33
locallycompactjmacs, I would have to split up the line I linked10:33
locallycompactwhich is a perfectly fine line and I shouldn't have to do that10:34
* tiagogomes also points out that pep8 can be configured to ignore some types of warnings. E.g. I'll have to do it for sandboxlib as the includes are in a the bottom of a python file, but it needs to be that way without breaking sandboxlib api10:34
locallycompactit reads better as a single line10:34
jmacsAh, I didn't realise "d1df1ac3" was a link to a different issue10:34
* SotK probably wouldn't go so far as to call that a "twisted horror"10:35
* tiagogomes observers ybd saying there is a cached system artifact after adding build-essential-runtime to the minimal system10:53
tiagogomesartifact splitting is wrong, and I don't have much faith on the cache key calculation10:54
locallycompactsplitting is happening in the wrong place for start10:55
tiagogomesjjardon, anahuelamo my branch is at . No PR yet10:56
anahuelamothanks tiagogomes :)10:56
tiagogomesanahuelamo jjardon you may want to clean up the split rules regexes on DEFAULTS for the usr-merge, as there is no need to consider /lib, /bin and /sbin .11:00
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jjardontiagogomes: ah! so there was a problem in ybd, not only in definitions11:16
tiagogomesThe problem was with ybd only. The suggested changes on DEFAULTS are just cleanups.11:17
tiagogomeslulz, now I have added a couple of system integration commands to a chunk and ybd reports there is an existing cached artifact11:36
pedroalvarezthat's the expected behaviour I believe12:23
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tiagogomesHow so? The system artifact is created after the integration commands are run12:26
SotKa cached chunk artifact or a cached system artifact?12:27
pedroalvarezsame question ^12:27
tiagogomessorry, cached system artifact.12:28
* SotK thinks that is probably not the expected behaviour then12:28
pedroalvarezindeed, a bug12:29
pedroalvarezthat regression happened already, and was fixed. Maybe there is a related fix in git history12:30
tiagogomesybd runs the integration commands before artifact splitting. Is there any reason for this?13:01
pedroalvarezbefore artifact splitting?13:02
pedroalvarezI don't understand13:02
pedroalvarezI thought ybd runs these commands just before  system artifact caching13:02
rdaleit creates a system using the artifact splitting rules, and then runs the integration commands, unless it's been changed13:03
tiagogomesno, it runs the integration commands on the whole system, and then does the splitting13:03
pedroalvarezwhat is "does the splitting"13:04
pedroalvareztakes out what it doesn't need?13:04
rdaleybd caches complete artifacts with no splitting, but with the lists of files for each split artifact in /baserock, and then when it assembles a system it uses those .meta files to only copy the required split artifacts into the system area of a sandbox before running the integration commands13:06
SotKwhy does it cache without splitting ooi?13:08
pedroalvarezto have only one artifact per chunk, I guess13:09
tiagogomesrdale, 1) ybd copies all artifacts into $stagingarea, 2) runs the integration commands 3) copies the files in $stagingare into $stagingaera/some-system.inst that should be on the system accordingly to the .meta files.13:09
pedroalvarez(note, i've seen "some-system.inst" sometimes in the rootfs of the deployed system with ybd)13:10
rdaleit's possible that ybd has changed then13:11
tiagogomesSotK who knows. To reduce the code complexity perhaps. The bad side is increased download speeds and disk space13:11
tiagogomesThere is a small chance that I am misinterpreting the code13:13
tiagogomesMy argument to run the integration commands *after* the splitting, is that way we would only have to copy the files a single time. Otherwise, we have to copy them twice.13:15
rdalethat's certainly how it used to be - it looks like development is going round in circles13:24
rdalei think perhaps the issue was that a miniimal system after artifact splitting didn't have the code left in it to run the integration commands, and so be running the commands before the splitting it would fix that. but if that was the reason, i don't think it was a good fix13:28
locallycompactdevel build13:30
* locallycompact dies13:30
tiagogomesRight. That would be a reason for post-splitting system integration. However, with the current approach,  system integration commands may have as input files that won't be in the final system. A bad example is ldconfig - it would potentially find libraries that couldn't be installed in the final system.13:34
rdalethere should be build depends or system integration depends for adding packages that are needed for running the integration commands, but they would not be in the final system and may come from chunks that aren't even in the unsplit system13:38
persiaI very strongly believe that the semantically correct order is to install only the desired objects, and then run the system integration commands.  For things like updating the cache, doing it in any other order is going to mean the system integration commands do the incorrect thing.13:57
persiaWhether the tools currently do this is independent of this opinion.13:57
persia(and I'd be very interested in a description of any tool that should not be int he final system but is required to run system integration commands)13:57
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paulsherwoodrdale: calling my baby ugly, again :)17:42
paulsherwoodthere are systems where the splits make it implossible to run the si commands17:44
paulsherwoodhence the splitting has to happen after the si commands have been run17:45
* paulsherwood had to rework the splitting code, to have any chance of making default splits work17:46
paulsherwoodif others want to rework it again, by all means have at it. i don't think it's been 'going round in circles' though...18:07
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