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ssam2Aboriginal fails to build the cross GCC on my system because I have systemtap installed09:17
ssam2cross compiling :-(09:17
ssam2seems someone sent a patch to fix this to GCC in 2012 but it never went anywhere09:18
richard_mawwould building a native chroot first make it work?09:19
richard_mawi.e. is it just systemtap headers being installed that's the problem, or does it really complain if there's kernel modules about?09:20
ssam2it's just the headers being installed09:20
ssam2so running in a chroot would work around the problem, but is a bit sad09:21
richard_mawI'm lacking all the context on the aboriginal stuff, but for reliability I would have thought the best approach would have involved making a native chroot first09:22
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ssam2I've always looked at Aboriginal as something that's expected to work anywhere09:23
ssam2but actually perhaps it's not09:23
ssam2i'll ask in #toybox later I guess09:23
richard_mawI think you need something like the google blaze sandboxing thing if you're going to try building without a chroot, since otherwise you're at the mercy of *every* component to behave09:24
richard_mawIIRC blaze's sandbox lets you restrict which paths the build system is allowed to access, so you can at least detect when the build system is misbehaving09:27
ssam2i would love to rewrite GCC's build system, but i'd need infinite time09:29
ssam2Note Aboriginal aims to build the minimum possible number of things09:30
ssam2it's akin to Baserock's build-essential.morph09:30
ssam2the idea being that it builds you a minimal build environment that you can then run clean builds in09:31
richard_mawah, so it's how you produce that chroot09:31
richard_mawI fear it would fall into the same problems we had, namely all the other self-hosting toolchains09:32
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ssam2it certainly doesn't have any magic solution to the problem of cycling dependencies09:33
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ssam2it doesn't claim to, though09:34
ssam2compiler authors can either provide a way to bootstrap their compiler from C, or they can do their own cross-building for every platform they want to support and provide binaries09:34
ssam2right, it seems like the problem is that my GCC build is: build=x86_64, host=armv6l, target=armv6l09:51
ssam2since host==target, GCC's configure looks at /usr/include for native headers09:52
ssam2I guess Aboriginal can't run this build in a chroot, because my machine can't run armv6l code09:52
ssam2wait, it could run it in an x86_64 chroot. That would mean a whole extra build step... but it might be worth it for the extra reliability09:58
ssam2maybe we could do recommend a 2-stage Aboriginal build, first host->host, second host->$target09:59
ssam2although i would still like gcc to be less broken09:59
richard_mawI think that's up there with the moon on a stick.10:00
jmacsWouldn't we all.10:04
pedroalvarezwrong window, but :q!10:06
ssam2hmm, possibly this is an issue in tristan's build script for new GCC10:10
ssam2which could pass in --with-native-system-header-dir if it wanted to, to point to the armv6 headers10:11
ssam2seems --with-sysroot and friends wouldn't have any effect because host==target10:11
ssam2which seems wrong, but i think it'd be a hard assumption to change10:11
persiassam2: If your machine isn't the architecture you want it to be, linux's binfmt-misc allows you to silently invoke an interpreter for non-native code: while this is often used for Java, you could use it with qemu-static, so that you have a foo chroot on your bar machine that apparently executes.  I know this works for armv5, armv6, and armv7 on ppc or x86_64, and for armv5, armv6, and armv7 on ppc.10:12
persias/on ppc or x86_84/and ppc on x86_64/10:13
pedroalvarezssam2: hit this error using bsaerock-export today
ssam2adding --with-native-system-header-dir=$(STAGE_DIR) seems to have fixed my Aboriginal woe10:52
ssam2ha, my next issue is the OOM killer killing this 'genautomata' program11:07
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ssam2I've got my aboriginal-ybd into gear, but this initial swap file creation takes a really long time!12:39
ssam210 mins and counting12:39
pedroalvarezI fear it is going to depend on lots of ram and ssd to be usable12:50
locallycompactis it not possible to create repositories on a trove manually with gitano?12:53
locallycompactssh@troveprefix create troveprefix/foobar12:53
locallycompact*ssh git@12:54
pedroalvarezit should be possible12:55
locallycompactWhen I do that I get a fatal anyway12:55
ssam2i think you need troveprefix/projectname/foobar12:56
ssam2and you need to be in projectname-admins or projectname-managers group to do that12:56
ssam2and you need to manually create those groups before you can be in them12:56
ssam2It might be documented/scripted somewhere12:57
locallycompactThanks I get the idea12:57
ssam2 suggests i'm wrong, but I think it's actually the manual that's wrong12:58
ssam2i have a feeling my Aboriginal worker VM is stuck in a busy loop :(13:04
ssam2100% CPU but no IO at all13:04
ssam2the last line of the log file is 'Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.'13:04
ssam2this is the full log.. also has some warnings which may be relevant
ssam2seems that the script from this Aboriginal build isn't working as expected. I'll try the same thing with upstream Aboriginal13:16
ssam2ok, upstream Aboriginal doesn't seem to actually manage to boot either for armv6l13:42
* ssam2 tries a prebuilt Aboriginal armv6l image13:44
ssam2ok, seems that is broken too. but the prebuilt armv5l image has booted13:50
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paulsherwood18:00 <+ssam2> if the goal is for developers to use this, it should be able to run on my laptop, surely?14:25
paulsherwoodssam2: i think developers doing builds can usefully reduce their waiting time using AWS, is all :)14:26
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paulsherwoodi know gtristan bought a humungous devbox14:28
ssam2it's an option, I agree14:28
ssam2in some cases14:28
ssam2it wouldn't fix whatever has broken armv6l in aboriginal, though :-)14:29
paulsherwooddid you manage to 'build some Baserocks' ?14:29
ssam2not yet, i'm retrying with armv5l14:30
ssam2the prebuilt armv5 Aboriginal image seems to work, unlike the prebuilt armv6 image14:30
paulsherwoodbtw i'm unclear what to say to your simplification of build-steps... it's elegant, but it means build-tools are back to hard-coding pre- and post- iiuc14:32
ssam2is that a problem?14:32
ssam2if you don't like the approach, the original idea is workable14:33
ssam2I would want to put a comment in our DEFAULTS file explaining the purpose of the pre- and post- commands, though14:33
ssam2since if people predefine values for them in DEFAULTS, they become pointless14:33
ssam2or we could remove the pre- and post- variants, but we do actually use them for the intended purpose (prepending or appending the default commands) in various places14:34
paulsherwoodfor purity we should define pre- and post- in the schema too, is all?14:40
ssam2I don't understand what you mean..14:41
ssam2my point is that pre-build-commands and post-build-commands shouldn't be treated the same as build-commands:  users should be allowed to predefine build-commands in DEFAULTS, but should not be allowed to predefine pre-build-commands or post-build-commands in DEFAULTS14:42
paulsherwoodi agree... my concenr is that we shouldn't hard-code 'pre-' and 'post-' in the tools. there should be build-steps and build-step-stages or soemthing14:45
ssam2i see. but what would we gain from that?14:45
paulsherwoodpls hold14:46
gtristanssam2, unable to boot the armv6l arch ? I think I did not test that arch after switching to the virtio 9p mount :-/14:53
gtristanssam2, could it be that you have an older qemu ?14:54
ssam2could be that14:56
ssam2it seems the upstream Aboriginal armv6 image is broken, so this isn't your fault :-)14:56
gtristanis that output from aboriginal-start [...] --interactive ?14:56
gtristanhmmm, so did you boot armv5l without issue ?14:56
ssam2what I pasted was the ybd worker log file14:56
ssam2I've booted the upstream Aboriginal armv5 image OK, i'm yet to try yours (still building)14:56
gtristanright, yeah the output of that is a bit slim, you dont get any of the kernel console output cause, it's detached from any console14:57
ssam2but using the script it stops at the same point14:57
ssam2so I think this is actually the kernel getting stuck very early on14:57
gtristanwith --interactive you boot the way ybd would start it up, but you get a shell14:57
gtristanI see14:57
ssam2i'll report it to the Aboriginal mailing list I guess, but might try building qemu master first14:58
gtristanyeah some of the qemu-system-arm errors in there seem to point to qemu not supporting the virtio stuff14:58
gtristanI have debian testing so it's quite bleeding edge I guess :-/14:58
ssam2I have 2.3.114:59
ssam2oh, which is quite old -- I see 2.6.0-rc1 in Git14:59
gtristanI asked landley about building qemu as a part of aboriginal, he said he used to do that but gave up once it started depending on glib and such14:59
ssam2i think it's OK to require the user to provide that15:00
ssam2it several orders of magnitude easier to build than the GNU toolchain :-)15:00
gtristanyeah, it would just be interesting to control the exact version of everything you're gonna be using15:04
ssam2that was the plan with Baserock, once upon a time :-)15:05
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ssam2ok, it works!15:40
ssam2i have an armv5 native build running on my laptop via ybd, which is pretty cool15:40
ssam2it does seem pretty slow though. Gawk's ./configure script took nearly 5 minutes15:40
gtristanssam2, configure is slow... compiling regular objects is pretty quick; for those low level packages I think they all compiler faster than they configure (except glibc/gcc of course)15:43
gtristanthen compiling libtool objects is hellishly slow again15:43
ssam2yes, build of gawk took 2 minutes15:43
ssam2which is pretty good15:43
ssam2so we just need to kill autoconf!15:43
gtristanhaving like 4 instances at a time is nice, cause qemu doesnt do multi-core so they take a constant amount of cpu resources15:43
gtristanbut then...15:44
ssam2although autoconf is part of the reason we have to do this trickery in the first place... a decent build system would be able to crosscompile in most cases15:44
gtristanthe IPC is shaky, I almost always lose one instance when I set instances to 415:44
gtristanSo one question15:45
gtristanDo we maintain any baserock build of... poky ?15:45
pedroalvarezhahah wat?15:46
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pedroalvarezlook what you have done ^15:46
ssam2we don't15:46
gtristanIf someone can come right now and say... I have this definitions branch which builds exactly the content of poky... then there is some opportunity15:47
pedroalvarezactually we looked into exporting yocto recipes into baserock definitions..15:48
edcraggthat would be a handy thing to have15:49
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ssam2same problem with the Aboriginal armv6 image using git master of QEMU16:38
ssam2i'll report it to the mailing list I guess16:39
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ssam2oops, now I've killed the wrong qemu, and I guess my aboriginal/ybd build is going to hang forever16:40
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gtristanssam2, yup, have I put enough emphasis on how horrible my IPC solution is ? ;-)16:46
ssam2ctrl+c worked at least :-)16:46
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