IRC logs for #baserock for Saturday, 2016-10-08

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paulsherwood20:53 < SotK> are folk happy with me running the .lorry files through a script which replicates the loading part of lorry/lorry-controller instead of lorrying everything in  g.b.o?06:00
paulsherwoodyes, i would be... assuming you mean you're verifying that it ends up with the same internal model for yaml vs json, without doing the whole lorrying process06:01
SotKindeed, I verified that a yaml dump of the data structure that resulted from loading all the lorries was the same before and after conversion09:28
SotKI can do more detailed testing over the weekend if people like, I need to build a trove to check that the definitions patch is fine anyway09:28
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paulsherwoodit looks good to me already17:33
* SotK discovers lorry-controller hasn't been updated in definitions for a while and a new dependency has been added19:04
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