IRC logs for #baserock for Thursday, 2016-08-18

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* paulsherwood is wondering what would be the simplest way to convert artifacts into installable rpms12:37
rjekuse alien on a tarball of the artifact?12:37
rjekno post install scripting, mind12:38
paulsherwoodwhat is alien?12:38
rjekalien is a tool for converting between packaging formats12:38
paulsherwoodah, that man joeyh again :)12:40
* richard_maw remembers using alien way back12:40
richard_mawI had no idea joeyh wrote it12:40
rjekHe pops up all over the place12:42
jjardonpaulsherwood: rpmbuild? you will need to have the spec file though13:21
paulsherwoodjjardon: i was assuming that our artifacts are mostly self-sufficient, so maybe the alien approach willwork, no spec file (except for system-integration-commands)13:28
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radiofreeare there any baserock weston images available to download anywhere?14:54
radiofreefor x86_6414:54
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paulsherwoodradiofree: ybd should build one relatively quickly?15:13
paulsherwood(all chunks should be in cache)15:14
radiofreegenivi image was good enough (it has weston)15:22
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