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perrylcan anyone tell me if the erlang repo lorried into g.b.o contains, for example, erlang-crypto/erlang-ssl?13:38
ssam2maybe clone the repo and grep for those strings, if there's no obvious way to work that out from looking at it13:39
ssam2i don't know the answer myself13:40
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perrylheh, i'm grasping at straws a bit :( trying to build github:GENIVI/rvi_core in baserock definitions, it depends on erlang and i've built it fine on my machine, but in a stratum...just fails for no reason, which is fun!13:42
ssam2is there no error message at all? that suggests that the build process actually crashes somehow13:45
perrylit's a bit of an odd one; the build instructions specify running `make compile` no output and a tiny build artifact. doing `make` instead gets further, but then stops with no error message which i can understand given the command shouldn't be `make` in the first place13:48
ssam2maybe Erlang produces super small binaries ? :-)13:49
perrylcould be! haha13:51
pedroalvarezmaybe this could help:
CTtpollardpedroalvarez: I was going to suggest that but didn't want to be shot13:52
ssam2when you say 'produces a super small build artifact', do you mean the actual Baserock artifact is small?13:52
* pedroalvarez aims at CTtpollard13:52
ssam2if so, isn't it because you need a `make install` equivalent ?13:52
perrylaugh *headdesk* i am a fool, i was looking at the size of the built stratum. the actual chunk rvi_core is appropriately sized, aaaaargh13:57
* perryl puts her glasses on and makes sure to look carefully at the build output13:57
pedroalvarezperryl: note that you may find some useful things there anyway, they are installing some systemd units for example13:58
perrylpedroalvarez: indeed, i had looked at the meta-rvi bb which is where i found the erlang-kernel/crypto/ssl depends which confused me13:59
pedroalvarezI've looked at fedora's Erlang package, and all that seems to be built in that packge, I would assume that if they are missing, we might have to enable something when building Erlang, but it doesn't look like it's the case14:01
* pedroalvarez stops guessing now that the problem is solved14:01
perrylaye, thanks all for the suggestions though!14:02
CTtpollardit looks like there is a flag for ssl14:03
pedroalvarez--with-ssl=PATH, to point to the location of OpenSSL14:12
pedroalvarezbut maybe that's happening by default14:15
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