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* persia idly wonders is POSIX compliance is desirable in the 21st century.00:53
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* paulsherwood doesn't know, but would be interested to know08:24
rjekMany OSes are not POSIX compliant and are successful.  Some of them even have POSIX emulation layers.08:24
rjekBut richard_maw's discovery is surprising; I wonder what the rationale for that is.08:25
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jjardonok to merge this, ?09:06
paulsherwood+2 from me09:07
paulsherwoodbut i can't sign in at the moment, sorry09:07
franredjjardon, merged09:09
jjardonpaulsherwood: franred thanks!09:10
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rjekWhat was the course of action when lorry-controller catches fire, again?10:33
rjek30513 lorry     20   0  505112  66788   7748 S 100.2  0.4  16246:26 lorry-controlle10:33
rjek30518 lorry     20   0  505368  69516   7700 S   7.0  0.4  80815:17 lorry-controlle10:33
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jjardonok to merge ?11:36
pedroalvarezMerged, but sad that gerritbot is not stable..11:38
jjardonpedroalvarez: cheers11:41
benbrown_rjek: nuking /home/lorry/webapp.db I think is the usual way of containing the fire11:51
franredjjardon, why using tarballs and not the repository?12:07
jjardonfranred: bootstrap12:07
franredjjardon, merged12:07
jjardonneed the minimal to build autotools, so then I can build everything from git12:08
franredok, looking forward to see it :)12:13
rjekbenbrown_: ta12:15
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rjekHow do I kill and restart lorry/lorry-controller?12:59
rjekThere's no "service" command, and /etc/init.d is mostly empty13:00
mwilliams_ctrjek: lorry-controller is called from the webserver using fcgi. I believe that's lighttpd by default. I guess you could probably kill that. Hopefully other folk know in more detail though13:01
rjekThere's no service command or init.d script for lighty either :)13:02
richard_mawprobably a systemd unit13:04
* rjek presses the reboot button, then13:04
benbrown_systemctl restart something-with-lorrycontroller-and-webapp-in-the-name.service13:12
benbrown_but that works13:12
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mwilliams_ctlighttpd-lorry-controller-webapp.service for future reference. I've just spent quite a bit of time with Kinnison trying to figure out something related13:32
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jjardonif anyone has a second:
paulsherwoodjjardon: merged15:34
jjardonpaulsherwood: cheers15:37
paulsherwoodhmm... did we break the gnome build at some point?
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paulsherwoodin case it's of interest here...
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jjardonpaulsherwood: gnome build is not broken: this is latest master:
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jjardonsorry, Ive made a mistake in my previous commit, patch fixing it here:
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