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jjardonpaulsherwood: are you ok to move ybd to gitlab so we can add some automatic CI to it?15:03
rjekWhat stops that on GitLab?15:04
rjekErr, GitHub15:04
jjardonrjek: I know is possible and know how to do it in gitlab but I do not know in github15:10
rjekTravis or Magnum CI I suspect15:10
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paulsherwoodjjardon: if you mean upstream of ybd, yes i would be ok to do it, but i think we'd need to fix the tar problem first?15:18
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jjardonpaulsherwood: even with the tar problem , I think it would be better than the current situation (no systems being builded before commit stuff in ybd)15:20
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paulsherwoodjjardon: that's not quite the current situation. before tagging a release, i normally rebuild all of ci.morph15:21
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jjardonpaulsherwood: I know, but you know some people use ybd master as well :)15:22
paulsherwoodand the recommended way to use ybd is still to take last tag. i could switch to doing all commits in devel, and promote to master on release, i suppose15:22
paulsherwoodjjardon: ack. but would those people prefer to have to wait an arbitrary number of hours until a commit lands?15:23
rjekPerhaps a smaller test that tests ybd more and gcc less?15:24
rjekBonus points for coverage analysis15:24
jjardonpaulsherwood: you will cover a lot of use cases simply building the minimal system15:24
* paulsherwood thinks coverage analysis is overrated15:25
rjekI find it lets you identify parts of your code that are untested, even after building huge systems15:27
rjekThis lets you either test the code, or decide it can be safely removed15:27
leeming"recommended way to use ybd is still to take last tag." - It is? I've always used master too :D15:34
locallycompactAs a frequent requester of changes I like to stay on the development line15:36
paulsherwoodleeming: yes, that's what the getting started has in the readme15:38
paulsherwoodcurrently the upstream process does not guarantee that master will always work. we could fix that easily, but the resulting friction may or may not be worth it15:39
rjekYou can always have simple ci tests ("does it run at all?") for master commits, and full-fat built-the-world on tag15:40
rjekThere's plenty of stuff I imagine that could be tested in minutes rather than hours15:40
paulsherwoodrjek: that's what we already have15:40
paulsherwoodthere was a change which slipped through, however, because of a bug/disconnect in the simple ci tests15:41
persiaWhile I'm usually a big proponent of BDD and only having tests for functional requirements, I'm suddenly curious if there exists good trace tooling to determine what codepaths are exercised by a given functional test.16:01
persiaIt might be interesting to identify codepaths that are not taken, and have high-level functional tests that do cause various sorts of errors (to ensure the errors are correctly detected/reported, etc.)16:01
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gunnarxThe yocto community sucks, so I came here.  Now what? :)16:10
paulsherwoodgunnarx: wtf? :)16:11
paulsherwoodgunnarx: why are you really here? :-)16:11
gunnarxkidding, mostly16:11
paulsherwoodfine, we can help with that :)16:12
gunnarxit's all in the logs - one of the anointed in #yocto felt he had a reason to be a condescending prick so I left, that's all.16:14
gunnarxit's IRC though, so I'm over it16:15
rjekOh, if you want condescending pricks, you want #debian16:15
rjekThey have an astonishing supply16:15
gunnarxthanks rjek, I should try it16:15
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* paulsherwood notes that sometimes #baserock is not the friendliest place, either16:16
gunnarxbut surely all for a good reason, right paulsherwood16:17
gunnarxyou gotta weed out the noobs and the unworthy16:17
persiaThe usual argument is "social cohesiveness", although some folk do try to focus on collaborating with the other (unnamed) communities.16:17
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gunnarxDid any of you see the wall of flame offered up by this year's GUADEC audience when an automotive company had the gall to present their mostly free software project?16:18
gunnarx(slight exaggeration on my part :-)16:19
leemingrjek, isn't someone we know one of them debian people?16:19
gunnarxyou'd think they would welcome it...16:19
gunnarxor maybe you wouldn't think that, come to think of it.16:19
rjekleeming: sssh16:20
paulsherwoodgunnarx: which company, which project?16:20
gunnarxI've been to the last guadecs but not this year - so I don't know who was debating16:20
jjardoncollabora/ apertis16:20
jjardonI was there16:20
paulsherwoodwas there a 'wall of flame'?16:21
leemingI like the idea of a wall of flame16:21
* paulsherwood thinks collabora is a FOSS company, not specifically an automotive company though16:21
gunnarxYep, a software engineer from Bosch stood trial for the entire 70 GigaEuro company's past transgressions16:24
gunnarxjust kidding16:24
gunnarxI mean if you go to talk somewhere, you're automatically the CEO right?16:25
jjardongunnarx: AFAIK it was very welcomed; why you do think it was not?16:28
gunnarxOK good16:29
gunnarxsorry guys, my sarcasm isn't carrying over16:29
gunnarxalthough some of the questions felt quite irrelevant, I'm really just making a joke about.  But all jokes have some truth...16:29
paulsherwoodquestions about apertis? is this on video somewhere?16:30
gunnarxthere were questions about why Bosch was not releasing diagnostic codes for stuff like engine management, a totally unrelated field.  Obviously this guy could not answer to that.16:31
gunnarxthat's all16:31
paulsherwoodoh, ok. well, at least he got questions. i usually get 'shut up, you don't know what you're talking about' or silence :)16:32
gunnarxI actually haven't seen the whole thing yet - I skipped forward when a colleague told me he was "digging his own grave at <mm:ss>",16:34
gunnarxwhich was also that a slight exaggeration.  :)  But you'd better be prepared for the expected questions at a FOSS event :)16:34
jjardongunnarx: oh sorry; I woke up earlier than normal today and probably some of my sensors are a bit rusty already :)16:34
gunnarxI did too, come to think of it.16:34
jjardonpaulsherwood: actually all the talks were available in stream and then the same day to watch; the a/v guys did a very good job this time16:35
paulsherwoodjjardon: ack16:37
gunnarxcheers to a/v guys.  I have a lot of catching up to do...16:37
gunnarxno, now I really have to reconsider my parking and head homewards.  it was fun to offload some stuff here - take care everyone16:46
radiofreeta ta16:46
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