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paulsherwoodpersia: i think the underlying concept is sensible... not sure about the need for gerrit+zuul+gitsubmodules though07:37
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locallycompactWhat's the meaning of prefix: /tools in the bootstrap chunks in build-essential?10:52
ssam2it causes PREFIX=/tools to be set in the build environment10:53
ssam2where normally PREFIX=/usr is set10:53
locallycompactand /tools becomes on path for non bootstrap chunks?10:53
ssam2i don't remember10:56
* locallycompact finds out soon I guess10:56
* richard_maw doesn't remember if he implemented that or just thought about it10:57
richard_mawI don't remember any places where we manually fix PATH to include /tools10:57
richard_mawwhich would imply that this is the case10:57
ssam2yeah, I think the build tools should add to PATH the 'prefix' of any dependent chunks10:58
ssam2i can't find the relevant code to verify that though10:58
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paulsherwoodlocallycompact: if you are using ybd, you can see the path in each of the .log files in artifactdir11:09
paulsherwoodeg for stage2-gcc...11:09
paulsherwoodfor gcc...11:11
paulsherwoodoops... sorry. wrong paste.11:11
paulsherwoodfor gcc...11:11
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anahuelamoI have a question related with system-integration commands. I made this patch and I'm trying to remove /usr/src/MPC files after ACE_TAO component is installed. I tried the patch in base-system-x86_64-generic.morph and build-system-x86_64.morph. In the base-system, no matter if I use the system-integration commands, /usr/src/MPC is not in the deployed image.15:40
anahuelamoWhen I tried the patch in build-system, no matter if I use the system-integration commands, /usr/src/MPC is always there15:40
anahuelamoany help why is that happening?15:40
locallycompactpaulsherwood, would you try this in your local environment against g.b.o please, it seems to just be skipping over the chunk and compiling the stratum empty. I've checked typos etc
richard_mawanahuelamo: the only thing that springs to mind is that either ACE_TAO is not included in the `build-system`, or that the `build-system`'s artifact splitting rules means that "ACE_TAO-misc" is not included in the system when the rest of the components are15:44
richard_maweither that or a bug in YBD15:44
anahuelamoACE_TAO is included in both systems15:47
anahuelamorichard_maw, how can I see if ACE_TAO-misc is not included in the system and why?15:51
richard_mawanahuelamo: do you have a branch where the systems have been modified to include strata/corba.morph pushed to anywhere people can see it?15:51
anahuelamono, I can push it to the same branch in gerrit if you want15:51
richard_mawthat's probably the best way to do that, since it keeps the changes together15:52
anahuelamorichard_maw, here you can find the files and the systems I used to test
richard_mawthat looks correct, what command-line are you using to build the systems?16:00
anahuelamo`../ybd/ systems/build-system-x86_64.morph x86_64` in a baserock chroot16:00
richard_mawthat's all correct, I'm stumped, you'll need someone who understands YBD's behaviour to track down why it's not working16:03
anahuelamothanks richard_maw!16:03
anahuelamopaulsherwood, are you here? can you take a look at that? ^16:04
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* paulsherwood is finally here17:01
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paulsherwoodlocallycompact: when you say 'skipping over the chunk', i assume you're getting a cache-key for the chunk?17:16
paulsherwood[0/291/386] [stage0-rust] Cache_key is stage0-rust.54d0c00387d6e87930aec83c98b1a3c6933451b0e00ca4cfc507162b94a3fe48 [ ]17:16
paulsherwood[0/292/387] [rust] Cache_key is rust.60d2637f6a4e6593455b3271fa16c55706ad3c76094c321f9d0400c955128a7c [ ]17:16
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locallycompactit seems to be running on 64 bit although I'm not sure what the difference is17:21
locallycompactI'll have to check again sorry I ended up in a world of hurt17:21
locallycompactWhat I remember is that it wasn't17:22
paulsherwooddo you have a 32 bit system?17:22
locallycompactall I saw was rust17:22
locallycompactI was running 32 on a 32 yes17:22
* paulsherwood can't test on 32 here currently, sorry17:23
paulsherwoodanahuelamo: there seems to be no system specified for that change... should i try base, or devel?17:25
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paulsherwoodanahuelamo: it works for me...
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