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rjekCan I push to a trove over HTTP?08:12
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pedroalvarezOver https, I think so08:36
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rjekpedroalvarez: How does one authenticate?  What is the URL scheme? :)08:37
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pedroalvarezThe url should be listed in the repository page in the trove08:38
rjekIsn't that cgit?08:38
rjekDoes cgit somehow talk to gitano, then?08:39
pedroalvarezAnd you need to set up the https password for your user... I'm not quite sure about how to do that08:39
* pedroalvarez hopes rjek doesn't mean 'pushing changes using the Web browser' 08:40
rjekNo, I mean git push to an http remote08:41
pedroalvarezThen, there is no need to have cgit to talk to gitano, I think08:42
rjekHow would it know that I am allowed to push there?08:42
rjekgitano, AFAIK, has no HTTP interface at all, and the only thing that does provide one in a Trove (excluding super secret Lorry) is cgit, but gitano is responsible for all the access control?08:44
pedroalvarezRight, I see your point08:44
pedroalvarezThat's the thing I'm not quite sure how it works08:45
pedroalvarezso, lighttpd relies in a /home/git/htpasswd for authentication08:48
rjekPerhaps that is generated by gitano; but does that allow pushing or is it pulling only?08:49
rjekYou'd expect gitano's ACLs to be a bit more complex than what might be expressed in an htpasswd file08:50
pedroalvarezthat should allow pushing, yes08:51
pedroalvarezthis is the relevant lighttpd configuration file:
rjekAha, right, so it invokes gitano not git to do the smart HTTP08:54
rjekOK, that's interesting to know but sadly means it doesn't solve my problem; I need to test with non-smart :D08:55
rjekthanks pedroalvarez08:55
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richard_mawrjek: you want to push with non-smart HTTP?09:06
rjekSad, isn't it09:09
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* richard_maw doesn't remember seeing anything in git to support that09:09
robtaylorits not possible09:15
rjekI thought it was, it was just git-receive-pack>09:15
robtaylorwell, you could rsync unpacked objects but... belugh09:16
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richard_mawhmm, there _is_ with uses webdav09:20
* richard_maw is no longer so sure you can't push over dumb http09:20
robtaylorooh, interesting09:21
rjekThat was the thing yes09:21
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paulsher1oodcan/do system-integration-commands create/move files, or do they just modify files that are already there?12:28
richard_mawsystem integrations were able to create/move files last time I used them12:28
paulsher1oodok thanks12:28
paulsher1oodso this means that the final files on a system may not actually be completely aligned with what's in the set of .meta files12:30
pedroalvarezI'd say that is not the intended use for system-integration-commands12:38
pedroalvarezor a bad practice12:38
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persia+1 to adding/moving files in system-integration being poor practice (same for creating/moving files in ansible for first-boot stuff)12:41
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