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tiagogomes_hi pedroalvarez, I'll have a look at this with more time at some point, but why is obsolete?09:52
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mwilliams_ctI'm trying to deploy a trove to openstack, following the directions at but I keep getting the error "cp: write error: No space left on device". /dev/vdb, which mount shows holds /src, is reported by df -h to have 60.6G left. surely that's enough space? I could probably add a larger ephemeral disk if not10:36
ssam2at what stage do you get the error?10:36
ssam2could it be that the root disk is too small?10:36
mwilliams_ctthis stage . It could be the root disk is too small, that's reported as having 3.7G  available10:37
gtristanwooooooo hoooooooo !10:40
gtristansigh, my god10:40
* gtristan kicks gcc repeatedly10:40
jmacsWhat's up with gcc today?10:41
gtristangcc is a horrible pile of monolithic crap10:43
gtristanbut I finally made the transition to glibc from musl, and can compile c++ programs again10:43
paulsherwoodgtristan: bipolar, maybe? from wooo hooo to my god in under a minute?10:43
paulsherwoodjk :)10:43
gtristanpaulsherwood :)10:43
gtristanso it runs like this: aboriginal build --> 4 compilers later --> system image with musl-based native & cross-over-distcc compiler... BUT... the libstdc++ and libcc is linked against musl libc10:45
gtristanone more compiler... on the image... --build=blabla-musleabi --host=blabla-musleable --target=blabla-gnueabi10:46
gtristanthat gets you libstdc++ against the freshly built glibc10:46
ssam2does that distcc nicely, though?10:46
gtristanafter you build the gcc runtimes against glibc... c & c++ programs still distcc nicely, using the same musl-linked cross compiler10:47
gtristanduring the actual build of the gcc... alot of it distccs... but the compilation of the actual runtimes build with build/gcc/xgcc (the in-tree gcc)... which is slow10:48
ssam2maybe that could be cross built? except then you have to cross build glibc as well I guess..10:48
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paulsherwoodreally? does upstream know?10:53
paulsherwoodand, crucially, does downstream know? :)10:53
gtristanI dont think any single person working on gcc upstream really has a very clear picture of how it all fits together... vaguely perhaps10:54
jmacsI'm sure downstream would move if there were a credible alternative10:54
gtristanllvm shows promise10:54
jmacsFor C and C++, maybe.10:55
gtristanapparently does not work for all targets10:55
jmacsBut as you say, it shows promise, it's not a drop in replacement10:55
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jmacsI think LLVM will take over, maybe in 50 or so years.10:56
ssam2gcc could certainly do with someone spending a year detangling its build process10:58
ssam2autoconf and automake are *definitely* end of life :-)10:58
gtristanit could go for the X11R6 -> Xorg treatment... that would help a lot10:59
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ssam2patch for GLIBC vulnerability:
ssam2not tested yet11:06
ssam2whatever happened to the Baserock CVE tracker project, by the way11:11
ssam2would be really useful for infrastructure maintenance11:11
paulsherwoodiiuc rjek proved it was harded than we thought :/11:13
jjardonssam2: nice, I was about to propose the same glibc patch :)11:20
paulsherwoodstoryboard kanban is looking nice now!/board/111:24
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paulsherwoodssam2: what happened to your magic links on g.b.o?11:32
ssam2i don't know11:32
ssam2i did just hack them into place11:32
ssam2i have some time today to look at upgrading all the infra11:32
ssam2so will sort that out at the same time11:32
paulsherwoodwe need them back! :)11:32
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mwilliams_ctRight, so trying to deploy my openstack trove now gives me an error "RuntimeError: generator didn't stop". I'll paste the whole lot in a sec in case it's obvious to anyone11:56
ssam2wow, sounds bad11:58
mwilliams_ct:D I like knowing I've broken things11:58
mwilliams_ctin new and unexpected ways11:58
ssam2seems like a bug in the new FS partitioning code11:58
ssam2that said... 'mount: /dev/loop0 is write-protected, mounting read-only' seems suspicious11:59
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ssam2maybe nobody has done this since that code was merged12:00
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jjardonHi, can I get another +1 about this move? It will save a lot of rebuilds in several places ...
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jjardonHi, can I get another +1 about this move? It will save a lot of rebuilds in several places ...
ssam2mwilliams_ct: does it work if you deploy to rawdisk ?12:08
jjardonHi, can I get another +1 about this move? It will save a lot of rebuilds in several places ...
mwilliams_ctssam2: I'll investigate, looks like I've borked something though as it's demanding rebuilding... gonna try spinning up on another machine using ybd at the same time for speed12:09
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franredjjardon, how moving things from x-generic to x-common is going to save rebuilds? grepping by x-generic and x-common, it says that the former is present in 18 systems and the later in 2812:12
franredanyway... it is merged now12:13
jjardon_franred: if I upgrade the xserver I do not have to rebuild the whole gnome stratum12:13
franredjjardon, then it will save rebuilding in the gnome system, but it will affect the rebuild to rest of the systems if Im not wrong.12:15
jjardon_franred: other stratum probably incorrectly build-depend on x-generic12:16
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: did you already try bumping commonapi to 3.1.5?13:08
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: yes
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: can we merge it?13:19
paulsherwoodthere's been some discussion about moving forward on list13:19
pedroalvarezi believe it's ready to be sent as a patch13:20
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pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I saw the discussion, that's why I attepted the move to give some feedback13:27
pedroalvarezi was waiting for something from BIT13:27
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paulsherwoodi think they were waiting for feedback. have you seen Steve's email today?13:46
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ssam2wow, dnf has a 'needsrestarting' command14:29
ssam2which yum also had it seems14:29
paulsherwoodso the magic is dnf distro-sync?14:56
paulsherwood(for a public-facing fedora machine that might have glibc in use?)14:56
ssam2or just `dnf update`15:08
ssam2not magic though, it just installs packages15:08
jjardonor use gnome-software and the integrated offline system upgrade feature :)15:09
ssam2i'm still not sure offline upgrades can be considered a feature15:10
ssam2more of a workaround15:10
locallycompactI have a fun error15:12
locallycompactI used my patch to upgrade to ansible 2.x, but when I run ansible 2.x I get this
ssam2wow, that looks fun15:15
ssam2maybe python isn't linking against pthread correctly?15:15
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ssam2 is from 2009 and seems to refer to a Python unit test15:16
ssam2that does point to python's 'configure' script as the probable issue15:17
locallycompactas in it's bugged or we're using it wrong?15:18
ssam2don't know15:18
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ssam2ANNOUNCEMENT: there will be some downtime on Baserock infrastructure this afternoon while I upgrade some of the machines. It should not be more than a few minutes at a time, unless I mess something up (which is likely)15:19
ssam2argh, I forgot how broken Ansible is with Fedora 2315:21
pedroalvarezanyone against me stoping mason from building things that it's going to rebuild because of the glibc change?15:34
* pedroalvarez goes ahead15:38
paulsherwoodgo ahead :)15:42
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: any eta for the glibc patch?15:51
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: for it to be in definitions? or for it to be in our infra?15:52
pedroalvarezdefinitions: has been merged15:52
paulsherwoodhas it?15:52
pedroalvarezinfra: the build is taking some time15:52
paulsherwoodi just looked, couldn't see anything15:53
pedroalvarezsorry, I was wrong15:53
pedroalvarezit is not merged:
pedroalvarezthere wasn't any reason to stop mason.. :/15:54
paulsherwoodshall i build it first to test, or just review?15:54
ssam2i've built it15:54
ssam2still waiting for a full system though15:54
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paulsherwooddo you want to just build a full system or build and test?15:55
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ssam2paulsherwood: both15:59
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pedroalvarez /me wonders if gtristan was refering to this conversation
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locallycompactThis is what definitions will look like with submodules everywhere
paulsherwoodwow :)16:17
jjardonlocallycompact: is it me of you change the order of the fields?16:17
locallycompactnot intentionally, python's yaml.dump does what it wants16:18
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ssam2locallycompact: use ruamel.yaml like the migrations do16:19
* locallycompact sees the migration scripts16:28
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: won't you need to make into an official migrator, under /migrations/ ?16:28
locallycompactI only committed that to save it for me, I didn't realise we were collecting16:28
jjardonssam2: hi, what was the name of those visualization tools you used in definitions? I think they could help me a lot to reorganize things16:29
paulsherwoodack. the principle is, downstream users may need to migrate their own definitions too16:29
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ssam2jjardon: are you thinking of one in particular?16:37
ssam2jjardon: I've experimented with rdflib-web, and a D3 'circle packing' visualisation16:37
ssam2both were just prototypes though16:37
ssam2i am looking at visualisation tools on a project currently, but not sure at this point if that will be public or if it will go anywhere16:37
jjardonssam2: Id like something similar to jhbuild dot, but for our definitions :)16:38
paulsherwoodjjardon: can you expand on what you need?16:38
jjardonpaulsherwood: one minute16:38
paulsherwoodit may be possible to adjust the output of some existing scripts...16:39
ssam2yes, generating Graphviz is not too hard16:39
paulsherwoodfor you, maybe :)16:39
paulsherwoodyou *want* something like that? :)16:40
paulsherwoodjjardon: i guess you are aware that our transitive dependencies mean that there is missing info in definitions16:42
jjardonpaulsherwood: thats a somewhat complex example; but yes it would be helpful to visualize the dependency graph16:42
jjardonpaulsherwood: It would be ok to refer to strata instead individual chunks, but to the chunks inside the same stratum16:43
paulsherwoodmwilliams_ct: wouldn't it be possible to frab the concourse-scripts to output a mini-pipeline for (say) a stratum, that had boxes for all of the stratum contents, with their internal build-depends, and the build-depend strata as inputs, not decomposed?16:45
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locallycompactThe strata dependencies as inputs to every chunk?16:48
paulsherwoodso texinfo-tarball would have as inputs build-essential, ncurses, perl. ncurses would have build-essential, perl would have build-essential16:50
paulsherwood(for example, if the pipeline was core)16:50
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locallycompactSo build-essential is a task or a resource or both?16:52
paulsherwoodtask is a box?16:52
locallycompacttask is a glowing box16:52
paulsherwoodif the pipeline is core, only chunks in core would be tasks. b-e would be a resource16:53
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locallycompactso that resource is essentially a cached stratum artifact16:53
paulsherwoodfor foundation's pipeline, core would be a resource etc16:53
paulsherwoodto be clear, i'm not even sure this would be run (although it might be) just may provide the visualisation jjardon is seeking16:54
locallycompactthen yes, it's a valid pipeline but we have no way currently of making "new stratum artifact" meaningful to the ci16:55
paulsherwoodwould it be possible to create and view the pipeline, irrespective of whether it could actually be run?16:55
paulsherwood(for visualisation purposes only)16:56
locallycompactWould need to write/steal the logic for that16:57
jjardonpaulsherwood: for reference , jhbuild dot has the --clusters  option to do exactly that: group modules from metamodule together17:02
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