IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2015-12-20

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gtristanjjardon, thanks for reviewing all, I will fix the issues08:53
gtristannow that the lorries are up I can fix the gitmodules at least08:53
gtristanand push the next branch to gerrit08:53
gtristanSame !10:08
gtristanjjardon, I think we should remove gnome/evolution-data-server, afaics it has never been used10:09
gtristanand the former predates it by quite a while10:09
gtristanAny idea why this is not working:
gtristanthe upstream hg has new commits which I need:
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gtristanjjardon, yay !14:18
gtristansure I can s/pidgin/libpurple, anyway we are building --without-gtkui for that purpose14:19
gtristandone :)14:26
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gtristangeneral announcement:
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