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paulsherwoodgtristan: nice email :)08:08
gtristannot too long ?08:12
* gtristan has been known to write too long emails, hopefully people still read them !08:12
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pedroalvarezhey jjardon, radiofree, your patches for the jetson work nicey, but they drop these warnings:
pedroalvarezI thought I had to share them just in case09:32
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radiofreepedroalvarez: safe to ignore10:12
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* pedroalvarez ignores it and merges10:14
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radiofreehmm.. files are moved from /boot to the /boot partition before the bootloader configuration is made :\10:27
pedroalvarezdid I fail to put that on the email?10:28
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radiofreepedroalvarez: not entirely11:06
radiofreei've fixed the extlinux.conf in /boot problem with EXTLINUX_CONFIG_PATH, however now i need to make sure it gets copied over to the correct /boot partition11:06
radiofreei'm not sure we can use BOOT_DEVICE to do anything meaningful here11:40
radiofreepotentially BOOT_DEVICE might not be on the generated *.img (e.g / is on some sdcard, BOOT_DEVICE on internal emmc)11:41
radiofreeISTR BOOT_DEVICE is only used by system-version-manager so it knows where to update extlinux.conf11:42
radiofreewhich reminds me that would have to be fixed to use EXTLINUX_CONFIG_PATH as well (it's currently hardcoded to look in / or /extlinux of BOOT_DEVICE)11:42
radiofreeis it ok to use mkdir and cp instead of install?12:16
radiofreeor is there some reason we should use install?12:17
pedroalvarezthere isnt i believe12:17
radiofreei suppose it's easier to see what files are installed12:18
pedroalvarezwe use cp and mkdir all around definitions12:19
radiofreehow do you say "this morph has not configure or build commands"?12:28
pedroalvarezin definitions language?12:29
radiofreei think i made a mistake, you just put "install-commands" right?12:30
radiofreein the morph file12:30
pedroalvarezand maybe "build-system: manual", not sure12:30
radiofreeah, you don't need the build-system bit12:31
radiofreeyou do, however, need to specify the morph file in the strata >.<12:32
radiofreesorry for the noise12:32
pedroalvarezthat's it :)12:36
gtristanssam2, regarding Aboriginal Linux development seeming quiet... you should know... they actually lost 1 years worth of mailing list history because of their provider12:37
gtristan(apparently it's not the first time)12:37
gtristanlandley seems to be in release mode right now, and has released a snapshot this November12:38
ssam2i've been reading the list for a few years :-)12:45
ssam2ever since I realised that I had effectively reimplemented it in the form of the baserock build-essential stratum12:46
gtristanyeah, this year, about 11 months of that ML got nuked12:50
gtristanHe hangs out in #toybox though, fwiw12:51
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jjardonHi, can I have a review of ? seems qtdeclarative depends on this submodule15:21
jjardonalso for , needed to build the only web engine supported by Qt at the moment (qtwebengine)15:22
pedroalvarezboth merged15:31
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perryli'm trying to build build-essential with ybd and getting an error when it tries to build stage1-gcc, "C compiler cannot create executables", does anyone know what may be causing this?15:47
rjekis there a config.log that has a more useful and detailed error message in it?15:48
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pedroalvarezperryl: have you installed the dependencies needed to build with ybd?15:50
pedroalvarezI take you are using an ubuntu Docker image, or something15:50
jjardonpedroalvarez ssam2  thanks!15:51
perrylpedroalvarez: yes, i've got a custom docker image based on debian jessie, i've installed everything listed in the YBD repo's README, though i may have missed something key15:51
paulsherwoodperryl: maybe try an ubuntu or fedora startpoint? i've not tried debian has some instructions15:53
perrylpaulsherwood: sure, i'll rebuild with ubuntu15:54
ssam2would be interesting to know what the error is from config.log, though15:55
ssam2as rjek says, if you ever see that error from 'configure', it means 'the compiler I tried to use doesn't work for some reason', and then if you look in the relevant config.log file you'll see the actual error message15:56
pedroalvarezyou can also try with a baserock docker image :D15:56
ssam2yes :-)15:56
ssam2would be nice if configure actually showed you the error, but good like trying to find anyone who wants to hack on autoconf15:56
ssam2*good luck15:56
perrylssam2: i had a look in the config.log and it just gave me "configure: exit 77", which was the same as what ybd had already given me15:57
perrylrjek: ^^15:57
ssam2that can't be the entire contents of the file15:57
paulsherwoodmaybe paste the full log, perryl :)15:57
perrylthis is the contents of config.log
ssam2wow, that's a novel error15:59
ssam2the important part (which is quite hidden :-) is this:15:59
ssam2configure:4269: checking for C compiler default output file name15:59
ssam2configure:4291: gcc    conftest.c  >&515:59
ssam2/root/ybd/tmp/tmpF8Ua4L/tools/bin/ld: this linker was not configured to use sysroots15:59
ssam2collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status15:59
ssam2gcc tried to compile a C program and got an error from 'ld'15:59
rjekLocal ld not built with the right options?15:59
paulsherwoodld doesn't get built before stage1-gcc16:00
paulsherwoodunless ld is in stage1-binutils?16:02
pedroalvarezone random search result suggested to install libc6-dev16:02
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I assumed it is host's ld, in this case the one that comes with that docker image16:02
ssam2not sure how it ended up at that path, though16:06
ssam2if nothing was built yet, how does /root/ybd/tmp/tmpF8Ua4L/tools/bin/ld even exist?16:07
pedroalvarezthat's true..16:07
paulsherwoodwhere does ld come from in stage1? does stage1-binutils include it, or is it the host?16:47
richard_mawit's possible to use the stage1 ld with a bit of effort, but I think we still use the host's ld until the switchover to stage216:48
paulsherwoodthen maybe perryl's machine doesn't have debian's build-essential on it?16:48
perrylhmm, build-essential is definitely in the dockerfile that i created my image from16:49
pedroalvarezwould you like to try with a baserock docker image?16:52
perryli'm currently testing ubuntu with a few more dependencies, if this fails then a baserock image would be preferable, yes16:52
pedroalvarezhere there is one you can use:
pedroalvarezdon't worry about the "fake" bit :)16:53
perrylexcellent, thanks pedroalvarez!16:54
paulsherwoodrdale: not sure if makes my reason for reverting the splits code any clearer?17:00
rdaleyes, i've just been reading it17:00
rdaleis the chef system wrong, and the bug is that is wan't reported as an error correctly - or should we fix whatever was going wrong with the splits branch?17:01
paulsherwoodi ended up in a twisty maze in my head of wanting to fix the definitions format before redoing ybd's definitions.py17:01
rdalenowster's approach seems quite sensible to me, but i'm not really an expert with the ybd code base17:02
paulsherwoodbasically, the splits stuff worked for the system it was tested on (minimal, i guess), but not on the whole defintions set (i normally test on ci.morph)17:03
paulsherwoodi'm sure nowster's approach was more than sensible, i would never expect anything less from him :-)17:03
* nowster blushes17:04
rdaleas far as i can see if ./systems/chef-system-x86_64-container.morph specifies a split artefact 'chef-runtime' that doesn't exist, it should be flagged as an error by both morph and ybd17:13
paulsherwoodrdale: that might be correct from a purist point of view, but i've tried to ensure that ybd actually builds mainline definitions as far as possible, rather than breaking17:14
rdalei think i should test nowster's branch and measure the speed, and also investigate how to fix #11817:16
paulsherwoodrdale: yes please :-)17:16
paulsherwoodbut test on (say) devel-system, not minimal17:17
rdalei'm surprised morph builds the chef system - i'll try it out17:21
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perrylpedroalvarez: the baserock image is progressing a lot further than my ubuntu/debian attempts, thanks again! ybd is finally getting somewhere \o.17:23
pedroalvarezthat's good17:24
pedroalvarezthen, one nice thing to have would be a docker image with the minimal set of dependencies17:24
pedroalvarezI believe that one is more than 1G big17:24
perryloh....arrrrrgh, after 20 minutes it fails because "no module named sandboxlib"17:25
pedroalvarezoh, true, that image doesn't have that library17:25
perrylpedroalvarez: do you have the Dockerfile for that image, ooi?17:25
pedroalvarezhm.. don't think so, I created that image using a baserock rootfs17:26
pedroalvarezI'm not really into docker, so I probably did things in the wrong way17:26
perrylahh, np! thought i'd ask just in case :)17:28
rdalei think the chef stratum is broken atm - it references upstream:diff-lcs which should be upstream:ruby-gems/diff-lcs as far as i can see17:41
pedroalvarezwell, that's an easy fix17:43
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