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leemingI am having issues running sandboxlib tests. I am assuming who ever set the tests up had extra configs, e.g. fstab rules.
leemingproblem test :
leeming(None, '/proc', 'proc') <-- 'None' is the issue, since mount looks in fstab10:03
richard_mawyour posted link says it's complaining about the tmpfs in /dev/shm to me10:04
* leeming double checks10:04
richard_mawah, I was reading from the end10:04
leemingah sorry, this is the list of tests that fail, all are due to fstab10:04
richard_mawyes, both are being mounted incorrectly10:04
leemingI was just wondering if i should change the test or not. unsure if i am changing the thing being tested10:05
leeming^ that reads bad10:05
* richard_maw considers it to be a bug in the sandboxlib implementation10:05
richard_mawyou need to provide a dummy source device for tmpfs and proc10:05
richard_mawat least with some versions of the mount binary10:06
leemingthat is the impl10:06
richard_mawso where it goes `if not is_none(source): argv.append(source)` change it to `argv.append('none' if is_none(source) else source)`10:07
leemingdoes mount take 'none' as an arg?10:08
richard_mawI think technically you can get away with any old garbage there, but because it's missing mount is interpreting the mount command as "look for the rest of the options in fstab"10:09
richard_mawthe underlying mount syscall ignores the value if the filesystem doesn't take a device10:10
persia'-' used to be a popular spelling of "none", when config files were more concise.10:12
leemingok cool, thanks richard_maw that _seems_ to have fixed that test failure10:12
persiaAnd I have "swap" "swap" on one machine, suggesting that mount doesn't really care how one spells "none".10:13
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leemingcould someone help explain what the reasoning for this bit of code is :
leemingnot sure if i know what it means when it talks about lazy loading13:37
leemingalso not py3 safe (unicode-escape exists tho), thus why I am interested in figuring it out13:37
richard_mawleeming: encoding to/from different formats is implemented as loading libraries. Python's dynamic nature means it loads libraries the first time they are used. If you chroot the library isn't where it's expected to be, so you need to load the library before you chroot.13:38
leemingso... adding in .encode('unicode-escape') if python3, should work here?13:41
leemingnot that it would return the same types :\13:41
leemingI also do not see any other ref to string-escape in the code13:43
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jjardonpaulsherwood: is there any way to tall ybd to use the morph files even if they are not in the  stratum subdirectory?15:33
paulsherwoodjjardon: it uses all morph files?16:03
paulsherwoodit just parses all subdirs of definitions16:03
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jjardonpaulsherwood: Im seeing warnings like: "WARNING: ignoring strata/core/libexpat.morph" (libexpat is defined in strata/autotools.morph)16:07
paulsherwoodjjardon: can you point me to a log?16:08
* paulsherwood notes this is one of the few comments in ybd 'morph file exists, but is not mentioned in stratum so we ignore it'16:10
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locallycompactwhy does it need to search for anything it need not evaluate16:12
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: we've been through this before :)16:13
locallycompacthave we16:13
paulsherwoodybd allows user to specify foo, without path.16:13
locallycompactyou'll have to address that for this spec change16:14
paulsherwoodthere are other benefits, also - it can help to avoid things rotting16:14
paulsherwoodwhich spec change is that?16:14
locallycompactthe one we discussed16:15
locallycompactexchangable strata16:15
locallycompactcan't expect unique names and have that16:15
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: link or it didn't happen :)16:15
richard_mawpaulsherwood: he has a witness16:16
paulsherwoodi'm not saying we didn't discuss things, but i'd prefer that everything was written down and shared.... wouldn't you, richard_maw ?16:16
locallycompactI'm getting there16:17
richard_mawpaulsherwood: I would, but "link or it didn't happen" is more dismissive in tone than that.16:17
pedroalvarezopen discussions!16:17
* pedroalvarez runs, in the open16:18
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: i used a smiley.16:18
locallycompactdid in fact smiley16:18
pedroalvarezcrap, that was how we could have finished morph, by renaming it to "morph :)"16:18
* paulsherwood is pleased that folks are interested to avoid dismissive tones, though16:18
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: no, we couldn't :)16:19
paulsherwoodif smileys were enough to get software finished, i'd use them much more often16:19
* locallycompact hopes to finish the strawman before starting the list discussion16:22
locallycompactIf anybody then is prepared to genuinely tell me it's "more complicated" than any python thing I will literally eat a car.16:22
pedroalvarezwhy isn't it finished yet?16:24
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: "Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats"16:24
locallycompactbits of it are16:24
pedroalvarezright, I'll start looking for a swallowable car :)16:24
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: seriously, if you keep calling this morph, i'm going to downvote it with extreme force.16:25
pedroalvarezadd smiley face!16:25
locallycompactsmiley face16:26
* locallycompact polls for a better name16:26
* pedroalvarez goes back to work16:28
richard_mawmake an acronym from deterministic, sandboxed, build and deploy16:28
perryltoo confusable with bsd, i'd imagine?16:29
richard_mawreplace sandboxed with isolated or contained?16:29
* paulsherwood notices the english words bad, badass, and bastard... but decides not to suggest them16:30
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* richard_maw likes sandcastle, but it might be too close to sandstorm.io16:30
locallycompactimpossible to google16:32
paulsherwoodi tried brock initially, but folks pushed back16:33
pedroalvarezreminds me of a pokemon trainer..16:33
locallycompactbecause all you will get is pokemon wikis16:33
* paulsherwood is sure the rust community would get annoyed at 'rusty'16:33
* rjek scans the backlog to see if "morph 2" has been suggested yet16:34
* paulsherwood sets rjek on fire16:34
pedroalvarezheh, I believe he is already on fire16:34
paulsherwoodin a nice way, with a smiley :)16:34
rjekSorry, I forgot the smiley16:34
rjekOK, you don't like that.16:35
rjekmorph 3?16:35
paulsherwoodrjek: all is forgiven. btw, do you have any more lyrics... i'm stuck so far on 'set it all on fire. throw it in the sea'16:35
rjekThat would extinguish the fire, which seems like a mistake.16:35
leemingwhat about Megazord? powerrangers morph into that16:35
* pedroalvarez claps16:35
leemingsorry, :)16:35
* SotK expects trademark issues16:36
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paulsherwoodchas was suggested previously16:36
pedroalvarezheh, the main character of power rangers was Jason Lee, but instructions are in yaml16:36
perrylthat makes me think of chas and dave16:36
* paulsherwood too16:37
rjekpaulsherwood: I think I suggested renaming ybd to chas16:37
* locallycompact returns to work on the build-o-tron-matic 3K16:38
perryllocallycompact: buildy mcbuildtool16:38
paulsherwoodi'm ok with it, but folks are more critical about the ybd code than the name, afaict16:38
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: sounds like an x-men character16:38
leeming+1 for buildy mcbuildtool16:39
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: that's one of the thousand x-depenencies already, surely?16:39
rjekCall it bikeshed16:39
rjekIf bikeshed is too long to type, shorten to bs16:40
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pedroalvarezlet's call it locallycompact, his creator and only user :P16:42
locallycompactthat name is reserved16:42
rjek[17:42:50] <locallycompact> that name is reserved :)16:43
rjekfixed it for you16:43
locallycompactgrrr :)16:44
* rjek goes to dinner and will enjoy discovering what colour you've painted it when he gets back16:44
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