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radiofreelorry controller still seams to be a bit broken00:07
radiofreedoesn't appear to actually be running any jobs?00:07
radiofreepedroalvarez: ^00:07
benbrown_radiofree: looks like it's running jobs to me?00:19
radiofreeoh yeah :|00:19
benbrown_whether or not they've succeeded or not I have no clue00:19
radiofreeignore me >.<00:20
pedroalvarezAre you missing updates in some repos?00:23
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radiofreepedroalvarez: no!03:21
radiofreeI'm an idiot, ignore :)03:21
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perrylis down for anyone else?11:12
pedroalvarezperryl: yes.. I was trying to fix something but will leave it for now.. It will be up in 2 minutes11:14
perrylpedroalvarez: cool, i was wondering why my patch wouldn't push :)11:15
perrylnp! these things happen :)11:15
pedroalvarezperryl: is up now, I think I'll shut it down again soon to continue debugging this problem11:19
perrylpedroalvarez: nice, is it worth me holding off on sending the patch? it's just a lorry11:20
pedroalvarezgo ahead with it11:21
paulsherwoodmwilliams_ct: any idea what's changed on
mwilliams_ctif youre asking why it's red, not 100% sure atm. It's currently rebuilding, thought it might be related to your patch that you sent to br-dev last night. if that's not it, I'll try updating the ybd it uses11:24
paulsherwoodmwilliams_ct: this looks a bit like
paulsherwoodand 182 - maybe i need to reopen them11:26
mwilliams_cthold on before doing that...11:26
mwilliams_ctsomething i want to check11:26
mwilliams_ctyeah ok, you may need to (we're using HEAD of ybd which I'd forgotten - for a while we used tagged versions). but let that build finish first, jic it was a blip11:27
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pedroalvarezright, some bits of systemd look a bit broken...12:08
pedroalvarezsome symlinks from /etc are poiting to /lib, and things are now in /usr/lib12:09
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: is that wrt the ca-certificates  issue in cbo, or something else?12:12
pedroalvarezi'm trying to debug why after upgrading gerrit, it doesn't boot12:13
pedroalvarezsounds stupid... systemd itself is generating the files in /usr/lib and the broken links from /etc to /lib..12:16
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pedroalvarezjjardon and benbrown_ may have some opinions about how to fix this12:19
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pedroalvarezthese are the services with broken links:
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: is this on a baseerock sysetms?12:41
paulsherwoodbuilt with ybd, or morph?12:43
paulsherwood(there's still the known ybd issue of overlap disordering)12:43
paulsherwood(which only applies for instances >1, btw)12:44
pedroalvarezi think we found the bug, in baserock-system-config-sync (part of tbdiff)12:56
pedroalvarezbug will only happen when upgrading a system only12:56
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perryli'm trying to build base-system-x86_32-generic in a 32bit chroot using YBD and running into this issue in core; UnicodeEncodeError when building ca-certificates
perryli don't suppose anyone has seen anything similar?13:02
pedroalvarezi have, in concourse.baserock.org13:03
paulsherwoodperryl: pls try 16.2013:03
perrylpaulsherwood: will do, ta13:03
paulsherwoodfwiw jjardon said it was something to do with locales in the chroot13:04
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perrylpaulsherwood: yeah that looks to be the issue, i'm getting the error still on 16.2013:15
paulsherwoodperryl: please can you try  ps-attempt-218-fix branch from github?13:18
perrylpaulsherwood: looks to have worked!13:29
paulsherwoodperryl: cool, stick with that for now then!13:32
perrylwill do! thanks :D13:32
persiaSo, it really needs a LOCALE.13:37
persiaProcessing non-ascii without a LOCALE has entirely undefined behaviour.13:37
persiaAnd there is lots of non-ascii that is important in ca-certificates13:38
persiaIf I read the ps-attempt-218-fix branch correctly, it effectively ignores the error by truncating all characters to 7 bits (of the 32 that are considered in common character sets)13:40
persia(note that I believe it does this because of my poor opinion of python2.x handling of strings not expressly declared unicode, not because the code explicitly does this)13:41
persiaAnd I thought some locale support was added back in 2014 when we first had this issue: did that go away?13:42
paulsherwoodmy fix is to revert back to how ybd used to do this, before locallycompact introduced OSFS13:47
persiaYes, not a fix.  Hiding it under a carpet.13:47
persiaThe bug is not in ybd.  The bug is in definitions.13:48
persiaca-certificates needs to build-depend on a unicode-capable locale.13:48
paulsherwoodok... so this is a definitions bug, not ybd13:48
paulsherwoodpersia: ^^?14:04
paulsherwoodoops. sorry, i missed your comment14:05
persiaAt least the last time we had ca-certificates issues with unicode it was, and it looks like the same bug.14:05
paulsherwoodso better to leave the bug visible in ybd?14:05
persiaYes.  This makes a nice test case.14:05
persiaThe suggested ybd "fix" hides the issue, but that makes everything build subtly incorrectly, even if locales are there, which is likely to be frustrating for someone else in the future.14:06
persiaNot that there is that much software that depends on non-ascii to build, but there is definitely some.14:07
locallycompactlike all of agda14:09
persiaOr APL14:11
rjekAre you sure that's not spelled agro?14:11
locallycompacthmm wassat14:11
rjekAPL drives people insane.14:11
locallycompactthis looks amazing14:12
persiarjek: There are worse languages14:12
persialocallycompact: The main problem with APL is getitng a good keymap set up.14:12
rjekNo, that really isn't APL's main problem :)14:13
persiaOh, and folk not comfortable with iconographs may have trouble reading some code.14:13
persiarjek: Which do you consider APLs main problem?14:13
rjekSyntax?  Lack of compiler choice?  Lack of batteries?  General insanity? :)14:14
persiaThe syntax is intuitive for most mathematical operations.  There are several compilers.  If you lack batteries, use mains.  My (limited) experience with APL is that doing the same thing gets the same result, which seems sane.14:15
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pedroalvarezNew Changes:16:09
pedroalvarez Use new Symlink if the User hasn't changed it16:09
pedroalvarez Add .gitreview file16:09
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pedroalvarezmeh.. solved a bug that doesn't solve my problem16:20
benbrown_pedroalvarez: Is down?  Currently getting a '503'16:21
pedroalvarezyes, that's the problem I'm trying to debug16:21
pedroalvarezI'll put the non-broken version up in a few minutes, I'll let you know16:22
* pedroalvarez reverts the kernel upgrade just in case16:35
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: up again16:36
pedroalvarezso, the problem I'm facing is basically that the upgraded gerrit system (baserock system) is not mounting the lvm volume group16:40
pedroalvarezthen, fails to boot16:40
pedroalvarezI don't see how this is now broken, but also I don't really understand yet how lvm works16:41
pedroalvarezif it turns out to be a regression in the kernel, I'll be very happy16:42
edcraggyou'd hope that that's not the case16:45
pedroalvarezI'll be happy to know that I didn't find any problem because there wasn't any16:46
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* pedroalvarez reboots gerrit once again16:57
pedroalvarezi seriously need to fix this16:58
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pedroalvarezOh well.. Downgrading the kernel doesn't fix anything..17:40
pedroalvarezBisecting may help here17:40
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radiofreewhat's the problem?17:53
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