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pedroalvarezjjardon: sorry, I didn't spot this error when reviewing:
pedroalvarezred mason is red :)11:07
franredpedroalvarez, you can go ahead and merge it11:08
jjardonpedroalvarez: mmm, sorry; I think ybd builds that without complaining11:09
pedroalvarezno worries :) it's fixed now11:09
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pedroalvarezgreat! find the submit button here:
pedroalvarezit has changed with latest release :)12:00
franredpedroalvarez, you can press it ;-)12:01
pedroalvarezthe thing is that I can't, and that's what I mean. The button now says that you won't be able to when you hover over it12:03
pedroalvarezthis is cool :)12:04
pedroalvarezfranred: thanks for reviewing12:04
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edcraggi'm getting 'ERROR: Ref 48416261f38c2d1e4ee7a4482238565299c4a605 was not found in repo git://' when i try to run morph, i usually have changes in my local definitions that aren't on g.b.o, can't understand why this is happening14:47
ssam2are you using --local-changes=ignore setting?14:58
ssam2if so, all the commits need to be pushed, it actually ignores your local repo other than to find out what commit you want to build14:59
ssam2the error could definitely be improved there (or the behaviour made less confusing)14:59
ssam2i'm not sure there's any value in that behaviour beyond making it easy to know you're not accidentally building uncommitted stuff.. but there are other ways to check that15:00
ssam2so morph should just read the files off disk where it can15:00
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edcraggi agree15:08
edcraggi'm not using --local-changes=ignore, though15:09
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edcraggthanks ssam2... seems to be avoided by changing the remote origin to my usual repo15:24
edcraggfor the moment15:24
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jjardonpedroalvarez: nice series!16:19
pedroalvarezjjardon: it's not complete, they are a lot...16:20
pedroalvarezsent them as separate commits to avoid merge conflicts when possible16:20
pedroalvarezworked on them this weekend, and I don't know when I'll have time to continue, that's why I sent it as it is16:23
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edcraggit appears ybd doesn't keep cache keys in its metadata format... anyone know otherwise?16:51
paulsherwoodedcragg: what do you mean?16:53
paulsherwoodiirc the meta file does not contain the cache-key, if that's your question16:54
edcraggpaulsherwood: morph keeps record of the cache key in .meta files, i can't see any evidence of this in ybd (at least in built system images)16:54
edcraggyes, i think that's what i mean16:54
paulsherwoodi think you're correct16:54
paulsherwoodis there a benefit to including it?16:55
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rdaleas the meta file is in the artifact's cached entry, you can't find it unless you know the cache key16:56
richard_mawor you could be scanning through the contents of /baserock16:56
ssam2I like that Morph stores every factor that went into the cache key in the metadata16:57
ssam2it means that there's a way to reconstruct the cache key from the contents of the file16:57
ssam2which gives a way to validate it16:58
ssam2i've never actually used it for that, but i like that it's there16:58
richard_mawalso that for some systems you can get to something resembling the system you have by walking the metadata to get your build graph and run the commands yourself16:58
edcraggpaulsherwood: it was previously used by the genivi manifest generation script, and included in the manifest output16:59
edcraggthe more information the better, i think, for reproducibility16:59
ssam2it does lead to long metadata files, because you have to list all deps17:00
paulsherwoodpatches welcome, or i'll get to it when i return from holiday :)17:00
ssam2but not too long in practice -- morph's are not crazily long17:00
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edcraggthe longest thing in most seems to be the list of files afaict17:02
ssam2oh yeah, that's long too17:03
edcraggor at least, can be17:03
ssam2but it's essential for providing 'what chunk contains this file' info17:03
rdaleybd meta files have the list of files for a chunk, or the list of components for a stratum and the git sha1s - i would expect that to be enough for ybd to construct the cache keys, but i might be wrong17:03
ssam2oh, nice17:03
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* edcragg assumed cache keys must depend on build commands too, but may very well be wrong17:05
rdaleah, yes - it isn't just the git sha1s on the chunks, it is a reference the the sha1 of the definition perhaps that you need as well17:07
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