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richard_mawLooks like systemd is getting into the disk image building business:
rjekLooks like a wrapper around local tooling that doesn't let you override systemd as the init?12:36
rjekalso see: vmdebootstrap and similar tools12:37
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tiagogomesis it growing more tentacles?13:29
* richard_maw sighs13:31
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jjardonthey need that for the new "portable services" project:
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paulsherwoodJasonA: sorry, i must've missed some discussion abouty problems you've been having.15:15
paulsherwoodwould you mind raising issues s at
* SotK wonders if JasonA's build worked eventually15:18
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locallycompactV10 visualizer
SotKlocallycompact: ooh, nice15:55
locallycompactin this example base-system has minimal-system as a component15:56
perryllooks great!15:56
* perryl wonders what the dark blue fill signifies15:57
locallycompactyou click it15:57
perrylahh, so it's just a visual for "this contains more components"15:57
* paulsherwood finally realizes that the page is clickable15:58
jjardonlocallycompact: pretty cool!15:59
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paulsherwoodlocallycompact: any reason it can't include all systems, not just base?16:06
locallycompactI had a go but rendering bit hell16:07
locallycompactMy "idea" was to have a web app that you can scroll through fully resolved assemblages and load them into view, then fuck with the dependencies or draw boxes around logical groups or somethin16:09
locallycompactsee how well that work16:09
locallycompactor add new chunk repo ref build instructions16:09
leemingthat reminds me... pushed some of my local bug fixes n stuff16:11
locallycompactcan you rebase it into a merge request?16:14
leemingnot fully working yet thoguh16:17
locallycompactpartial series are fine, quicker feedback16:18
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