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pedroalvarezZara: yes, SotK is right, he modified an existing thing, a thing that is not being developed anymore, so he had to implement some fixes for new versions of django..08:21
pedroalvarezgrr,, wrong window...08:21
pedroalvarezgood morning!08:21
pedroalvarezhere I just wanted to flag, that is being hammered again... I guess this is because concourse again..08:22
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pedroalvarezoh well! OpenGrok is a thing! https://opengrok.baserock.org09:21
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jjardonpedroalvarez: !!!! NICE09:58
jjardonpedroalvarez: what components are there? all the components we have in g.b.o ?09:59
pedroalvarezjjardon: just the components of a minimal system09:59
pedroalvarezI plan to extend it to have all the components of ci.morph09:59
jjardongreat, this is actually something we need in GNOME for long time10:00
pedroalvarezjjardon: whenever I  make it index all the compnents of ci.morph, it will also have gnome repos, but with the versions that we use in definitions10:16
jjardonpedroalvarez: ah ok, not ideal but it will be helpful nevertheless10:17
pedroalvarezI'm still not an expert in OpenGrok, so I may be wrong. But I believe that it can't index all the possible versions of the source stored in git10:20
pedroalvarezI guess for GNOME it would be usefult to index 'master' of all the components10:21
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edcraggis it possible to configure ybd to use something other than home as a cache directory? i can see only directories: base: 'ybd' in the config12:42
ssam2you can set base-path12:44
ssam2I think..12:44
ssam2maybe change 'base' to a full path?12:44
anahuelamothat's what I do ssam2 edcragg12:44
ssam2oh yeah. don't touch base-path, that's something else12:45
edcraggso change 'ybd' to a full path?12:45
edcraggthought about that, but it doesn't seem intutive really12:45
edcraggintuitive even12:46
edcraggthere's no way that 'ybd' isn't a relative path12:46
ssam2actually I set 'base' in the top level of the config file, rather than under 'directories'12:46
ssam2which seems to have workde12:46
edcraggcool, thanks!12:47
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paulsherwoodedcragg: you can override every directory separately if you want... so for example cache: /path/to/cache13:38
paulsherwoodgits: /path/to/gits13:38
edcraggpaulsherwood: yes, i didn't need to do that, just move the whole cache. changing base: 'ybd' to an absolute path did what i needed13:40
paulsherwoodedcragg: ok, but better to create your own config file than modify the supplied one... to avoid possible merge conflicts later13:41
pedroalvarezif there isn't already, maybe a note on the top of the  supplied one suggesting this? ^13:42
pedroalvarezIf you wan't to override any of these, create a file in /foo/bar.conf, etc13:43
paulsherwooddoesn't the readme cover this well enough?13:44
pedroalvarezlooks like it doesn't13:44
paulsherwoodcreating your own ybd.conf file means you can merge new/latest ybd using git with no possibility of a conflict, and your custom settings will continue to take precedence.13:45
pedroalvarezor that developers normally don't read readme's13:45
* edcragg read the readme13:45
paulsherwoodok, based on what you now understand... can you suggest improvement to the readme please? i honestly thought i'd explained it ok13:46
edcraggfor me the problem was it's not obvious that 'ybd' could be replaced with an absolute path13:46
paulsherwoodah, ok. but - where have you put your custom config? did you edit, or create a new file?13:47
ssam2it's common to annotate the default config file of a program with comments, so users can work out how to use it just by reading the file13:48
paulsherwoodgood idea!13:48
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pedroalvarezthat's also in the readme.. :)13:48
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paulsherwoodyes, but putting comments in the conf file itself would help13:49
pedroalvarez<paulsherwood> doesn't the readme cover this well enough?13:49
edcraggyep, inline comments would be helpful13:50
edcraggpaulsherwood: i've been modifying the original, and just keeping it uncommitted in the repo, not too much of an issue13:51
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i guess the answer to that question is no.13:51
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anahuelamoHi! I have a problem when building genivi-demo-platform-armv7lhf-jetson.morph . After printing the same info many times I got this error:
anahuelamoany help with that?14:09
CTtpollardmemory exhausted + qtwebkit, sounds unsurprising14:10
pedroalvarezyeah, I found it was possible to build in a jetson if you only use 2 cores14:13
pedroalvarezso, basically the problem is that, the build is running in parallel, using the 4 cores. Every of these "threads" consume some ram, and at some point, the build fails because you don't have enough ram..14:15
paulsherwoodyou can set swap, iirc?14:15
pedroalvarezmaking the build use less threads, helps with that problem14:15
pedroalvarezthat will also help, if possible14:16
anahuelamook, I'll try build using just two cores14:19
pedroalvarezwith 2 cores takes around 2 hours, with swap might be faster or slower14:23
pedroalvarezdepending on how fast is the swap :)14:23
rjekswapon to a file in tmpfs if you want fast swqap14:24
pedroalvarezhm.. isn't tmpfs going to come from your ram?14:29
richard_mawI suspect rjek was joking14:29
pedroalvarezthen, it was a good joke.. :)14:30
pedroalvareztmpfs uses your ram, but if you want to create a tmpfs larger than your ram it will use swap...14:30
pedroalvarezand that's the joke explained14:31
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locallycompactIs there a default build rule that just copies everything in the repo to DESTDIR as is?15:51
richard_mawthere wasn't last I checked15:52
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