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jjardonci for free coming: :)12:57
jjardonIm getting this on most of the builds:12:58
jjardonpaulsherwood: is that the same error we have seen before? ^12:59
jjardonif someone have time, it would be great if you can review:
paulsherwoodjjardon: it does look familiar, yes16:39
paulsherwoodjjardon: is your ci using latest sandboxlib?16:42
jjardonpaulsherwood: probably no, let me take a closer look to your script16:44
jjardon"- pip install fs pyyaml sandboxlib requests jsonschema" ; yes, its using latest16:44
jjardonpaulsherwood: ^16:44
paulsherwoodjjardon: while i like your gitlab ci idea, i'm not convinced it's a good use of free resources16:53
jjardonpaulsherwood: sure, my hope is that the baserock project can use its own runners at some point16:54
jjardonmmm, seems the baserock group is already taken in; doesn anyone here is the owner?16:59
paulsherwoodthat would be me :-)16:59
paulsherwoodyou're welcome to it16:59
jjardonpaulsherwood: can you add me to it? also maybe is a good idea to make it public17:00
paulsherwoodi'm trying to recover access myself, now...17:06
paulsherwoodeek... i have two accounts at gitlab, neither has baserock :/17:11
paulsherwoodbut i'm sure it was me17:11
jjardonpaulsherwood: about the unicode problem; just wondering; are you explicit on the differentiation between bytes and text in ybd?17:19
jjardonAFAIK its in python3, but in python2 is a bit mixed, so you need to be careful17:20
paulsherwoodjjardon: no, i haven't been17:21
paulsherwoodthis whole splitting thing has been giving me a splitting headache for some time now :/17:24
paulsherwoodjjardon: so i have a gitlab *user* called baserock, no group17:32
jjardonah, thats maybe the problem; I get an error the "the path is already in use" when I try to create a baserock group17:33
paulsherwoodok i'll rename17:33
paulsherwoodjjardon: try now?17:34
jjardon :)17:34
jjardonany idea where are the baserock assets, so I can put an icon?17:36
paulsherwoodsadly i can't access them from here17:38
jjardonnp; ok; I've transfered my mirror to
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