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paulsherwoodjjardon: i believe the tar issue is now fixed for builds... not sure about deploys, see
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jjardonpaulsherwood: cool! At least we Will have a "Green" in the build stage. Aldo, deployment Will not work because of "ERROR: Error: Btrfs is required for this deployment, but was not detected in the kernel of the machine that is running Morph."08:18
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leemingjjardon, I got that error when running locally09:29
leemingpaulsherwood, so you think you have a fix for the tar issue? I had been struggling last week with this (mainly to reproduce it)09:31
jjardonleeming: "modprobe btrfs" should fix it09:33
leemingoh yes I know09:33
leemingI _was_ running ybd locally while trying to re-produce the tar issue so that I could _try_ to fix it09:34
jjardonleeming: the btrfs issue is a old known one:!/story/9709:35
leemingTIL there is a storyboard for baserock09:36
leemingbut yea, it was easy enough to fix09:36
leemingI was just going to offer that suggested fix for you tbh. I had not read the full context of the scrollback, jst that u were having issues with BTRFS09:36
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paulsherwoodleeming: i managed to reproduce in a local VM, as follows...10:46
paulsherwoodcd /src/10:46
leemingis that it? :/10:47
paulsherwoodmkdir 241 ; cd 241 ;  mkdir lower upper workdir overlay10:47
paulsherwoodsudo mount -t overlay -o lowerdir=/src/241/lower,upperdir=/src/241/upper,workdir=/src/241/workdir none /src/241/overlay10:47
paulsherwoodthen set base: /src/241/overlay/lower10:47
paulsherwoodfrom there, i ran a build of devel-system from master... and established that it's actually the unpack of the system which fails10:49
paulsherwoodand the same failure happens if we create it using gz, or using shutil.make_archive directly, so this is a tar/overlayfs/docker issue, nothing to do with ybd10:49
paulsherwoodunpacking of all of the (smaller) component artifacts works10:51
richard_mawnote: if you want to programmatically mount overlays, you need to be aware that file paths may contain commas. New versions of overlayfs lets you handle this by backslash escaping the comma in the file path, but old versions don't, and the mess that is backporting means that it's tricky to know whether your overlayfs is ok10:51
paulsherwoodthe 'fix' is just to not unpack the system artifacts at build time, so build completes successfully. but deploy needs to unpack, hence is still broken10:51
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: so in the end i conclude that this is not related to ordering of the tarfile after all, but i may be wrong of course10:52
rjekrichard_maw: Was the comma issue with mount.overlayfs, or the syscall itself?10:53
richard_mawrjek: the syscall10:54
richard_mawold versions didn't interpret a backslash escape on the , when it split it into arguments, new versions do10:54
richard_mawpaulsherwood: shutil.make_archive also makes tarballs top-down rather than bottom-up10:56
* richard_maw isn't sure what paulsherwood means by "create it using gz"10:57
* leeming is totally lost now11:01
paulsherwoodleeming: i meant using make_deterministic_gztar_archive in ybd11:02
leemingevery time I read these conversations, I realise I have no idea what I'm doing :P11:04
* paulsherwood feels the same, most of the time11:06
leemingso what is currently waiting on me? little unclear now11:08
paulsherwoodsorry, in a meeting.11:09
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CTtpollardany known issues with paste.baserock?13:38
SotKseems alive to me13:39
CTtpollardit's killing chrome and firefox when trying to save for me13:39
pedroalvarezI think you had problems with it a few weeks back13:39
pedroalvarezmaybe you are putting a very large paste?13:39
CTtpollard~40 lines13:39
CTtpollardI don't remember having a problem, but may have13:39
pedroalvarezcan you paste those somewhere else so that I can reproduce?13:39
pedroalvareztrue.. it hangs13:40
CTtpollardfinally loaded for on my end, but yeh it totally froze firefox for me13:41
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pedroalvarezmy testing suggests that the word "provides" is the one that is making trouble13:47
pedroalvarezmeh, I don't know, but I can reproduce the problem13:48
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leemingguessing it might be some auto-syntax colour code thing? JS inf loop?14:12
pedroalvarezit might14:15
pedroalvarezIf anyone knows about a better "paste" service to replace the current one, I can spend some time deploying it14:15
jmacsWhat's the source that causes the problem?14:16
rjekDo you really need to run your own rather than using one of the millions of others?14:16
pedroalvarezthat's something I don't know yet14:16
pedroalvarezrjek: yes14:16
rjekWhy, OOI?14:17
pedroalvarezdidn't say there was a reason :)14:17
pedroalvarezSotK: is the example one?14:19
pedroalvarez(not working)14:19
SotK uses it I believe14:20
SotKthough, none of the useful links in that original link seem to work...14:24
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