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gwwhi, dears.we are just trying to design our linux ivi platform refer to GENIVI architect, and meet a problem when make the design document of software upgrade managment.03:13
gww Do you have any suggestion about memory allocation for storage device, such as eMMC. which will be popularized in GENIVI compliance specification later.03:13
gww(For example, how may partitions should be divided into to store different kinds of data.)03:13
radiofreethe smiley face is lovely, so thank you and hello!03:20
radiofreethe question you ask is so without any context and background information that it's impossible to answer03:21
radiofreebut if you want an answer.... 603:21
radiofreefor baserock, you only need 203:22
radiofree/ and /src03:22
gww@radiofree: what are these 6 partition used for as above.05:36
gwwwe want make a linux ivi platform, and now have 8G eMMC on the board. we just want to divide it into some partitions for different purpose. Such as uboot area/kernel area or other user specified area.05:42
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paulsherwoodgww: i think radiofree was joking when he said 608:09
paulsherwoodgww: the number of partitions probably depends on your overall architecture choices based on what the system is expected to do08:11
gwwOK, thanks a lot08:58
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