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gtristanpedroalvarez, ... hey !08:43
gtristanpedroalvarez, can you tell me what's the deal with ?08:44
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gtristanhuge merged branch ? is it something upstream which was experimental at the time ?08:45
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tiagogomes_wasn't there a way to update the commit message in gerrit? I can't find it anymore09:08
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gtristantiagogomes_, below, where says "Files"... there is now an "Edit" button09:10
gtristantiagogomes_, press that to get into this kinda edit mode... then select "Commit message" from the files09:10
tiagogomes_gtristan found it, thanks09:11
* gtristan thinks he cannot get virtualbox to see his bluetooth09:11
gtristanis that trailing whitespace gonna cause a problem: ?09:17
gtristanmeh, I can amend the commit09:17
tiagogomes_I don't remember a patch being -1 because of trailing whitespace; but I confess that I don't like it :)09:25
gtristantiagogomes_, me too looking at the patch, but now that I check some lorry files, it looks like *many* of them actually end with an empty line09:34
gtristanmaybe all of them ?09:34
gtristanjust seems that this particular case, I actually noticed it09:35
gtristanbut then... who edits a file and leaves a '}' without a '\n' after it ?09:35
gtristanjust seems equally odd to have } without \n09:35
gtristanah, in this case there are actually 2 though09:36
gtristanso it is odd :)09:36
gtristanright, the diff doesnt show the new line as it's empty09:36
gtristanNew patch:
gtristanwhich, does in fact have a newline after the closing brace, but not two :)09:38
tiagogomes_gtristan ah, I agree. I prefer a new line after '}'.09:38
* gtristan had a line too many09:38
gtristanSo, FWIW, there is a gnome related patch storm on gerrit09:39
gtristanpedroalvarez, you might want to take a close look at the new pulseaudio-integration branch09:40
* tiagogomes_ is right in the middle of the storm09:40
gtristanpedroalvarez, it fixes some things and upgrades pulseaudio, leaves bluez in place but fixes it's installation... pulseaudio was also incorrectly installed causing some warnings, now it is socket activated on demand09:41
gtristanpedroalvarez, I direct this to you because I consider you to be the genivi maintainer, and I think audio-bluetooth is of interest there09:42
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* paulsherwood waves09:59
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pedroalvarezgtristan: nice to have things working!! I'll have a look at it :)10:23
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: any chance sb.b.o could be set to automatically be master, same as
paulsherwoodi've received a complaint that sb is unfit for purpose, based on baserock's implementation of it10:33
paulsherwoodwhich seems a bit unfair on sb10:34
pedroalvarezI've actually been thinking about that. I think I only need something to trigger the upgrade for every upstream change10:36
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: in the meantime there is teststoryboard.baserock.org10:37
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: how does upstream do it? ie how does keep instep?10:38
pedroalvarezAlthough some parts of it are not working. Will try to fix it so you can show it :)10:38
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: please don't... i don't have any time to futz with teststoryboard and i guess neither does anyone else?10:38
pedroalvarezThey have Zuul and jenkins and some puppet scripts10:39
paulsherwoodthe complaint was basically... ' doesn't work, it would be better to just use bugzilla'10:39
pedroalvarezI see and I understand. That version is too old10:40
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: simplest soln here would be just a cron script or git hook?10:40
* SotK would appreciate a definition of "doesn't work", so if the issues still persist we can fix them10:40
paulsherwoodno mail notifications for subscribed issues, for example10:41
paulsherwoodSotK: also i noticed a couple of days ago that adding a comment to an existing story seems to fail silently10:45
pedroalvarezSotK: don't worry, it works, what doesn't work is the current instalation in teststoryboard.baserock.org10:46
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I've also seen commenting on stories not working sometimes. I hope that problem is fixed with the new version10:47
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: yes, cron would work10:47
Zarais the comment not going up, or is it a pagination issue? I've had situations where I've posted a comment and it's gone up on the next page of results10:48
Zarawhich isn't immediately visible, so I've thought it hasn't gone up10:49
ZaraI'd like it to take the user to the newest comment automatically in those situations...10:49
* SotK thinks the comment issue is happening on, so not pagination10:49
Zaraah, heh, right10:49
ZaraI wasn't sure if people were talking about baserock's storyboard, or master of storyboard, or both10:50
paulsherwoodsorry sb.b.o10:51
paulsherwoodfor example...!/story/5 has no comments... i've attempted to create at least two10:52
Zaraokay, I haven't seen that on master. I suspect they might be getting cut off (maybe it will only display a maximum number of timeline events?) but I don't really know. so yeah, upgrading to newer storyboard would fix that.10:54
SotKyeah, they're being cut off by the default page size of 2010:56
SotKthat story has 123 timeline events, but you only ever see the first 20 of them10:56
SotKpagination will fix it :)10:56
pedroalvarezhahah, comments will be there :)10:56
Zaraso useful xD10:56
pedroalvarezI hope you didn't post things like "storyboard is crap"10:56
SotKit has loads of comments saying things like "Test comment!"10:57
paulsherwoodgtristan: is your latest gnome work in master now?11:00
gtristanpaulsherwood, I have just posted 5 branches for review in gerrit today11:01
gtristanso it's pending a merge11:01
paulsherwoodgtristan: ack11:01
gtristangstreamer-plugins, pulseaudio-integration, epiphany-integration, totem-integration and yelp-integration11:01
gtristanthe lorries are merged, at least :)11:02
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jjardongtristan: can you reply the qquestion from tiagogomes_ in before we can merge the patch?11:50
jjardonah, you already did :)11:51
gtristanjjardon, just now :)11:51
gtristanActually I was thinking of moving yasm into build-essential (it is a build tool), but it's so seldomly used11:51
gtristanvpx uses it and ffmpeg uses it11:52
jjardonyeah, and we have nasm as well11:52
gtristanand *something* in the virtualbox-guest11:52
jjardonin the intel bsp strata11:52
pedroalvareznote, it might be a build tool, but might not be essential :)11:56
gtristanpedroalvarez, honestly I think ultimately things would be simplified if we just put all build tools in there - it costs very little time to build yasm12:08
gtristanpedroalvarez, the only good argument against that afaics, is that we currently actually install the build tooling in the resulting systems12:09
* tiagogomes_ wants to keep build-essential has minimal has possible12:11
gtristansure, I have no problem with that, what I want first, is one-chunk-one-file across the board12:11
pedroalvarezgtristan: and that the more components we put in there, more rebuilds we will trigger in the future12:11
gtristanthen stratum just become sort of irrelevant, useful little things to declare a bundle :)12:11
gtristanpedroalvarez, I think you drank too much coffee :)12:13
gtristan ... you're stuttering :)12:13
gtristanwell, I hope we can change that statement X 412:14
tiagogomes_Pedro needs a reboot12:14
gtristanand assert that what we shove into our baseline... actually works12:14
gtristanX 8 !12:16
gtristan4 was not good enough... hehe, ok I get it I get it !12:16
gtristanmore ??12:16
gtristanpedroalvarez, you are an organic chicken.12:19
pedroalvarezhehe, gerrit tab said :12:19
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pedroalvarezCode Review - Error12:19
pedroalvarezServer Unavailable12:19
pedroalvarez504 Gateway Time-out12:19
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gtristanpedroalvarez, you are up to 11 now12:20
gtristanpedroalvarez, maybe we need to restart the gerrit service, I think it's on crack12:21
* gtristan pushed it through12:25
gtristanmaybe it's my turn for endless comments12:25
pedroalvarezI'll keep comenting even if it's merged12:25
pedroalvarezsorry guys :)12:26
gtristanI'm sure you just had your coffee sitting on the comment button12:26
* gtristan thinks of the delete button in "Silicon Valley"12:26
pedroalvareztons of GB of useful data gone!12:27
pedroalvarez /o\12:27
pedroalvarezI guess it was my browser and gerrit misbehaving12:27
pedroalvarezand retrying12:28
pedroalvarezand retrying12:28
pedroalvarezand retrying12:28
gtristanok, so... pedroalvarez... would you like to try to build genivi with the pulseaudio upgrade to v7.x ?12:28
gtristanI could, I guess if I can build GNOME, I can also build genivi right ?12:28
pedroalvarezyes, you should be able to12:28
pedroalvarezalso, if that has been merged, Mason (our kind of CI) should build it as well12:29
* gtristan +2'ed ... but gerrit is still behind :-S12:29
* paulsherwood will kick of ybd buil+cache population as soon as gtristan's stuff is merged12:34
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pedroalvarezsomething is going weird in our infra12:38
gtristanalright, it's all up !12:42
gtristanpatch storm has passed12:42
gtristanpaulsherwood, kick it off :)12:42
pedroalvareznot that quick12:44
gtristanhave to wait for the disks to sync ?12:45
pedroalvarezno, it's because the storm hasn't been merged12:45
gtristan"merge pending" !12:45
gtristanof course12:46
pedroalvarezgerrit is going slow12:46
gtristanhave to get some SSD12:46
pedroalvarezand there was a rebase in one of the patches12:46
* gtristan enjoys the power of SSD, and crunches over 5 webkits daily :)12:46
pedroalvarezI'm trying to fix the mess12:46
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gtristanhah, cute...12:54
* gtristan opens totem in the VM... chooses "channels" at the top, finds browses and watches some tv shows in totem12:55
* tiagogomes_ receives 11 emails about
VLetrmxoh dear >.>12:59
* pedroalvarez reboots gerrit13:00
VLetrmxthat would explain the 50313:00
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pedroalvarez there is a problem in our hosting provider, they are looking at it13:19
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pedroalvarez(I mean, good that has already been spotted :)13:38
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gtristansure that gerrit has commit access to ?15:06
tiagogomes__it used to had :)15:07
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tiagogomes__your patches seem merged. What is the problem#15:09
gtristantiagogomes__, are they ?15:13
gtristanthey appear as "outgoing reviews" and not yet in "recently closed" when viewing gerrit15:13
gtristanso, perhaps gerrit merged it, but failed to let us know about it ?15:13
gtristanthey actually say "Merge Pending"15:14
tiagogomes__ah those, I thought you were talking about the ones that are on the Merged tab on gerrit15:14
SotKhuh, they also all say they were successfully merged15:14
pedroalvareztiagogomes__: gtristan: trying to fix gerrit right now15:15
tiagogomes__But even those are not all merged in g.b.o15:15
pedroalvarezare they not?? sigh..15:15
gtristanpedroalvarez, you made too many comments at once and gerrit exploded !15:16
pedroalvarezit wasn't me...!15:16
tiagogomes__I have proof on my email client that it was.15:17
pedroalvarezit wasn't me who broke gerrit... :S15:20
* pedroalvarez can't clone definitions15:20
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pedroalvareztiagogomes__: I see all of them merged in gbo15:22
pedroalvarezwhich one is missing?15:22
gtristangerrit says 9 patches have the check mark15:23
gtristan8 of them are "merge pending"15:23
tiagogomes__pedroalvarez, never mind, I just realized the order that they are merged on gerrit is different than the order they are merged on g.b.o15:24
gtristanthe other one "Proper configuration of pulseaudio", i.e. the spammed one... is just sitting there helplessly, approved but too afraid to enter the merge queue15:24
gtristanyeah I dont know what's in git though :)15:25
* gtristan just amused watching gerrit struggle15:25
pedroalvarezgit here:
* gtristan clones one beside15:26
gtristanor... fails to clone one, lets see :)15:26
pedroalvarezwhat happend is: changes were marked as merged in the database, gerrit tried to merge them on the git repostories, but failed  because of problems with the hosting provider15:26
pedroalvarezand then merged the changes in, and that worked15:27
pedroalvarezso it's being fun15:27
pedroalvarezand now doesn't seem to work15:27
gtristanwhat an epic fail day15:27
pedroalvarezwe had worse days15:28
gtristanwell, if it all burns down, I have the local branches safely here, and the patches are even in the correct order :)15:28
gtristanpedroalvarez, you're gonna tell me is on btrfs ;-)15:29
pedroalvarezgtristan: yes and no15:29
pedroalvarezwe store all the important data in ext4 :)15:30
pedroalvarezwell, I think I can't fix anything until Datacentred fixes the problems they are having15:31
gtristan"we're experimenting with this funky new technique of merging branches see..."15:31
gtristanif the build fails, gerrit can always rollback !15:31
pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: Please, do not try to merge things in Gerrit nor in directly15:38
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paulsherwoodgtristan: any chance of a gnome system for armv7?15:47
VLetrmxpaulsherwood, ooi does ybd treat an 'arvm7' arch string as 'armv7l' ?15:48
paulsherwoodVLetrmx: i don't think so... should it?15:48
persiaI don't think so.15:48
VLetrmxprobably not, tiago just sent a patch to remove that, i just wanted to make sure the tools weren't diverging further15:49
* paulsherwood meant, any chance of a gnome system for one or more of the supported armv7 architectures15:49
radiofreejetson + might work15:55
VLetrmxthe 503 returns15:58
* pedroalvarez breathes...16:08
paulsherwoodradiofree: does gnome require x still, then?16:10
radiofreei believe this has only been tested on x in baserock16:13
radiofreei believe mutter will require modification for the wayland backend to work on a jetson16:13
radiofrees/the wayland backend/it to be a wayland compositor16:15
radiofreewait that's even worse16:15
radiofreebasically yes, use x for now (see if it works)16:15
radiofreemodification for mutter shouldn't be too hard (similar to weston)16:16
VLetrmxwoohoo it's back16:28
pedroalvarezyay, gerrit goes normal16:29
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jjardongtristan (or anyone): when you have a moment, can you take a look to ?17:30
VLetrmxpedroalvarez, guessing we still can't merge?17:35
* gtristan gets off of phone from hour long midnight conversation with canada17:40
gtristanyay gerrit/git merged !17:40
paulsherwoodjjardon: why are you expressly removing a declaration of build-system? that seems to make the result less deterministic?17:40
gtristanpaulsherwood, my fault... because it's specified in the chunk's morph17:41
paulsherwoodah, ok17:41
VLetrmxbuild-system is a required field now, it either needs to be defined in a stratum or in a chunk17:42
gtristanarmv7.... how about this: where there is a will there is a way !17:42
paulsherwoodVLetrmx: but not both, i guess :)17:43
* gtristan wonders if there is some way to get an arm VM to test it17:44
paulsherwoodgtristan: would a cloud-based one be good enough?17:44
gtristanlooks like I can use kvm/qemu17:44
gtristan"so says wikipedia"17:45
gtristanpaulsherwood, not really, I have to see it run right ?17:45
franredgtristan, you could it was pretty slow when I tried it (~2 - 3 years ago)17:45
gtristanunless maybe I'm doing that cloud based and it's a bit sluggish but who cares ?17:45
franreds/could/could but/17:45
gtristanfranred, eh, slow is not too much of an issue, at least I can "see it work"17:46
VLetrmxpaulsherwood, indeed not both :)17:46
gtristanI have a powerhouse now too so maybe it's not that slow17:46
franredgtristan, maybe you are luckier than me, it worth to try anyway (qemu I mean)17:47
gtristanlets complete the current build and see where we are going from there, I think though, by the end of the week we have a complete GNOME with all the core apps on x8617:49
jjardonThere is a GNOME arm system in gerrit; only builds at the moment17:49
gtristanjjardon, builds the gnome.morph stratum ?17:49
gtristanthat's already encouraging17:49
* gtristan noticed few packages which have some cross-compile configure flags which may need tending too17:50
gtristanmaybe libvpx or ffmpeg17:50
jjardonIt built some time ago, on the target17:54
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SotKhuh, the error that jjardon's patches fix is pretty misleading19:23
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SotKthe GNOME system build is looong when you haven't built anything since about September22:53
* SotK leaves it running overnight now its reached webkit22:54

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