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perrylrichard_maw: regarding changing lorry-controller, does that refer to the repo or the .conf file in baserock/trove-setup.git?09:20
richard_mawperryl: I was thinking about the repo, I hadn't thought about the implications of how that's hooked up into trove-setup.git09:22
richard_mawah, this is post-ansibleising config, so it's unfamiliar to me, but it looks like if you don't define the UPSTREAM_TROVE_STANZA (I don't know how that's done, but pedroalvarez probably does), then it won't have an upstream trove, and you can add files to open-source-lorries/*.lorry09:25
perrylahhh! that's where i was going wrong possibly; i was changing open-source-lorries/*.lorry but not realising that only called if the trove was undefined09:26
richard_mawperryl: they should also be called even if the UPSTREAM_TROVE_STANZA is defined09:32
* richard_maw has a look at the config to see how it populates the initial repository09:34
richard_mawperryl: means it only copies in the README, not the whole open-source-lorries directory09:36
richard_mawperryl: at this point I'd recommend logging in to add your lorry file after boot, rather than trying to have it populated on-boot09:37
perrylthat sounds more sensible; tbh i just need it to view a change to definitions09:38
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edcraggpedroalvarez, paulsherwood, jjardon, tiagogomes_: i've updated branch so that partitioning functions are now off by default09:57
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edcraggplease review if you can, thanks09:59
toscalixGood morning (in UK). I need Baserock logo. Where can I get it?09:59
tiagogomes_edcragg awesome!09:59
SotKtoscalix: I believe it's in the git repository the wiki is generated from10:00
toscalixI will look for it10:00
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toscalixSotK: is there a baserock/wiki repo?10:01
toscalixif not, in which repo is the wiki? There are so many....I cannot find it in the web search10:02
toscalixikwiki....of course10:02
toscalixrichard_maw: thanks10:02
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toscalixrichard_maw: got it, thanks10:06
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pedroalvarezOh, thanks edcragg!19:19
pedroalvarezAbout the UPSTREAM_TROVE_STANZA I need to check..19:21
pedroalvarezI believe that it's only defined when UPSTREAM_TROVE or something like that is defined19:21
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