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mwilliams_ctConcourse news: c.b.o is now running on the latest version of Concourse which is .5.0 versions higher than the previous version. it seems a lot more responsive. I'm going to look round AWS today to try and get notifications if it seems unresponsive in future09:14
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paulsherwoodwoah! miles faster :)09:25
paulsherwoodlots of *orang* though?09:25
paulsherwoodmwilliams_ct: ^^09:25
mwilliams_ctHmm, yes there is. looks like it has been for a while actually, build-essential starting oranging 12 days ago on minimal-system. I'll have a look into that09:27
paulsherwoodmwilliams_ct: also, is it using latest ybd?09:29
mwilliams_ctI would expect not, benbrown_ could probably confirm but istr we intentionally set ybd to use tags rather than HEAD. I dont imagine we'll hav eupdated the tag since Aprilish09:31
paulsherwoodmwilliams_ct: ok. latest tag is from this week :)09:31
paulsherwoodit would be possible to automate choosing latest tag, also :)09:31
mwilliams_ctI have a day or two to work on this I think. In order, I'd like to: * get it updated (now done) * set up monitoring (sort of done but I will probably need to tweak) * fix up the orange * automate updating pipelines * latest ybd tag09:32
mwilliams_ctshould get most of them done I think :)09:32
paulsherwoodmwilliams_ct: fwiw i added some basic code to YBD itself for creation of pipelines - it gets the topology right, but doesn't actually trigger builds yet09:33
paulsherwoodideally, we'd crib from perryl/concourse-scripts to fix it...09:34
mwilliams_ctOK, that's pretty cool. I'll have a look through that at some point09:34
paulsherwoodi'm imagining a scenario where user runs ybd, and could (say) watch progress on a local instance via fly09:35
paulsherwood(instead of just seeing logs fly by)09:35
paulsherwoodi think it would need a new special resource that just detects arrival of $cache-key in $artifact-idr09:36
mwilliams_ctI suspect that'd be a fair whack of work to get right (we've seen how buggy Concourse can be under the load we're providing) but it'd be a really interesting way of using data09:36
locallycompact* you mean it gets the topology equivalently wrong since concourse can't represent what we have09:36
paulsherwood(so concourse only sees the build, doesn't do it)09:37
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: not quite, no09:37
paulsherwoodis that not what we have?09:39
locallycompactwhat was all this - definitions - cruft09:39
locallycompactthat usually happens09:39
paulsherwoodin my pic?09:40
mwilliams_ctthe definitions cruft is replaced with name of previos strata cruft09:40
paulsherwoodi can make name of stratum go away. but it's clearer with it, imo09:40
mwilliams_ctactually i withdraw the second cruft. I think it's probably a better way of showing it09:40
* paulsherwood can replace stratum name with ' ', but not ''09:41
* paulsherwood is quite pleased with the code... 50 lines or so
locallycompactpaulsherwood, how does it run09:46
paulsherwoodif we can get it to build or watch the build, i'd have it on by default. currently it's only created for mode: parse-only09:48
locallycompactybd what09:48
locallycompacthow do I run against a system09:48
paulsherwoodset mode: parse-only, run ybd as normal. it will save ./<target>.yml09:49
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paulsherwoodjuergbi: quick question please, how many components in Paldo?10:58
juergbipaulsherwood: 1216 (source) packages10:58
paulsherwoodjuergbi: tvm10:59
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bashrc_in definitions what describes how to build chunks?11:23
pedroalvarezin the strata, for every chunk you have either "morph" or "build-system"11:30
pedroalvarezif "morph", that points to the build instructions11:30
pedroalvarezif "build-system", it's using one of the defaults build instructions defined in DEFAULTS11:30
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leemingdefinitions do not really support various versions of the software right?12:30
leemingwould it be safe to assume the build instructions are valid for most/all checkouts? :s12:31
locallycompactbut in practice sometimes12:31
leemingis there any instances of strata that point to software-v2.morph, instead of software-v3.morph?12:32
* leeming looks12:33
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leeminginteresting. thanks locallycompact, I will have to think a bit more about the problem12:35
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