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pedroalvarezcphang: this was merged already, but it isn't valid JSON
pedroalvarezcould you please fix it?08:45
* paulsherwood slaps himself08:45
pedroalvarezI didn't see it either08:45
pedroalvarezwe are not machines08:45
pedroalvarezand we love yaml08:46
paulsherwoodyes, lorries as yaml would be a clear win08:46
cphangApologies pedroalvarez paulsherwood , I'll fix this asap.08:46
pedroalvarezI'm actually not convinced about the layout either08:55
pedroalvarezand it looks broken to me08:56
pedroalvarezit's going to get trunk from
pedroalvarezbranches from
cphangpedroalvarez, my mistake is the extra trunk I put it at the top, if I remove that, it should work08:59
pedroalvarezI feel like if branches are "branches/*" then trunk should be "trunk",  and not "trunk/FreeRTOS"09:01
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pedroalvareznot sure if anybody else see my point09:04
cphangpedroalvarez, sure, the issue is that branches is empty, but in trunk, it's an 'inverted' layout where it's trunk/project/source09:06
cphangwhich was why I didn't use the standard layout.09:06
pedroalvarezyes, but then tags are not goint to be consistent09:07
pedroalvarez(they are not empty, branches are)09:07
pedroalvareztag contents will have:
pedroalvarezI'm not sure we can do tags: "tags/*/FreeRTOS09:08
pedroalvarezwhich would make it consistent09:08
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cphangyeh , helpfujlly the structure within tags isn't consistent, early tags have a flat structure containing the /Source folder, later tags replicate the trunk09:12
pedroalvarezI believe early tags have the same structure as early trunk09:23
pedroalvarezso, they are consistent with trunk09:23
cphangOkay, so to summarise, I should use the standard structure then?09:27
cphangif trunk: trunk, branches: branches/* and tags: tags/*?09:28
pedroalvarez*I* think that's the right thing to do09:28
* paulsherwood too09:28
pedroalvarezcphang: yes, stadard is exactly that09:29
cphangI'll push it to gerrit then. Thanks09:29
pedroalvarezthanks :)09:29
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cphang, I've run lorry on it, so should be valid JSON.09:46
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gtristanHow come the metadata for glibc for example, lists the glibc-libs components 3 times ?10:04
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tiagogomesDoes someone fancy having a look at
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leemingtiagogomes, im just looking at it right now. Got an issue with py35 option in the tox conf, but might be my setup13:12
tiagogomesleeming what's the issue?13:13
leemingtox is failing to even run with that option, instead of just not running the test for that specific option13:15
paulsherwoodcphang: does the resulting git repo (after running lorry) include what you would expect?13:15
tiagogomesleeming I am not following. Can you paste the error?13:16
leeming[14:10] ct-lt-569:~/baserock/sandboxlib $ tox13:17
leemingERROR: unknown environment 'py35'13:17
tiagogomesmeh, I take by that you have an older version of  tox13:18
leemingclearly :)13:19
leeminglike i said, likely to be my setup13:19
tiagogomesThat's very annoying. I don't know which should be the default. On my distro, I have python3.5 installed, so if I don't add py35 to that file I will not be able to test the changes against python313:20
leemingwhat version of tox are you on?13:21
tiagogomesleeming, 2.3.113:22
leeminghmm.. pip doesn't seem to be upgrading tox for me13:22
leemingit installed it, but not updated the tox command :P13:23
tiagogomesleeming I will just revert that commit. We can add py35 when there is a Debian release with Python 3.513:27
leemingoh no, i just think i have a broken install13:28
leemingusing pip/easy_install13:28
leemingahhh, yes, current stable deb is 1.8, unstable is 2.3.113:30
leemingi will just make sure the right one is installed... perhaps a note just to point this out in the readme/hacking13:30
cphangpaulsherwood, I haven't seen the complete results of the repo yet, just that the tags were collected and it was pointing to valid locations. I will test this though.13:31
leemingtiagogomes, apart from that, it all seems good13:34
pedroalvarezcphang: just in case you missed it:
paulsherwoodlooks good :)13:36
cphangpedroalvarez, I did miss that, it looks good to me too, esp trees for older and newer versions are as they should be.13:37
cphangThanks for the heads-up pedroalvarez :)13:40
paulsherwoodthanks for merging also, pedroalvarez13:42
pedroalvarezno worries ;)13:47
pedroalvarezI monitored a bit the lorrying process and I think I found a bit where it's not very efficient13:48
pedroalvarezafter `git svn fetch` finished (the heviest bit of lorrying svn) it started to send the logs to the lorry-controller-webapp server. Taking a lot of time13:49
pedroalvarezI think sending the logs was even slower than lorrying13:50
* locallycompact discovered this over the weekend
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