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rjekTrove question: can two troves be made to *peer* rather than have an upstream/downstream relationship?  ie, synchronise between each other as equals11:56
* paulsherwood doesn't know, but is interested in the answer11:58
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richard_mawhm, not exactly, since you can't have both "own" overlapping sets of refs, but you could write lorry files with custom refspecs to get them to fetch each others' branches into a different ref prefix12:52
richard_mawso troves foo and bar which both contain a gcc repository could have foo fetch bar's refs info bar/*, so foo has refs/heads/bar/master and also its own refs/heads/master12:54
paulsherwoodthat would be lovely. maybe even more than is strictly necessary12:55
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rjekrichard_maw: How would you approach merging them?13:14
rjek(And how would you refer to them in definitions; wouldn't they be different?)13:14
richard_mawrjek: 1.  You'd need something else running which determines that the local version and your peer versions are out of sync and does the merge. 2.  You would indeed have to refer to them differently without a proper merge.13:19
rjekSounds sticky.13:20
richard_mawredundant git is a tricky problem in general13:21
richard_mawassuming you want proper consistency rather than "well this is what it was like last time I fetched from that repo that has vanished"13:21
rjekYeah, proper consistency13:21
richard_mawgerrit recommends storing the repos on a properly redundant network filesystem, and tunneling that through to the gerrit frontend hosts13:22
rjekThis is more about having local troves to local offices that probably have poor internet because of Corporate ITâ„¢13:23
* richard_maw hopes this illustrates the depth of how unsolved a problem this is13:23
rjekit does, many thanks13:23
richard_mawgithub may have some secret sauce to make this work, but I haven't heard of it13:24
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* rjek had assumed they distribute things so you have read-only replicants but you always end up pushing to the same "master", and this magic occurs behind the curtain13:30
rjekGiven they expose just one IP address for every repository they host13:31
* richard_maw has experienced the IP address changing, but that just means they sometimes move the repo, rather than implying there may be multiple masters13:34
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pedroalvarez_does anybody here have some opinion about these patches on top of dbus?
pedroalvarez_some of them are required for genivi software15:56
pedroalvarez_we were only applying the "custom marshaling" patch before, but I decided to apply all the patches they (common api devs) say are needed15:58
jjardonDid they send those patches upstream?16:00
pedroalvarez_this is all I know for now:
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