IRC logs for #baserock for Saturday, 2016-01-23

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paulsherwoodgtristan: master definitions is failing for me ^^17:05
paulsherwoodiirc builds shouldn't be going to the network for anything17:06
* paulsherwood doesn't know what gnome-session is17:06
radiofreethat's the gnome system right?17:15
radiofreelooks like you need to disable building documentation on gnome-session17:15
paulsherwoodi'm building ci.morph from master17:16
paulsherwoodi expect mason would fail at the same point?17:16
radiofreeyes, that's odd, it looks like it's trying to connect to the internet though?17:17
radiofreewhich shouldn't happen/be allowed?17:17
radiofree--disable-docbook-docs might fix it, though it's odd that this has ever worked if that's the case17:17
radiofreepreviously it probably didn't build the docs, because that dependency wasn't there17:18
paulsherwoodlooks like a smoking gun, indeed :)17:18
gtristanpaulsherwood, yeah we disable docs in most cases especially because of nasty dtd consuming xml stuff17:29
paulsherwoodgtristan: i wasn't expecting you to actually be awake at this time :()17:41
rjeklike persia_, gtristan never sleeps.18:49
gtristanhaha, I was getting back from being out drinking... wait... do people normally sleep before 5am on a saturday night ?19:35
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