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pedroalvarezi'm still not sure about this patch:
pedroalvarezI mean, I tested that I could pull being anonymous, I tested that I couldn't push without user and pass11:30
pedroalvarezbut I didn't test more than that11:30
pedroalvarezlike trying to push to a repo I shouldn't have access11:31
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tiagogomesdo all repos in the trove have an associated tarball? If so, why morph falls back to clone using git14:09
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SotKI think tarball generation is turned off, but I could be wrong14:10
SotKalso, not every git server will provide tarballs14:10
tiagogomeshmm, it has at least some tarballs14:12
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pedroalvarezdelta/ repos should have them15:06
pedroalvarezbaserock/ repos shouldn't15:06
pedroalvarezthat means that is something that lorry-controller (or lorry?) does15:07
pedroalvarezstraycat: I appreciate your review in
pedroalvarezI knew it could be wrong15:15
straycatpedroalvarez, no problem i wasn't sure about it at first, i also get that we want to fix that at some point, but don't know how we'd do that right now15:15
pedroalvarezthen I guess that it's ok if nobody can use https to clone without authentication15:16
pedroalvarez(like github and gerrit, and maybe more)15:17
straycati think those things let you clone public repos over https without auth, it's possible i just don't know how you do it with lighttpd without reading around15:18
pedroalvarezI will abandon that patch then15:19
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tiagogomesstraycat, are you aware that the next version of gerrit is planned to keep the review comments on git?16:38
straycattiagogomes, no16:39
straycattiagogomes, do you have a link?16:39
tiagogomesit doesn't have much info about the topic though16:40
richard_mawbecause google?16:41
straycattiagogomes, thanks16:44
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* pedroalvarez sends:
pedroalvarezAnd with that I finish the patches for adding SSL certificates to Troves17:52
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