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pedroalvarezannouncement: gerrit will be unavailable for some time this morning because of the upgrade09:36
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ssam2gerrit is down for a bit, sorry09:46
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straycat seems to have quite a nice new site10:28
jmacsI hadn't come across that10:28
toscalix__straycat: extremely interesting10:31
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pedroalvarezStatus update: gerrit upgrade will be done in less than an hour, apologies for any any inconvenience caused10:40
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jjardonstraycat: interesting, we should emal them to add baserock in
ssam2yeah, we have
ssam2although I don't know that anyone is actively working on that10:57
jjardondo we have a baserock twitter account?10:58
* persia hopes not10:59
jmacsI have a part-time project to try and reproduce Debian's results, and possibly cross-verify that with Baserock's source, but not deterministic builds in Baserock at the moment11:00
perryli was looking into deterministic builds a few months back but i've since been too busy with other efforts11:02
jjardonpersia: dont like twitter?11:02
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straycatif we were working on that, and could get ourselves on that list, that might be quite useful for us maybe11:09
jjardonmaybe of interest:
* jjardon has a lot to read11:13
jjardonstraycat: thanks a lot for the link!11:13
straycatjjardon, no problem glad it's useful :)11:14
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Lunar^Hi! It's been suggested that I had baserock to the list of projects featured on . Is there a high-resolution logo somewhere?11:17
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rjekpaulsher1ood: ^11:18
persiajjardon: I don't like project feeds in social media: I prefer personal feeds and aggregation (possibly filtered aggregation)11:21
ssam2Lunar^: is high res enough? (guessing not)11:22
pedroalvarezI think I have some high res logos11:23
pedroalvarezlet me check11:23
pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: is up again11:23
Lunar^ssam2: i'm making them 140x140 without text11:23
ssam2I have a better one actually11:23
jjardonpedroalvarez: \o/11:24
ssam2well done pedro :-)11:24
pedroalvarezPlease: test it, and blame me if anything is wrong11:24
pedroalvarezssam2: thanks life saver11:24
SotKpedroalvarez: great job!11:25
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pedroalvarezoh no, it seems that now everyone in gerrit is an "Anonymous Coward"11:26
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pedroalvarezbut if you enter in a change, the owner is OK11:29
Lunar^ssam2: great11:29
pedroalvarezjjardon: thanks for testing submitting changes11:30
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Lunar^ welcome! :)11:35
pedroalvarezcool, the "Anonymous Coward" issue dissapeared11:35
pedroalvarezLunar^: nice :)11:35
jjardonLunar^: hey! thanks! :)11:36
paulsher1oodLunar^: thanks! i've been meaning to get in touch wrt reproducible builds for ages, but real life keeps getting in the way!11:36
Lunar^We might have little room left for the meeting in Athens December 1-3rd. It's quite last minute, but would anyone working on reproducible builds in baserock be interested?11:43
pedroalvarezI wonder if anybody minds if I restart gerrit again to upgrade to the latest release which i failed to spot11:43
paulsher1oodgo for it11:43
jmacsI'd be interested in going to that meeting; I'll have to discuss it with the boss, though.11:49
pedroalvarezFINAL ANNOUNCEMENT: is up again, running gerrit 2.11.4. If there is any problem, please ask me11:51
pedroalvarezno more noise here for today :)11:51
paulsher1oodLunar^: i think it would be great if someone from baserock was able to get there... i can't, unfortunately11:53
jjardonpedroalvarez: I own you a round :)11:54
tiagogomescan someone have a look at this patch please:  . It is making `check --full` to fail to me11:57
jjardonpedroalvarez: can we install this plugin as well?
pedroalvarezjjardon: is there any public gerrit instance with this in?11:59
pedroalvarezto see the result11:59
tiagogomesis this the last gerrit? it looks different from OpenStack's gerrit12:00
jjardonpedroalvarez: let me search, but there is a picture in the main project page:
pedroalvarezreboot needed I guess12:03
* pedroalvarez does so12:03
jjardonoh, didnt know kde is using gerrit as well:
jjardonintegrated with Zuul as well12:05
pedroalvarezjjardon: hm..I don't know from were can I get the plugin :/12:06
jjardonpedroalvarez: ?12:07
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pedroalvarezjjardon: hm..12:08
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jjardonpedroalvarez: maybe this is useful:
* jjardon knows nothing about gerrit deployment, sorry12:10
pedroalvarezright, I think I've found the binaries for non-core plugins12:10
pedroalvarezjjardon: enjoy :)12:17
jjardonpedroalvarez: nice!12:17
* pedroalvarez enjoys it too12:17
gary_perkinsHi, I'm in need of some help please! If I wanted a BR dev instance on Openstack, which image can I use? I've tried, but the instance hangs without any console or log output12:40
ssam2gary_perkins: weird... i've not had that problem before12:42
ssam2oh, you need to gunzip it12:42
ssam2openstack doesn't handle that12:43
ssam2also, if you do get it to boot, you need to run cloud-init.service manually, it won't run automatically (we had a discussion about this already)12:43
ssam2you can use
gary_perkinsit's supposed to handle gzipped files, according to some doc that I can't seem to find right now :(12:46
gary_perkinsssam2: thanks for the help, I'll try that link :)12:47
gary_perkinsssam2: ahh... From the Horizon "Create An Image" dialog: "Compressed image binaries are supported (.zip and .tar.gz.)"12:53
gary_perkinssubtle difference. It supports .tar.gz, not .gz :(12:53
gary_perkinsI don't know why one would want to tar a single image file12:53
tiagogomesgary_perkins maybe as a precaution for the future, they could start having metadata associated with images12:59
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pedroalvarezif this is DC it might be trying to boot the image in a Moonshoot node13:12
pedroalvarezgary_perkins: ^13:12
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gary_perkinspedroalvarez: I specifically selected x86_64. So it shouldn't :)13:15
gary_perkinsbut I didn't select architecture when I tried the glance cli client, so it's worth remembering that, thanks13:16
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tiagogomesnew gerrit has a unified diff view button \o/15:20
pedroalvarezit look prettier15:24
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tiagogomeshi, what do you think that instead sending proposals to the mailing list, we send them to  some baserock-specs repo. This way they can be reviewed/commented on gerrit. If sufficient people agree with the spec, then it gets merged and there is green light for an implementation16:00
tiagogomesthis is how OpenStack works16:01
tiagogomesthey wouldn't get lost in the mailing list and we could also enforce some guidelines to write a spec16:05
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ssam2mmm, I think we have much more urgent problems to solve16:09
ssam2also worth noting that not everyone in OpenStack actually likes the approach, see:
* SotK much prefers discussing proposals like that on a ML than on Gerrit16:11
pedroalvarezDid you know that now it's possible to edit files from the browser in gerrit?16:16
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ratmice____I guess i'd see it being useful for things that span more than a patch series16:47
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edcragganyone around know what happened to strata/python-core.morph?18:23
edcraggguess i'll just use python2-core for now18:25
edcraggah, 893259d718:28
pedroalvarezYeah.. Bit confusing..18:29
pedroalvarezRebasing changes and merging master on a fork of definitions is currently a nightmare18:33
edcraggi seem to have just discovered that18:43
edcraggjjardon >_>18:43
edcragghave another strange build error, 'configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables'18:56
edcragg'multiple chunks detected' error after upgrading morph. seems things have been moving fast lately19:01
pedroalvarezSome bits yeah19:06
pedroalvarezLong time since I tried latest morph19:06
edcragghow come?19:06
pedroalvarezThe public cache is for latest release of morph, not for master19:07
edcraggah, i see19:07
edcraggi've always just run it directly from a checkout19:07
edcraggmaybe not such a good idea, and maybe why i've never seen artifacts?19:08
edcraggwas trying to run a build overnight but rebuilding this system has turned out not to be a quick job at all :/19:10
straycatcache key stuff hasn't changed recently to my knowledge, so you should be fine, i tend to use something close to the latest morph at least19:11
edcragggood to know19:17
edcraggis there an easy way to fix this duplicated strata error? i don't really know what it's complaining about19:17
straycatnot sure, can you paste the thing?19:20
edcraggdevice-tree-compiler is a dependency of uboot in the bsp stratum
edcraggpreviously i just duplicated the dtc chunk in the bsp19:28
edcraggwhich was fine19:28
straycati hate to say it but that looks like i might have screwed up, you could either try committing your changes and pushing them, which may solve the problem, or, revert 6655ef761d77c3234c3cf775bf5ee38bd3f43b0c19:29
edcragginteresting. there are uncommitted changes19:30
straycat(currently you seem to be building from local-changes that aren't pushed)19:30
edcraggnot sure if it affects it but i usually don't do the workspace init thing19:30
straycatthat's fine19:30
edcragg(never been sure what the point of that was, it's always worked without it)19:31
edcraggi'll give it a go19:31
straycatthe idea was to have a collection of local repos within a workspace, and you'd co-ordinate by assigning the same ref (a system branch) to each repo in your workspace.19:32
straycatmost people decided this wasn't that useful in the end19:32
edcraggah, ok, always wondered what system branches were too ;)19:34
edcraggcommitting relevant changes doesn't seem to have fixed it19:36
straycatdid you also push them?19:38
edcraggoh, no...19:39
edcraggpush them anywhere?19:39
straycatpushed to wherever you've cloned from19:40
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edcraggi have multiple remotes19:46
edcraggand this branch originated locally as a rebase of another branch19:47
edcraggpushing it somewhere doesn't seem to change it19:49
straycatto origin specifically19:50
straycatif you pass --local-changes=ignore to morph it will complain at you if it doesn't have your changes at the remote19:51
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edcraggstraycat: it as a genuine duplication in the end20:20
edcraggthanks for your help20:23
straycatoh okay, do you have the definitions pushed somewhere? i'm curious20:23
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