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richard_mawpaulsherwood: if your system is new enough to have overlayfs, then making a mount of that and using that mount as your staging area root directory ought to do it09:23
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paulsherwoodeek... i don't have a 'system' as such. i run ybd via vagrant or on AWS10:37
richard_mawso you have two on-demand virtual systems then, can you get a root console on either?10:39
pedroalvarez(I assume that root console is still needed for ybd, so yes?)10:40
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: yes10:42
richard_mawso you should be able to see if you can set up an overlayfs mount10:43
* richard_maw checks how you would be able to tell10:44
richard_maw has a link at the end which is the semi-official way to test your overlayfs, but's answer is probably the simplest way to test10:46
paulsherwoodrichard_maw: i'm grateful for the suggestion, but won't be able to get to this until this evening at the earliest10:49
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pedroalvarezwoops, we have duplicated the pcre-utils stratum in some systems11:26
pedroalvarezNew Changes:11:31
pedroalvarez Remove duplicated pcre-utils stratum in some systems11:31
pedroalvarezanyone available for a quick review? ^^11:34
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pedroalvarezthanks for the review SotK :)12:30
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pedroalvarezso, openssl 1.0.1 is going to be supported until the end of the year. Would be now a good time to move to 1.0.2?15:39
pedroalvarezI wonder if rjek can help here?15:39
paulsherwoodyes, sooner the better :)15:39
pedroalvarezI head before that moving to that version could be insecure, because it wasn't mature enough?15:40
pedroalvarezI don't really remember15:40
rjekI'd move sooner rather than later, in order to find any incompatibility before the deadline15:48
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* pedroalvarez sends a couple of patches16:29
pedroalvarezI haven't fully tested the openssl one16:29
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