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pedroalvarez_Updated Changes:11:14
pedroalvarez_ Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.2j11:14
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cphangpedroalvarez: Hi! encountered an issue with the baserock-import function which wasn't working as it was using deprecated functions clone_into and unset_defaults (on MorphologyLoader). Restoring clone_into functions and removing the unset_defaults line gave a successful import of the test sinatra gem.14:16
pedroalvarezcphang: aha, do you need any further help?14:16
pedroalvarezare you going to send patches to fix that?14:16
cphangGot patches ready to go, shall I go ahead to put it on gerrit?14:17
cphangThe only issue was whether this was a failure in my modified code, or if there's a problem with the check functio?
pedroalvarezthat error means that the line "/src/morph/morphlib/   488" is not being tested14:23
cphangAhh okay l488 is the clone_into func from, is that because the test for that's been removed?14:32
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pedroalvarezcphang: hm... not sure, I believe your changes introduced the failure in the tests (given that they work for me in master)14:33
pedroalvarezbut without seeing the changes, i can't tell :/14:33
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cphangApologies I'm having problems getting my branch pushed14:56
cphangMade a new branch from a clone with the commit-msg hook14:56
cphangSet the remote url to ssh://<username>'14:57
pedroalvarezyou could try doing `git review -R`14:58
pedroalvarezI don't think you can push a branch there, just send patches to review14:58
pedroalvarezif you want to publish the branch somewhere you need to create your own fork15:00
locallycompactdefslib calculating cache keys for assemblages, I think
cphangpedroalvarez: Many apologies. Changes should be there15:12
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pedroalvarezcphang: right, it looks like we were not covering that function before15:38
pedroalvarezso I suggest you to do the same15:38
pedroalvarezadd "# pragma: no cover" next to "clone_into" declaration in gitdir15:38
pedroalvarezalso, please remove that ".coverage" file15:39
pedroalvarezAnd the commit message needs a bit of improving15:39
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cphangOkay will do, should I submit another patch, or can I do it within the current change-id?15:42
pedroalvarezcphang: within the current change-id please, history of the change will be kept15:45
pedroalvarezI probably should have reviewed it in gerrit, but failed to do so :)15:46
cphangpedroalvarez: okay, thanks :)15:46
pedroalvarezthanks for sending the patch :)15:47
locallycompactpaulsher1ood, what is assembly.claim doing?16:00
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cphangpedroalvarez: I've updated the patch. I also need to push a patch to import to remove a deprecated unset command too.16:32
pedroalvarezcphang: I've simplified the commit message16:36
pedroalvarezYou probably should have a read about good practices in commit messages. First line should be short (less than 80 chars -ish) , and have an empty line after that.16:38
cphangYeah you're right. Appreciate the heads-up :)16:39
pedroalvarezno worries :)16:40
pedroalvarezcommit looks good, I'd like to see the changes to the import tool before merging this one16:41
cphangpedroalvarez: Of course,
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