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gtristanSotK, nod, while I am in favor of just using bugzilla (painless easy install, mature software, all important features for serious development are there), I'm not against using something else just because it's "different"06:07
gtristanSo far what I've seen from Storyboard (current installed version), it's just not up to the task of handling serious development06:07
gtristanNot being able to "watch a product" and receive emails when someone creates a new bug on the product you're interested in, or get email notifications on bugs which you are "on CC" for specifically, are both IMO a blocker for any bug tracker06:09
gtristanBug status and resolution reasons are also important to a lesser degree, but important nonetheless06:11
gtristanInter bug dependencies (this bug blocks that bug) are also very, very nice to have06:12
gtristanOpening the link pointing to the bug, and having the bug show up the first time - is also nice to have06:13
gtristanI.e.; imagine you could just open!/story/65... see the bug report right away instead of a "no such story error" appearing before you refresh the page06:14
gtristanAttachments - I think are very important, hey so what if it doesnt do it quite as *well* as bugzilla does, recognizing all the mime types and such, displaying stack traces beautifully, etc... but at least plain text06:17
gtristanat least patches right ?06:17
gtristanOk so patch status is not very important feature, that can be read through the comments, it's nice to have but meh06:18
gtristanseriously though, page load time and refresh time is *very* important; you are usually in the middle of something - maintainer comments on your patch; you receive email06:19
gtristanthen, you're like, OK this fix I'm working on in another project will take 30 seconds to compile; I happen to know what I want to reply to the maintainer who commented on my bug report; that's plenty of time06:20
gtristanif the page takes a long time to load in your bug tracker, that can make the difference of whether you follow up on that bug or not06:21
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paulsherwoodSotK: seriously, use ybd.08:22
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tiagogomes_<SotK> grumbles about morph downloading every artifact in the system, then downloading the system artifact too: that would be a one change in morph and I've decided to not do anything about it as in the future we probably will get rid of system artifacts08:51
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tiagogomes_s/one change/two lines change08:54
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pedroalvarezhm.. I understand one of the points of why provision and testing were in the same step in CIAT09:42
SotKgtristan: current master of StoryBoard is somewhat more usable than the about year old version on, we've recently merged initial support for email notifications for example09:42
SotKyou can also actually see more than 20 events on story timelines, and its a lot less buggy in general09:43
* tiagogomes_ wonders whether is going to spam me as gerrit09:44
SotKhopefully your experience with it will improve somewhat when we finally update09:44
SotKtiagogomes_: the notifications default to off for the moment, we aim to make the level of notification you receive usefully configurable09:44
SotKgtristan: also thanks for the comments on what you find important, they are useful :)09:45
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pedroalvarezso, if you provision on a different step, the cleanup will be more tricky09:46
SotKpaulsherwood: is that likely to improve my chances of successfully upgrading, or just likely to be less annoying with its downloading habits?09:47
paulsherwoodSotK: the latter09:47
tiagogomes_I also didn't change that behavior as I found to be odd that if you build a system, the only thing that would happen was the system artifact to be downloaded09:49
pedroalvarezwhich sometimes may be faster09:49
pedroalvarezI like that when deploying it fetches thes system artifact though09:51
pedroalvarezI mean, I like that we produce those artifacts, given that you can deploy them directly, forgetting about building.09:52
persiatiagogomes_: Why was that odd?09:52
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tiagogomes_persia, if I run `morph build`, I expect something to be built and have all pieces used in the system stored locally, not just the system artifact09:57
persiaAh.  I understand.  I personally find that behaviour sufficiently annoying to not want to use the tool anymore, because it adds hours to days to the process of grabbing something that someone else built.09:58
persiaBut your network connectivity to cache may differ from mine :)09:58
tiagogomes_If we still care about the deploy phase to be arch-independent, I think the best solution is to construct the system artifact as some sort of overlay file system10:06
pedroalvarezI believe we care10:07
pedroalvarezI care10:08
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benbrown_hmm,'s delta/git.git hasn't had any changes for 6 months, that seems a little off?10:48
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: I'll have a look10:49
ssam2ha, I remember a bug where it was pushing to .git or something instead :-)10:49
ssam2thought that was fixed though10:50
pedroalvarezhere we go:
pedroalvarezthose maint-* branches don't exsit anymore10:56
persiaDoes Lorry produce any sort of event stream for exceptions (e.g. lorry failures) that can trigger alerts of some sort?11:00
paulsherwoodnot afaik11:01
* paulsherwood gets at least one email a week about git, from Perforce :/11:03
pedroalvarezk, this patch should fix it:
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: thanks for raising the issue11:04
benbrown_pedroalvarez: np11:04
ssam2persia: lorry controller has that info and could be extended to send email alerts11:14
ssam2i think right now it would generate more alerts than we have time to fix, though11:14
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: fixed now11:15
benbrown_pedroalvarez: \o/11:15
tiagogomes_IRC notifications?11:17
gtristanHey guys... I have to go eat a (very late) lunch... but there is another patch storm11:19
* pedroalvarez grabs the umbrella11:20
gtristanThere is one known issue with it... the empathy definition needs to use a different ref than the one in there11:20
gtristanbut I cant fix it11:20
persiassam2: Understood that it requires admin to address things, but I thought having a public log that benbrown_ could have checked quickly to see if git was out-of-date before asking, to ease investigation might be nice.11:20
gtristancause it has to refer to a branch that points the gitmodules to the right modules11:20
pedroalvarezgtristan: I have some work for you for when you come back11:21
ssam2persia: sorry, i misunderstood. making lorry-controller's logs public would be great11:21
gtristanI can fix that after gets applied11:21
ssam2l-c has a web interface, but it hides a lot of useful info at the moment11:21
ssam2 is all we have11:21
persiassam2: To my mind, the logs would be great, and a quick dashboard summary somewhere (like with the Mason one) would be doubleplusgood, but yeah, lack of tuits :)11:22
ssam2but we could make the actual logs public with a bit of tweaking to the code11:22
persiaIf that is relatively easy, that would probably be a great step.11:23
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radiofreepedroalvarez: is the libvpx build on arm thing fixed?11:30
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radiofreei switched over the flashing script to use gdisk rather than fdisk, so it should work on systems with gnu fdisk/util-linux <2.2512:02
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pedroalvarezradiofree: nope, didn't have the time12:32
gtristanpedroalvarez, ... so what is it ?12:56
gtristanpedroalvarez, is this cross compiling ?12:56
radiofreeit assumes you'll be building for arm by cross compiling12:56
gtristans/it/pedroalvares ?12:56
radiofreeit does build however, you just need to modify configure.sh12:57
pedroalvarezgtristan: what I wanted to say before was
radiofreealso, it tries to build it softfp for some reason, the detection is totally buggered12:57
radiofree(which also causes it to fail)12:57
radiofreehowever if you force hardfp and "gcc" as the name of the compiler in it configures/builds fine12:58
gtristanpedroalvarez, I dont get it...
gtristanthat exists13:01
gtristanfatal: Unable to look up git.gnome.org13:01
SotKgtristan: mason can't see the outside world13:02
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gtristanOh wait13:03
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gtristanpedroalvarez, I didnt realize about totem, I have that already done for gedit13:05
gtristanpedroalvarez, alright will fix13:05
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* gtristan hands pedroalvarez
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gtristanradiofree, I feel there is a part of the conversation I missed13:32
gtristanor that we're mixing topics, or something13:32
gtristanpedroalvarez, I'm about to get outa here... would you like me to just push that gitmodules fix ?13:46
gtristanor leave it in gerrit ?13:47
* gtristan has since built with the fix applied, fwiw13:47
gtristanSotK, oh, sorry I missed the storyboard story... I look forward to seeing the new-and-improved version :)13:49
gtristanbefore I run out... leaving this as food for thought:
gtristanin my patch, I add a separate lorry file to lorry a different tarball from the same webkitgtk upstream - this could technically be done from the same lorry, but it would mean A.) The new commit would be an older version from the original, so history would appear backwards... and B.) Further releases could technically happen to both... as 2.4.x is the *last* webkitgtk branch which has support for the older, parallel installable API13:57
gtristanand yeah, we need to build both of them.13:57
gtristanok !13:57
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pedroalvarezouch, I think this totem fix will trigger some conflicts14:12
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pedroalvarezopenid down?16:08
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Zaracontext: I'd forgotten my password and couldn't reset it.16:10
Zarapage loads for ages, and I get a 500 internal server error16:11
Zarahm, doesn't seem to work when I guess a password either, but I think other people have been able to login?16:12
pedroalvarezmore context: tried to reproduce the error, 500 internal server error16:12
pedroalvarezI mean, I cannot, page doesn't load at all16:13
SotKit took me a while to log in16:13
Zaradid I break it by trying to log in? that's the kind of day we're having today.16:13
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pedroalvarezfound the error16:52
pedroalvarezfixed it thanks to ssam216:52
pedroalvarezand now hating ops more :)16:52
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pedroalvarezZara: you can try to recover the password now16:55
Zaraokay, thanks16:56
Zaraoh, I think I guessed it right anyway16:57
Zarait wasn't working before so I thought I had the wrong one, but I didn't16:57
Zaracool, thanks for getting things working again :)16:57
pedroalvarezthe database was down, so maybe it wasn't working because it couldnt check your password16:57
pedroalvarezmakes sense16:58
Zaraah, right16:58
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jjardonpedroalvarez: maybe this is of your interest:
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pedroalvarezWow! Tested?19:52
jjardonpedroalvarez: yes, weston without parameters runs fine19:53
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