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paulsherwoodjjardon: there is no option for that, currently05:49
jjardonpaulsherwood: I think it would be useful; that option would have save me a couple of hours yesterday05:52
paulsherwoodjjardon: ok. you mean you want all output from configure-commands and build-commands visible, along with what it currently logs?05:55
jjardonYeah; basically I needed to know what was the output of the ./configure command to check if a chunk was correctly configured05:56
jjardonMaybe a -v/--verbose option?05:57
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gtristanjjardon, you know it goes into the log of the given build already right ?07:29
gtristanjjardon, I think that kind of option can be awkward to try to use, especially when you have > 1 instances (and are building many chunks in parallel)... directing all stdout/stderr from many builds to the console at once is a bit weird :-S07:31
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jjardongtristan: yep, but in this case the build is done in a remote server where I only have access to the console output09:45
radiofreeSet the log file location to some remotely accessible location so you can read it via a web browser or something?09:48
jjardonI think having the option in ybd is way more convenient09:51
jjardonbut yeah, thats an option I will use next time if there is not other way: what is the option to set the log file?09:52
SotKiirc you have to use tee09:53
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radiofreeIt would probably be easier to just share the artifact dir over http09:53
edcraggthat would be quite handy09:54
pedroalvarezI assume the goal here is to make clear what is going on, when making builds on a remote CI server09:56
pedroalvarezI don't think there is a perfect solution, although IMO is nice to have a --build-log-in-stdout option, even if that is mixed, but maybe prefixing with the chunk name09:58
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rjekDoes anyone have any suggestions for how to incrementally backup a Trove that runs on a Baserock system?11:15
rjekI want to use obnam, but I also want to avoid having to write a definition for all of obnam's dependancies and redeploying the system.11:16
locallycompactcan you not just build it locally?11:16
rjeklocallycompact: How do you mean?11:17
rjekI could run obnam on another machine and have it pull backups, but push backups are much faster11:17
ssam2for the baserock infrastructure we rsync, which is already there11:17
rjekssam2: rsync doesn't do incremental backups11:18
ssam2what does it do ?11:18
locallycompactrjek, can you not just clone obnam on the trove and build it11:18
rjekssam2: It mirrors/synchronises11:18
locallycompactit's got git it's got python11:18
ssam2one person's mirror is another person's backup11:18
rjeklocallycompact: I could do that, I was just wondering if there was already a solution to this in Trove.11:18
ssam2there's no solution built-in to Trove11:18
pedroalvarezrjek: keep us posted, if having obman as the default solution for backups in trove is good, we may integrate it and create some docs for it11:20
rjekFor now I'll do an obnam pull11:21
pedroalvarezalthough I think that pulling the backup makes more sense for our setup, we can have the backups machine here, and not in the cloud11:21
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benbrown_I sent out a couple more gitlab + lorry controller patches to gerrit last night btw16:13
benbrown_If anyone is desperate to review something :)16:13
locallycompactwhy does baserock have an executable called json in /usr/include16:14
locallycompactI want to put a folder there16:14
locallycompactI think it's coming from audio-bluetooth16:14
pedroalvarezwhy don't you call it something else?16:18
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: looked at it, and at the migration16:18
pedroalvarezI wondered what can happen in some cases when you upgrade a trove, and then want to roll back16:18
benbrown_rm -rf /home/lorry/webapp.db16:20
benbrown_on a serious note, I'm not sure16:20
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: tbh, we should probably care less about it16:22
pedroalvarezit doesn't have (very) important data16:22
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