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perrylpaulsherwood: great news, i'll test it out now!08:28
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CTtpollardHi, what is the timeout for snippets from paste.baserock?08:51
tiagogomes__In the about page says it will stay for 30 days from their last view08:53
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CTtpollardtiagogomes__: cheers tiagogomes__, one to remember08:56
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benbrown_mwilliams: Do you happen to know what I'm missing from my Concourse pipeline to make s3 artefacts publicly viewable?09:45
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mwilliams_ctbenbrown_: if you go to the S3 console, you can right click on output and click "make public"09:45
mwilliams_ctThere's probably a way to do so programmatically from within concourse too, but not sure off top of my head09:45
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benbrown_Ty, I'll have a look, but that works for now :)09:47
mwilliams_ctcool :)09:47
* pedroalvarez gets excited09:48
pedroalvarezis there a public depoyment of your experiments with concourse?09:49
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paulsherwoodperryl: now has a demonstrable pipeline09:49
paulsherwood(and i created devcurmudgeon/foo docker for this... probably needs a tidyup)09:50
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: it's not so exciting, yet... nothing can be cached, so every build is from scratch09:50
mwilliams_ctpedroalvarez: soon...09:51
mwilliams_ct(all being well)09:51
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pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: OOI, which commit fixes the 'compiler can't create executables' error in ybd?10:40
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jjardonHi, can I have another +1 to commit qtdeclarative-testsuites?
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franredjjardon, merged10:59
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: the latest one
paulsherwood(workaround, not fix - because actually the probelm was that ybd was being run in the wrong place)12:21
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Guowwhi, dears. I want to ask how I can run a baserock GDP in jetson quickstart? I just want to run GENIVI demo in jetson, but not development in it.13:44
GuowwI did from but fail when flashing jetson13:46
GuowwI paste the fail log in ""13:50
GuowwHello?? If anyone can give help please?14:07
CTtpollardGuoww: I'm not familiar with the baserock GDP, but you could try also asking in #automotive14:08
GuowwOK , Thank you all the same14:12
edcragglooking at the log it looks like it could be something to do with radiofree's recent updates to the jetson flashing script?14:12
Guoww@edcragg, I agree with you. I can not get uboot.bin file when execute the commamd as well14:16
GuowwI think the link data is not latest,  so fail to flash jetson14:17
ssam2Guoww: I think you have an old version of the flash script14:39
mwilliams_ctpaulsherwood: something I was thinking about the concourse work: would you prefer chunk level visibility on the pipeline or stratum level? The latter will make it look neater but also means less transparency, and also the caching problems14:39
ssam2Guoww: latest version is here:
ssam2Guoww: maybe you need to `git pull`14:39
ssam2Guoww: I can tell it's an old version because you get an error from '', but the script in master is called '' instead14:39
ssam2i think. or maybe i'm wring14:41
Guowweh, I just do base on the step ""14:47
ssam2radiofree: is the right script to use for this?14:56
ssam2i'm confused why there's that and also
radiofreethe gitlab one is the correct one15:00
radiofreenot the hosted on15:00
radiofreei think you're using the old script Guoww15:01
radiofreedownload the script from
ssam2 is out of date, then15:01
Guowwby the way, download uboot.bin is also invalid when execute the download command in steps15:01
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radiofreeyes i guess the genivi instructions are totally out of date15:02
radiofreehowever, you can follow and just replace the .img there with the genivi one15:02
ssam2let's update that wiki page15:04
ssam2should I copy & paste the baserock-jetson ones and replace the .img there with the genivi one, or something?15:05
radiofreelet me test it first15:05
* radiofree will do that now15:05
GuowwOK, Thank you15:05
GuowwBy the way, Whether jetson can run GDP well just falsh this armv7lhf-jetson.img? any other thing we have to do?15:08
radiofreewait what instructions are you trying to follow?15:09
radiofreethe GDP?15:09
GuowwGENIVI Demo Platform15:10
radiofreeand these instructions don't work ?15:10
GuowwIt can work, but it is not what I need15:12
radiofreewhat do you need? the baseline image?15:12
GuowwI just want to run GDP via jetson,  and I also want it to show HMI display15:13
radiofreeyes so follow those instructions?15:15
Guowwjust like the vedio ""15:15
radiofreethe instructions on the genivi wiki should cover that15:15
radiofreeyou only need to follow "Deploy from binary image" section15:15
Guowwyes , I try and successed, but not HMI display, how can I get the display?15:17
radiofreeit should auto-boot into one15:21
radiofreei'll try it anyway15:21
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paulsherwoodmwilliams_ct: ideally let's try both :)15:22
mwilliams_ctpaulsherwood: OK :)15:22
GuowwIs that I flash "baserock-current-bulid-sytem-arm7lhf-jetson.img.gz" is not the correct image that I should flash?15:22
GuowwBecause the kernel version is not the same with the one that video show.15:24
radiofreeGuoww: yes a build system is the wrong one, you want //
* radiofree is downloading that to test now15:27
radiofreeincredibly slowly...15:27
GuowwI am waitting for your test result, and confirm that whether it can show HMI display just like the video show15:30
Guoww@radiofree:  Is that test OK?15:47
radiofree4294967296 bytes (4.3 GB) copied, 834.343 s, 5.1 MB/s15:47
radiofreeso almost finished flashing15:47
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Guoww@radiofree: is it OK? So sleepy...16:17
GuowwIt is at deep night in china,16:18
radiofreei think dd has hung16:19
radiofreestill waiting for that to finish...16:19
GuowwIt could not be so long, maybe has hung16:19
radiofreeGuoww: if you e-mail the mailing list i'll reply later, it *should* work but looks like i have some other issue i need to fix first16:20
GuowwOK, could you please send the e-mail to me and tell me how to bulit GDP well.  My e-mail address is ""16:23
Guowwah, is it OK now ?16:23
radiofreeGuoww: i just followed the instructions in the genivi wiki
radiofreei.e just download the binary image, flash it using the script16:25
Guowwis "" correct, I can not find the instructions16:28
radiofreeno that's just a picture of it working16:29
radiofreethe instructions are
Guowwwhich image did you use?16:29
radiofreethe image the instructions tell you to use16:29
GuowwThat means I just use wrong image last time?16:30
radiofreeit would appear so16:31
radiofreethere are two genivi images, a baseline, and the gdp16:31
GuowwDoes it show HMI display now?16:32
radiofreeyes, the gdp image does
radiofree =
GuowwOk, I understood. Thank you very much. @radiofree16:39
radiofreehas anyone else used the jetson flashing script recently?16:40
radiofreedd seemed to take a *long* time16:40
Guowwby the way, when I have to use morph, bulid the project?16:43
radiofreemorph or ybd if you wanted to actually build the image16:43
paulsherwoodradiofree: not sure whether you are subscribed on the genivi-projects list... ?16:44
radiofree    [12:19:14.771] Failed to lookup init function: /usr/lib/weston/ undefined symbol: controller_module_init doesn't look too good16:46
radiofreepedroalvarez: i don't think you did the define in ivi-extension?16:46
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pedroalvarezradiofree: hm.. I haven't changed ivi-extension at all16:48
radiofreepedroalvarez: biff, maybe just try changing your weston.ini first16:51
* pedroalvarez reads and tries things16:53
radiofreeit's probably the config file (just tried it, same error, fixed by changing the module load)16:58
CTtpollardI think it was originally and it also failed16:58
CTtpollardalthough I might be mistaken16:59
CTtpollardwhat version of weston did that change?16:59
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radiofreeyou no longer load it with "ivi-modules", you have to load it with ivi-input-module=ivi-input-controller.so17:02
CTtpollardradiofree: noted17:02
radiofreei'll send a patch for the readme17:04
pedroalvarezradiofree: tried with the same weston.ini which is known to work with previous versions of weston/ivi-extension/etc: and got  this in weston log: , and weird things in gdp-hmi-controller
pedroalvarezblank screen in the emulator17:21
pedroalvareztrying now modifying weston.init as you suggested17:23
radiofreeJan 11 17:18:56 genivi-baseline-system-x86-64-generic gdp-hmi-launcher2[246]: Failed to create OpenGL context for format QSurfaceFormat(version 2.0, options QFlags(), depthBufferSize 24, redBufferSize -1, greenBufferSize -1, blueBufferSize -1, alphaBufferSize -1, stencilBufferSize 8, samples -1, swapBehavior 2, swapInterval 1, profile  0)17:23
radiofreelooks like you'll have to upgrade QtWayland17:25
radiofreethe 5.4 release works, but you'll have to port those ivi patches ontop17:25
radiofreegdp-hmi-controller[248]: ERR: Error: ilm_init - failed. Exiting.17:26
radiofreethe input api used in gdp-hmi-controller has been replaced (thats ivi-input-controller...) and they are no longer compatible17:26
radiofreei don't know if anyone has done the work to make gdp-hmi-controller compatible with the new input api17:27
pedroalvarezI tried to in
radiofreei see, well you didn't load the input module in that weston log you gave me17:31
radiofree[17:18:56.228] ivi-controller: No ivi-input-module set17:31
pedroalvarezyes, then I added it and answered to the email17:32
pedroalvarezbut getting the same errors in the journal17:32
pedroalvarezAlso, I believe I'm already using qtwayland 5.417:32
radiofreeare you sure hmi-controller is starting after weston?17:34
pedroalvarezit has an after17:36
* radiofree shrugs17:38
radiofreeyour best bet would be to contact the gdp maintainers17:38
pedroalvarezthanks for helping though17:39
pedroalvarezI think I'm going to test gdp without upgrading these components just to see if nothing else is messing things up17:39
radiofreepedroalvarez: the egl error is worrying17:44
radiofreei believe i've seen that before with later versions of weston/mesa and the version of qtwayland that was being used in the gdp
radiofreehmm.. though that's just 5.4.0 with the patches17:45
radiofreethink you need 5.4.217:50
pedroalvarezhm... I should try that17:51
pedroalvarezbut I think I'm going to let finish this build to see if anything else is broken...17:52
radiofreethey'll probably be some merge conflicts with the ivi-shell patches17:52
pedroalvarezno conflicts \o/17:54
radiofreeeverything's coming up roses!17:54
SotKooi, what does use for its avatars?17:55
pedroalvarezgravatar I believe17:55
pedroalvarezplugin is called "avatars-gravatar"17:56
pedroalvarezand yes, is a plugin17:56
pedroalvarezpushed as baserock/pedroalvarez/genivi-5.4.2-wip17:56
pedroalvarezwill try that too, thanks!17:57
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