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pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I know, but atm all the release related scripts are tied to morph...  In this case using get-repo makes the process of cloning the repos faster10:51
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pedroalvarezIs there any equivalent with ybd? (to reuse the git cache)10:59
pedroalvarezOr would you prefer if it falls back to a regular git-clone?11:00
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paulsherwoodybd has a set of functions for handling repos (both in cache and from trove)11:38
paulsherwoodi guess i should take a look at 'all of the release related scripts' to see what they do/need11:39
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i'm not -1 for your script, btw11:42
paulsherwoodi would just prefer that baserock functionality can be useful on other Linuxes11:43
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paulsherwoodafter all this time i still don't understand how all this tarball gubbins works...19:53
paulsherwoodif i want to build, say, gmp from source... it borks. folks tend to build it from a tarball, which presumably has some magic applied19:54
paulsherwoodwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy? :)19:54
paulsherwoodfwiw i'm failing to login to gerrit, and no sign of password reset email20:28
paulsherwoodnever mind, password bingo got me in :/20:31
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jjardonpaulsherwood: the idea was that the user should not need to have all the autotools installed, only execute a script21:52
jjardonI agree i doesnt make a lot of sense nowadays21:52
paulsherwoodso my dream is to establish a reproducible toolchain in baserock21:57
paulsherwoodas in bit-for-bit reproducible21:57
paulsherwoodmy first step was to try to build latest gcc on top of build-essential21:57
jjardonpaulsherwood: in case it helps, a patch to upgrade to gcc 5.3 exist in definitions (it got reverted for some problems with syslinux)22:48

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