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paulsher1oodis /etc always present in systems?13:35
paulsher1oodif not set-hostname.configure will fail...13:36
edcraggsurely it should be, lots of things will expect /etc13:37
pedroalvarezI think nowadays is possible to have stateless systems without /etc13:39
richard_mawpedroalvarez: depends if you're using stock glibc13:40
richard_mawthat's got hard-coded paths into /etc13:40
pedroalvarezthen baserock systems will always have /etc13:41
pedroalvarezcurrent baserock systems in baserock definitions will have /etc13:42
pedroalvarez(someone might create definitions for musl)13:42
pedroalvarez.. or others)13:42
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richard_mawyou could probably build glibc to use files in /usr/etc13:43
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pedroalvarezfhs-dirs creates /etc anyway13:45
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persiaFHS compliance is not typically a concern (e.g. /baserock/ )13:49
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paulsher1oodthis is a user's definitions, not baserock's...14:36
paulsher1ood16-06-23 00:00:11 [0/14/432] [foo] Creating deployment manifest in /src/ybdbaseOLD/tmp/tmptcjoeq14:36
paulsher1ood16-06-23 00:00:11 [0/14/432] [foo] Running check extension: rawdisk14:36
paulsher1ood16-06-23 00:00:11 [0/14/432] [foo] Running configure extension: set-hostname14:36
paulsher1ood/src/ybdbaseOLD/tmp/tmp2QfURi: line 25: can't create /src/ybdbaseOLD/tmp/tmptcjoeq/etc/hostname: nonexistent directory14:36
richard_mawif they have a good reason for not having an /etc, the simplest thing would be to change set-hostname to make /etc if it does not exist14:37
paulsher1oodi agree... i assume a patch for that would be non-controversial?14:38
paulsher1oodi'm waiting to hear if they actually expected /etc to be there or not :)14:38
* richard_maw finds it a bit weird to not have /etc already, but would think it perfectly acceptable to create it14:38
richard_mawif they aren't using systemd then they might be getting the hostname from elsewhere though, at which point it would be better to work out which file they *do* need to put the hostname in14:39
benbrown_paulsher1ood: Oh, sent a patch to the gerrit to do that ~20 minutes ago15:28
* benbrown_ had not noticed the discussion here15:28
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paulsher1oodrdale: are you around?16:28
paulsher1oodor richard_maw...?16:28
paulsher1oodi'm trying to understand what woudl be the desired behaviour of default splits, ie
paulsher1oodif we have (say) a badly behaved component that sticks all its stuff in /foo ...16:30
paulsher1oodwould a system include /foo/* if it was built as [-runtime]?16:30
paulsher1oodor as [-runtime, -devel] ?16:30
rdale-misc i think16:31
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richard_mawlast I looked, there was a *-misc chunk, which got included in *-runtime, and *-misc included a generic grab-all for anything not previously matched16:31
rdaleas there is a catch all rule at the end16:31
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paulsher1oodok, so the rules as defined *should* cover this case?16:31
paulsher1oodok great... thanks. so now i just need to see if after my latest hacks ybd actually honours the rules or not16:32
paulsher1oodrichard_maw: do you know if morph is able to build [-runtime] systems?16:33
richard_mawif by that you mean a system which has only -runtime strata included, it used to back when I was keeping up with its changes16:36
richard_mawI can't say for sure any more16:36
paulsher1oodrichard_maw: previously in ybd, the system integration commands failed because some required things appeared to be missing in the target system16:39
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