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* gtristan discovers
gtristanmaybe I can try that10:07
gtristan"architectural chroot"10:08
paulsherwoodSpoiler alert: Emulating a Raspberry Pi using QEMU is slow.10:10
paulsherwoodhe says the architectural chroot is much faster, but not precisely how much faster10:12
gtristanI presume it depends on your host CPU10:13
gtristan"This registers the static QEMU we copied as arm-interpreter to the kernel"10:14
gtristanI'm thinking, its not *really* emulating the system, but only interpreting the instructions10:14
gtristanworth a try anyway10:14
paulsherwoodthe original link he refers to has gone, but
gtristanI had to go running in circles just to find a kernel / raspbian image which booted10:20
gtristanlots of broken links out there10:21
paulsherwoodwouldn't the same approach work with a baserock arm image?10:21
* gtristan has followed these instructions: ... but had to find the correct image/kernel as those links also broken10:22
gtristanpaulsherwood, sure, I just didnt know where to get one :)10:22
paulsherwood ?10:23
gtristanaha, I was familiar with the image in the 'getting started' page only10:23
ssam2so "architectural chroot" is basically what i called "the Scratchbox approach"10:25
ssam2i.e. using binfmt_misc10:26
gtristanssam2, right, I wouldnt call any of the virtualizations "cross compiling"10:26
gtristanssam2, anyway this is more of an exploration/research, not a statement that I think baserock should be cross compiling :)10:27
paulsherwoodgtristan: i think the research is very useful... it's currently reinforcing my belief that cross is the wrong way to go, though :)10:28
gtristanme too, I did vaguely recall that you always needed the host / target paths, but looking closer at what buildroot is doing and it's patches and module makefiles is enlightening: it's a lot of work10:30
paulsherwoodplus a lot of *ongoing* work to change versions of things, iiuc10:36
ssam2buildroot is quite a good place to analyse how much friction the cross compile patches actually generate10:47
ssam2because everything happens in this one repo:
radiofreeregarding qiu's probably from last night, looks like it should get the SPL entry when you *build* (i.e using their scripts), which we don't do (we've already built u-boot as part of baserock)10:56
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radiofreefor now we could change the instructions to say "use commit b54bdc46b51ecb0971aa495b0fdd5ef884ccd48d ("10:57
radiofreealthough it might be easier to manually create the "u-boot-spl-entry" file needed when running the script10:58
radiofreewhich is 0x80108000 for the jetson tk1 (ram-base + 0x00108000)11:00
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paulsherwoodssam2: could you summarise the similarities/differences between that repo and definitions?11:26
paulsherwood(eg, is buildroot.git representing more/less systems/components/architectures... what's their approach vs tracking upstream etc)11:27
ssam2in terms of components: each dir in packages/ is roughly 1 component:
ssam2but buildroot is all stuff for embedded devices, there's no GNOME or OpenStack stuff11:35
ssam2so, numbers are maybe similar but different focus11:36
ssam2in terms of architectures:
paulsherwoodsloccount doesn't begin to describe the effort in this kind of project11:36
ssam2so, 14 different architectures or so :-)11:37
paulsherwoodplus be and le :)11:38
ssam2and for boards, has lots of files, but it's not really got a cohesive structure11:38
ssam2for some boards there is just a README, for some there are flashing scripts, or specific configs... it's all ad-hoc much like our board support11:39
ssam2yes, sloccount gives one measure, but really the number of possible combinations is significant11:39
ssam2and the number of combinations that are regularly used and tested11:39
radiofreeok jetson flashing should work again now
ssam2for tracking upstream their approach is "just do it", I think11:40
ssam2the most trivial update looks like this:
ssam2i would imagine people who do a lot of those have automated the process somehow11:41
ssam2but I don't think the project has a formal effort to automatically update things11:42
ssam2radiofree: 2 line fix, nice :-)11:43
paulsherwoodhow does radiofree's fix get to baserock users? that repo doesn't appear to be at gbo?11:48
radiofreepaulsherwood: the instructions say "clone from that repo"11:48
radiofreemaybe should also instruct to "if you already have the script, git pull"11:48
paulsherwoodon the wiki?11:49
radiofreei seem to remember it not being considered for gbo because it's crap11:49
paulsherwoodif it works, how can it be crap?11:49
radiofreewell it's not very elegant, there's things like
radiofreemaybe if it had more flashing scripts it would be useful (the idea was you'd "drop in" your board script and implement the required functions for the board)11:50
radiofreei had one for a wandboard for example11:50
ssam2the original discussion is here, if you want to relive the fun times:
radiofreewhat's the policy in baserock for upgrading bsp's to -rc kernels?11:55
ssam2depends who you ask11:55
paulsherwoodcould/should the flasher scripts go into definitions/scripts, irrespective of how 'elegant' they are?11:59
radiofreessam2: :D12:00
paulsherwoodradiofree: does that mean you wouldn't want them there?12:01
paulsherwoodwrt -rc kernels... if the expectation is that they work as well or better, i would hope folks would be happy to +112:01
radiofreepaulsherwood: i don't mind either way, i can fix all of richards suggestions and resubmit12:02
* paulsherwood thinks definitions would make more sense than a separate repo (easier for users to grok)....12:03
paulsherwoodssam2: any objection?12:06
ssam2no, i think it makes sense to keep it in there12:17
ssam2in definitions/scripts, I mean12:17
radiofreethat's nice, weston/egl working on upstream 4.4-rc6, no out of tree anything required now14:16
radiofreehowever you do have to flash a new version of u-boot (still u-boot upstream, just a more recent version)14:16
radiofreenothing Qt works... let's try mesa14:29
radiofreeaye that works
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