IRC logs for #baserock for Friday, 2016-06-10

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paulsherwoodperryl: any chance you could take a look at please?08:28
paulsherwoodi have a pipeline i'd *really* like to see08:29
perrylpaulsherwood: currently looking into it, seems to be an issue with the top line of python; could you test `python <system>` and see if that works?08:30
paulsherwoodperryl: you're looking at a different issue, i think :)08:32
perrylwhoops, i am, issue 14. issue 16 requires ybd cache password and server be set; i think locallycompact would be able to tell you the exact commands, though istr i was working on an update to the README accounting for that08:34
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perryli'll check if i still have that branch08:34
perrylpaulsherwood: i've pushed the branch to master; there should now be a credentials.yml file, if you modify that to point to your cache server and password (if need be) and run as per the updated README instructions this should work08:39
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paulsherwoodperryl: i get 'resource not found', am re-running08:50
perrylis that running the parser script directly or construct-pipeline?08:51
paulsherwood(it's fly, saying something wrong with the pipeline i guess)08:53
perrylthat's unusual; running on my machine from current master just throws a "failed to retrieve config" error, but that's mainly because i don't have a VM for concourse right now; does running then the fly command give the same error?08:55
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