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paulsherwood\/win 4808:16
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paulsherwoodjjardon, pedroalvarez ^^ ?08:33
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jjardonbtw, ybd doesnt rebuild isodate when I change the build-system08:52
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jjardon_(also, seems ybd doesnt rebuild isodate after I change the build-system parameter09:01
jjardonSorry, im havin problem with the internet connection09:06
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: yes, I was planning to do that today09:07
pedroalvarez(to fix that)09:07
pedroalvarezradiofree, jjardon: btw, before I forget, wayland-ivi-extension fails to build with  weston 1.10
pedroalvarezso, let's keep weston-genivi for now09:08
jjardon_pedroalvarez: is upstream aware of that?09:08
pedroalvarezI didn't have time to check09:09
jjardon_paulsherwood: about GDP:
pedroalvarezbut they are versioning w-i-extension with the version number of weston they are compatible with09:10
pedroalvarezso I assume they are aware09:10
jjardon_rigth, I guess in the meantime we will have to keep the weston-genivi stratum then09:11
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pedroalvarezjjardon_: could you answer my comment here please?
jjardon_pedroalvarez: I was doing exactly that :)09:13
pedroalvarezI'm going to give it a go, at the same time I fix gdp-hmi build09:16
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: what about settling on (say) ci-minimal and ci-more09:41
paulsherwoodi'd be happy for ybd to do both, but this would cut the loop time for mason09:41
paulsherwood(if it just did ci-minimal)09:41
jjardonpedroalvarez: patch updated, thanks for the review!09:42
pedroalvarezthat's not a bad idea09:43
pedroalvarezbut mason is the only thing people can look at09:43
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: that will change in a small number of weeks at most09:44
paulsherwoodc.b.o is a poorly kept secret at best :)09:44
pedroalvarezlooking forward to that09:44
* paulsherwood too09:45
paulsherwoodwho would be best placed to offer a patch to split out ci into two? i can do it, for example09:46
pedroalvarezi wonder how would we split ti09:49
paulsherwoodi made some comments in
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paulsherwoodhow about ci-minimal has build-system + genivi baseline for both arches, maybe minimal09:52
paulsherwoodand ci-more has gdp, gnome, openstack etc09:52
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: actually, ci-minimal loooks like release.morph from your example09:53
pedroalvarezmaybe we can just use that09:53
paulsherwoodoh, fair enough09:54
paulsherwoodso strip out the stuff from release.morph in ci.morph?09:54
jjardontalking about release.morph:
paulsherwoodand fix mason to use release.morph09:54
pedroalvarezI'm not sure about stripping them from ci.morph09:55
paulsherwoodyour call09:56
pedroalvarezright, I wouldn't mind we add heavy systems to ci.morph anymore09:56
pedroalvarezI'll fix Mason to build release.morph09:56
pedroalvarezalthough.. i'd prefer to do this change whenever we have something using ci.morph really09:57
paulsherwoodc.b.o uses it. and i use it for testing every release of ybd09:58
paulsherwoodon x86 always, and on arm when i remember09:59
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paulsherwood(and i'm aiming for weekly releases of ybd  for the foreseeable future)10:00
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locallycompacthow do I add comments to gerrit10:16
ssam2to lines in a patch?10:16
ssam2or to the patch itself?10:16
locallycompactgeneral comment10:17
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ssam2click 'reply' in top bar, or press 'a' on your keyboard10:17
ssam2you can also press ? for a list of all keyboard shortcuts10:17
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locallycompactI have an odd problem, I can remote update definitions in gerrit just fine, but when I ssh -A into a baserock vm and remote update definitions from gerrit I get a Permission denied (publickey).10:37
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richard_mawlocallycompact: is your ssh-agent running on your laptop?10:38
locallycompactby running ssh-agent?10:39
locallycompactseems to be10:39
locallycompactrunning that and doing over doesn't seem to be making a difference10:40
richard_mawdoes your ssh-agent have your ssh keys in it? I think `ssh-add -L` should show you10:41
locallycompactah, it does not10:42
locallycompactand what do the branch names correspond to on gerrit? I see for example jjardon's topic wayland_1_10 but no branch called that10:46
ssam2if you use `git-review` to submit a patch, then the topic name matches whatever branch you had checked out, when you ran git-review10:49
ssam2unless you pass --topic10:49
ssam2if you push directly, you set the topic by adding it to the ref you push to10:50
ssam2the point of it is to help with pretending Gerrit supports patch series10:50
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ssam2you can submit 10 patches with the same topic and they get grouped together10:50
ssam2actual branches in definitions.git correspond to actual branches in Gerrit10:51
ssam2branches in git://, that is10:51
locallycompactI'm still confused. If I look at this page. what on this page tells me what I should check out to review it?
locallycompactor just use the sha?10:53
SotKThe download button in the top right gives a bunch of commands that will do it10:54
ssam2i'd just do `git-review --download 1906`10:54
ssam2which wraps the necessary git commands needed to download and checkout10:54
locallycompactok, I see10:55
pedroalvarezanybody knows where morph.log goes if nothing set in morph.conf?11:18
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richard_mawit doesn't11:19
pedroalvarezhah np11:20
pedroalvarezI was trying to figureout how long takes qtwebkit to build11:20
pedroalvarezbut it just finished11:20
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: git clone ; cd build-logs ; git grep qtwebkit | grep Elapsed11:23
paulsherwoodybd-build-to-qt.1x60.log:15-07-18 20:57:30 [135/151/282] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time for build 01:28:0511:25
paulsherwoodthat was with max-jobs set to 60 on a 40 core machine11:26
pedroalvarez[qtwebkit] Elapsed time 00:41:13 on moonshot11:29
pedroalvarezfor real :P11:30
paulsherwoodthat's pretty *good* actually :)11:30
* paulsherwood has lost his moonshot ip11:31
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I can remind it to you11:31
paulsherwoodyes please :)11:31
pedroalvarezbut i think they are being powered of today11:31
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: is that ARMv7 build, or aarch64 btw?11:34
pedroalvarezI've never done anything with aarch6411:35
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paulsherwoodlooks like they've been turned off already?12:04
locallycompactssam2, so how do I interpret it when for example there are five patches in the same topic (wayland_1_10), only two of which I see commit history for the git-review --download for the most recent commit (Upgrade wayland to 1.10.0, I see that and Upgrade libinput), and one of which claims 'Merge Conflict'12:05
locallycompacts/see commit/see in the commit/12:05
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: it looks like that12:06
paulsherwoodwe'll sort something soon :)12:08
ssam2locallycompact: first, ignore 'Merge Conflict' -- that means it depends on something which isn't merged12:11
ssam2locallycompact: but it's perfectly OK if one patch depends on another and neither are merged yet12:11
ssam2locallycompact: probably the 5 patches don't all depend on each other though12:11
ssam2locallycompact: if there's not an obvious 'top' commit that depends on the other 4, then you should treat them as seperate commits that can be merged in any order12:12
locallycompactIn some sense I'd prefer to expect that I could review all those simultaneously, but that's just not the case because that's not how they were submitted?12:13
ssam2git-review doesn't automate that for you in this case12:14
ssam2you could create your own branch and merge all 5 commits into it, then test that12:14
locallycompactI see12:15
locallycompactAre all the things that are on gerrit things in active review? i.e do they go away12:17
locallycompactoh  Isee12:17
locallycompactdefaults to open12:17
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pedroalvarezalsa-lib and alsa-utils have moved some of their tags12:57
pedroalvarezand this time, one of the tags we are using12:59
* pedroalvarez will anchor those tags in baserock/* and allow lorry to forcepush things once13:00
paulsherwoodwhen we notice this kind of tag-moving, could we email upstream, cc baserock-dev noting what's happened? eventually i expect we'll encounter 'no, we didn't.... oh, sh**, we've been hacked)13:05
pedroalvarezI remember doing that once with alsa13:10
pedroalvarezlong time ago13:10
pedroalvarezanswer was "no, we didn't.."13:10
* pedroalvarez will do13:10
pedroalvarezGDP with new wayland seems to work. although I hardly can test it due13:11
pedroalvarez"[  321.478822] nouveau 57000000.gpu: DRM: skipped size 0" errors13:11
pedroalvarezand with wayland 1.9 it just works.. :/13:14
paulsherwood13:14 <+pedroalvarez> and with wayland 1.9 it just works.. :/13:15
paulsherwoodis that a bad thing?13:15
pedroalvarezthe bad thing is that it fails with wayland 1.1013:15
pedroalvarezgiven this problem.. I don't know what to vote in wayland 1.10 patches :/13:23
paulsherwoodvote -1, ask jjardon/radiofree to investigate?13:23
pedroalvarezI remember radiofree suggesting swiching back to nouveau-drm13:26
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: btw, these patches should fix the gdp-hmi build
radiofreepedroalvarez: yes, use the out of tree module13:49
radiofreei've already pushed a working branch for that
pedroalvarezI'll give it a go13:56
pedroalvarezPatch to update alsa unpetrify-refs:
locallycompactjjardon, radiofree ok so from a clean deployed system weston --log=/weston.log, does appear something is consuming the foreground but all I see is the terminal still14:08
jjardonpedroalvarez: Id try upgrade to linux 4.5 first14:08
locallycompactis there a way to exit that14:08
locallycompactwithout rebooting14:08
* locallycompact reboots14:08
pedroalvarezjjardon: do you have time for that now? I wanted to test this to unblock your wayland/weston series14:14
jjardonpedroalvarez: nope, sorry; I sugested that as there are fixes in the nouveau drm in the new linux release14:15
jjardonpedroalvarez: this happens in exactly the same system but only upgrade wayland to 1.10?14:16
pedroalvarezit also happens with wayland 1.9, but only sometimes.. with wayland 1.10  it happens all the time14:17
pedroalvarezI understand your suggestion now, makes sense14:18
pedroalvarezrc5 though..14:19
radiofreelocallycompact: it's a drm error, try with --backend=fbdev-backend.so14:20
radiofreei think there's some configuration you have to do when launching qemu14:20
radiofree-vga foo14:20
radiofreejjardon: ^14:20
jjardonlocallycompact: what is your version of qemu?14:20
jjardon2.5 I guess?14:21
locallycompacthow to tell?14:21
locallycompactwhatever's in arch14:21
jjardonqemu-system-x86_64 --version14:21
jjardonok, upgrade and try with -vga virtio, to check if its a bug in the bochs drm driver14:22
jjardon(the default in 2.4)14:22
locallycompactWhat's -vga virtio I use virt-manager to launch all this14:23
radiofreelocallycompact: what does lsmod give you14:23
locallycompactin the vm?14:23
radiofreein the vm yes14:23
locallycompactModule                  Size  Used by14:24
locallycompactcirrus                 18000  114:24
locallycompactttm                    68619  1 cirrus14:24
radiofreeok you're using cirrus, don't use that14:24
radiofreeuse bochs14:24
jjardonlocallycompact: oh14:24
locallycompactDon't got that14:24
radiofreeyou need to configure it in virt-manager14:24
radiofreegraphics card settings or something?14:25
locallycompactyeah no I don't have that option14:25
* radiofree has never used virt-manager so doesn't know14:25
locallycompactgot Cirrus, QXL, VGA, VMVGA and Xen14:25
jjardonlocallycompact: you need the qlx driver, I think; let me check if we have that in our bsp14:25
jjardonone second14:26
radiofree-vga std would probably work (if you use the command line)14:27
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locallycompactlet me try all the ui options14:27
locallycompactqxl gives14:28
locallycompact[14:26:08.189] logind: session control granted14:28
locallycompact[14:26:08.189] no drm device found14:28
locallycompact[14:26:08.189] fatal: failed to create compositor backend14:28
jjardonlocallycompact: you need the patch above14:28
jjardonlocallycompact: if you use qemu it should work though14:29
locallycompactwhat, exactly?14:30
locallycompactit should have already worked?14:30
jjardonlocallycompact: if you use virt-manager, you need the qxl driver, if you use qemu directly, bochs is used, wich is the one I normally test with14:32
locallycompactok yeah it worked with the VGA menu option14:33
locallycompactI'll make that default14:33
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jjardonpedroalvarez: so, to be clear here: are you saying gdp doesnt work when upgrading wayland or upgrading weston?14:43
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pedroalvarezthere are 2 problems I don't want to mis:15:05
pedroalvarez1) wayland-ivi-extension doesn't build with latest weston 1.10, but that is irrelevant for me given that we are not upgrading weston-genivi15:06
pedroalvarez2) Jetson GDP is much more unstable with wayland 1.10. It's not sure that the wayland upgrade triggers the issue, but I couldn't test the upgrade because of that issue15:08
pedroalvarezConclusion: I'd like to fix that stability problem to make sure the upgrade to wayland 1.10 doesn't break things15:08
radiofreeUsing the oot module should fix that15:37
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pedroalvarezindeed, same problem with linux 4.5-rc515:53
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radiofreepedroalvarez: did you try with the nouveau out of tree module16:32
pedroalvarezradiofree: I'm currently building and deploying16:33
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pedroalvarezradiofree: same problem with the oot module17:37
pedroalvarezthis makes me  sad :(17:39
pedroalvarezI won't have time to debug what's going on17:39
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pedroalvarezbtw, there is some discussion here:
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