IRC logs for #baserock for Monday, 2016-09-19

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locallycompactwho knows how to package stuff in python11:17
leemingkinda, but I guess others are more informed11:22
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locallycompactpython peeps
locallycompactno holds14:22
leemingyou misspelt morph14:36
jmacsAny reason why baserock's schema is written in json-schema and not a yaml format?14:55
locallycompactthe files themselves are yaml14:56
jmacsoh, so they are14:56
jmacsSorry, I've only just realised json is valid yaml14:57
richard_mawnot completely, but mostly15:07
persiaNot completely?  How not?15:10
* persia thought YAML::JSON was akin to quadrilateral::square15:11
SotKiirc tabs are valid json but not valid yaml, for one15:13
persiaI thought tabs were only permitted in JSON if one escaped them, but I may be mistaken.15:15
persiaIndeed, I am mistaken :)15:16
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leemingurgh whitespaces15:45
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