IRC logs for #baserock for Wednesday, 2015-10-21

paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: did you get a chance to check out the room for tomorrow's hands-on?00:22
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: I did, but they were setting things up00:24
pedroalvarezI'm going there now btw00:24
paulsherwoodwhich room is it?00:26
* paulsherwood looks at schedule00:26
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* paulsherwood can has ybd running in a browser03:33
paulsherwood(with shell-in-a-box)03:34
gtristannice :)03:45
pedroalvarezHehe, it will be useful for the hands on04:05
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gtristanIn chunks configure-commands, build-commands and install-commands... does every line which starts with a '-' run in a separate shell ?07:09
paulsherwoodsuspiciously kbas on both (datacentred) (scaleway) have disappeared07:09
paulsherwoodgtristan: i believe so07:09
gtristanas opposed to when you have - | ... and then the following lines run in the same shell ?07:09
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KinnisonThat is YAML string folding/unfolding rules and lists07:11
Kinnison- one item07:11
Kinnison- another item07:11
Kinnison- another07:11
Kinnison- |07:11
Kinnison  one long07:12
Kinnison  item with07:12
Kinnison  multiple lines07:12
Kinnison- and another07:12
persiagtristan: Everything runs in the same shell, in my experience.07:13
gtristanok so one must preserve CWD07:14
persiaUnless one wishes to alter it in a cascading way :)07:14
gtristanand exit status for each line07:14
Kinnisoneach list item runs in a new subshell07:15
persiaIdeally, one has very little there.  The need for a complicated stanza likely represents a bug in the upstream build system, which ought be resolved by landing an appropriate patch upstream.07:15
paulsherwoodanyone have any ideas how to either work out why a simple bbottle server died, or what to instrument to help diagnose next time it happens?07:16
persiaKinnison: Hrm?  I thought there were some that used shell variables.07:16
Kinnisonpersia: those are likely to be multiline items, rather than multiple items07:16
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I think bottle defaults to having a --debug or similar07:16
persiaKinnison: That makes sense.  Also ugh.07:17
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: If I misremembered, then there's probably a debug=True argument to the bottle initialiser07:17
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lostduckgtristan, it is as you suspect, may be a useful reference07:17
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: yo umay also want reloader=True07:18
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: which will cause it to restart its child app if it crashes07:18
gtristanlostduck, got it :)07:18
gtristanfor cmd in cmds; ... self.runcmd()07:19
gtristanthat makes more sense :)07:19
gtristan(and it safer, actually)07:19
paulsherwoodKinnison: tvm. i'll try that.07:26
paulsherwoodwhile the gang's all here, what's hthe plan for the git candidate stuff wrt baserock?07:27
Kinnisonmagic 8 ball says outlook unclear :-/07:28
paulsherwoodhow do we clarify it?07:29
KinnisonI need time to follow up to the RFC on the git lists, etc.  Hopefully I'll know more thu/fri07:30
paulsherwoodwhat's the holdup? if it works, can't we get started with a tutorial to tell people how to set it up and use it, and then trial it for patch reviews here?07:30
paulsherwoodthen we can maybe feed back to the git folks showing them how awesome it is07:31
Kinnisons'a plausible way to generate some buzz I'll admit07:31
Kinnisonpoke straycat when you next see him07:31
* Kinnison bimbles off to pack and head to an all day meeting07:32
paulsherwoodlostduck: if you see straycat, pls draw attention to the above?07:32
* lostduck nods07:37
lostduckI think they want feedback from git before proceeding further07:38
persiaI don't think Baserock has to wait to use software.07:39
persiaIf someone wants to review git-candidate, and propose it as an alternative to our use of Baserock, that would seem sensible to me.07:40
persiaLast I read, it was only in RFC state, so there may be warts, but reporting them may help ensure that development is aligned with Baserock needs.07:40
paulsherwoodlostduck: who is 'they'? i want to use it07:40
persiapaulsherwood: the RFC is mirrored at
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persiaPatch git and use it, if you like.07:41
persiaErr, I should have written above "propose it as an alternative to our use of gerrit".07:42
lostduckthe gang07:42
lostduckI'd want to rework the interface before suggesting it for use, that RFC really was just an RFC with too much code.07:42
paulsherwoodwhen i looked there, i saw nothing telling me how to actually install it07:42
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paulsherwood'the gang'?07:42
persiapaulsherwood: Apply the patches to git, build git.  Go.07:42
paulsherwoodpersia: i repeat my reqest for those instructiosn to be written somewhere properly, and a tutorial07:43
lostduckpersia, subcmds in contrib tree won't be available by default? you'd have to copy it into $GIT_EXEC_PATH07:43
persialostduck: Oh.  I thought the patch was complete.  You're right, it's more of an RFC.07:44
* paulsherwood needs a simpler 'quickstart' than this07:44
persiaIt's all part of the fun of pulling patches not yet upstream.  If one wants things nice, one has to wait for things to hit master :)07:45
paulsherwoodcna't someone do a page on the baserock wiki to explain the full thing so i can try it?07:45
persiaOf course, it's delightful to have this sort of conversation: most of the version discussions I've been having have been with folk trying to use things way downstream, rather than ahead of upstream.07:46
paulsherwoodcatch 22. i if no-one uses it, or reports how fantastic it is how will it ever be interesting for upstream?07:46
persiaHeh, it's always like that.  But the first person gets to do it the hard way :)07:48
lostduckpaulsherwood, if you are curious, most likely all you'll need is cp git-candidate.perl /usr/lib/git-core/git-candidate; cp /usr/lib/git-core then you can use candidate as a regular subcommand to git.07:50
paulsherwoodlostduck: if i do that on my own, will anyone else be able to intract with candidates i create?07:55
paulsherwoodso how do we get this fire started, then?07:56
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lostducki really don't know08:01
lostduckthe RFC is not really ready for use in production08:01
wdutchdo all systemd patches end up in trove?08:02
wdutchis it unusual for there to be a day without systemd patches? it doesn't seem that weird to me08:02
persiawdutch: check the lorry configuration.08:02
ssam2wdutch: everything from upstream systemd.git on should end up in our mirror08:04
ssam2if our master and their master ref point at different SHA1s, maybe we have a problem08:04
tiagogomes_ssam2 nice post about cmake08:07
ssam2I have another lined up which is not so nice. I thought I'd start with the more positive one ;)08:08
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paulsherwoodlostduck: best way to help it get ready for production is user feebback, surelty?08:09
ssam2i have no context here, but it does seem like Baserock is one of the obvious places to test such a thing. and clearly not everyone here likes Gerrit, so there should be some interest08:10
lostduckyes, i'm just dealing with the reality that my attempts to engage with git have been largely ignored, from that i can only assume that they're not even slightly interested in what we're trying to do, and i don't know how to overcome that.08:10
paulsherwoodlostduck: you're reading this wrong. folks are busy. probably they don't have time and they don't understand the context for the rfq, so they end up focusing on other stuff that they do understand08:12
paulsherwoodso c'mon... remove the blockers so that me, you and others can get using it and tell the world08:15
lostduckI will add some sort of quick-start guide to the repo then08:17
ssam2does git-candidate need to be in git.git to work, or can it exist independently?08:18
lostduckit could exist independently08:18
ssam2so all it needs is a nice looking website like
ssam2(random example)08:24
ssam2if only codethink had some web designers...08:26
De|taThat's generated by
paulsherwoodi was about to say that :)08:29
ssam2ha, so it is08:34
ssam2then we have no excuse :)08:34
ssam2although i'm not sure I quite agree with the term 'downright gorgeous' for something that looks like a maths book :-)08:35
franredssam2, paulsherwood, lostduck, or github with a proper README08:35
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paulsherwoodfranred: that too :)08:36
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wdutchdoes anybody know why I'm getting this error when morph is run?
wdutchdoes morph require a speicific version of argparse?08:48
SotKwe use a forked version of cliapp08:48
SotKoh weird, you are using the right branch08:49
wdutchI installed cliapp from it's repo on liw.fi08:49
ssam2you have to use the baserock/morph branch from git.baserock.org08:49
ssam2it's a pain08:49
* SotK wonders what "+ git clone -b baserock/morph git:// ./src/cliapp" in that log is for then08:50
wdutchI got an error that it couldn't import cliapp and installed it manually, possibly it's conflicting08:51
SotKah, perhaps you need to make sure that ./src/cliapp is in your PYTHONPATH?08:52
* gtristan palmface... must rebuild WebKitGtk again :-/08:54
ssam2git-minimal seems to have broken Mason build:
ssam2something to do with debug stripping, by the looks of it, no idea what09:02
ssam2oh, i'm talking complete nonsense09:04
ssam2seems to have been a series of false positives, and now it has built09:04
ssam2stupid Mason09:04
wdutchweird, aws doesn't think "git reset --hard origin/cu010-trove/br6/genivi-demo-platform" is a valid git command09:18
wdutchamazon seem to have their own version in yum09:19
wdutchrichard_maw: do you remember if we had to build git from source last time?09:19
richard_mawwdutch: we did not have to,09:22
richard_mawwdutch: do you have a command log?09:23
richard_mawwdutch: the command exists, but it doesn't think the branch does09:24
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richard_mawwdutch: just to check, have we changed which definitions repository it fetches sources from without also changing the branch?09:26
wdutchit seems I missed that branch09:26
wdutch"ERROR: Woah! expected 1 chunk matching genivi-demo-platform:poi-service (got 0)"09:29
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wdutchdoes that mean firehose is looking for strata/genivi-demo-platform/poi-service.morph?09:35
wdutchbecause that seems to exist in that branch09:35
gtristanCan anyone take care of this webkit lorry import ? see if it actually works ?09:37
gtristanit will take about 10min of your time, and then 2min every following day to see if it completes09:37
gtristanwithout doing the import properly, we resort to tarball lorries - which is... eh, not the point right ?09:38
ssam2i'll try to get to it, am 2 days from a deadline at the moment though09:47
ssam2you could also try to convince pedroalvarez, i think you are near him right now? :)09:48
* richard_maw just got the Lorry e-mail09:55
gtristanssam2, yeah he offered to do that yesterday, didnt wanna bother since he may be busy at the conference :)09:56
wdutchrichard_maw: you commented out poi-service in genivi-demo-platform, why?09:56
richard_mawwe've preivously given up for lorries that take longer than 2h… but gtristan has an excellent point, it should be possible to run the lorry manually on g.b.o before pushing the lorry-controller config change09:57
richard_mawwdutch: couldn't get it to build in the given version09:57
wdutchrichard_maw: somehow firehose is still looking for it when walking the specs and getting upset because it's not there09:57
richard_mawwhere is the firehose config defined?09:58
gtristanrichard_maw, my assumption is that only the import takes a huge amount of time, and that subsequent lorries will only pull recent changes09:59
gtristanbut I could be assuming wrong ?09:59
richard_mawgtristan: that's what we've experienced09:59
* gtristan has no idea *why* it takes so long really... the process doesnt seem to take lots of cpu, and my network connection is fast10:00
gtristanbut it may be making many connections10:01
richard_mawgtristan: I'll take a look to see whether it's safe to run it on git.baserock.org10:04
* gtristan wonders if the svn lorry code could be optimized by pulling the entire svn separately, and then doing the git svn fetch from a local directory10:05
* gtristan can try to do a full checkout later when I get home10:05
richard_mawgtristan: I thought you couldn't guarantee that for every svn server10:06
gtristanand point the lorry to a file:// location to the svn10:06
richard_mawif we had a full copy of the svn repository then there's an svn fastimport10:06
gtristanthat could potentially be much faster than the current approach (while taking effectively twice as much disk space)10:08
richard_mawIIRC there's two reasons why we use git-svn. 1. historical reasons, there was no svn-fastimport at the time, 2. no guarantee that the svn server will let us fetch everything needed10:09
gtristanI see, yeah I dont know the details10:10
gtristanhave only been a basic user of svn :)10:10
gtristan(and it's been a while, happy it's mostly gone)10:10
richard_mawgtristan: the version of lorry on g.b.o requires tags to be specified in the lorry file10:13
gtristanthat might not work10:13
* richard_maw wonders if the webkit repository even has any tags10:14
gtristanwell, I tried with specifying tags/ ... and it crapped out for some reason10:14
gtristanrichard_maw, it has trunk/ branches/ and tags/ ... but the problem is, *none* of those contain the code we want it would seem10:14
* richard_maw wonders how gtristan can tell10:15
gtristaninstead, the webkitgtk folks work in the same repository, in the releases/WebKitGtk branches... and I think they basically aim to merge back into trunk/ whatever work is usable10:15
richard_mawI can't do the usual trick of looking at the repo in my web browser10:15
gtristanyeah; webbrowser10:16
richard_mawweird, it's now showing up for me10:16
gtristanhonestly I've kill firefox right now because webkit is building a bit faster with that10:16
* gtristan had missed the -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX... resulting in an install in /usr/local... and then gnome-online-accounts doesnt find the .pc10:17
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gtristangah, what a waste10:17
richard_mawoh, so is the web UI for it the thing while you actually reach it through the svn.webkit address then?10:17
lostduckpaulsherwood, you should now find which explains how to install git-candidate, there's a makefile now. the already covers a basic workflow, i'd like a man page too, but i expect we'll want to change everything10:17
richard_mawgtristan: ouch, yeah, that's a huge number of tags that we don't care about10:18
richard_mawand we don't even want the regular branches10:19
gtristanrichard_maw, fwiw, how I'm currently building, I built the advertized git mirror10:19
richard_mawgah! I'll take a look at what git-svn is capable of10:19
gtristanrichard_maw, which only mirrors trunk/10:19
gtristanand then followed these instructions:10:19
gtristanright, they are far away from a standard setup10:21
gtristanlorry master, with the given lorry file, seems to do the right thing... but one would have to run it for a few days to find out :)10:21
richard_mawgtristan: the lorry interface to git-svn doesn't let you specify multiple locations for branches, so fetching the whole repository is not currently possible, though we could have the WebKitGTK releases/ as the tags instead10:25
wdutchrichard_maw: firehose is running with config examples/genivi-persistence-client-library.yaml10:25
gtristanrichard_maw, would that "work" ?10:26
richard_mawgtristan: I'll have to have a look to see if we can have the url as and see if we can set tags=/10:26
wdutchactually it's funning with a whole bunch of configs, all of them in examples10:27
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richard_mawgtristan: it should, but it would still be fetching in all the branches and trunk we don't care about10:27
richard_mawsince it's not actually the same project10:27
gtristanrichard_maw, I would expect it to create git tags for what is found at the tip of "tags"10:27
richard_mawgtristan: it can create tags based on whichever paths you specify10:27
gtristanwhat we would want though, is to create one git branch for each of the releases/WebKitGtk/* tips10:28
gtristanright ?10:28
* richard_maw is unsure about that10:28
richard_mawis active development done on those tips?10:29
richard_mawdo they make changes on top10:29
gtristanwhen a bugfix is backported to a stable branch, we wouldnt want a git tag to suddenly "shift"10:29
richard_mawthey look more like tags than branches to me10:29
gtristando they ?10:29
gtristanthat part I'm unsure of, I had perceived them as stable branches10:29
gtristanbut I dont maintain webkitgtk hehe10:30
gtristanrichard_maw, seeing as they lack micro points, it makes more sense if they are branches though10:30
gtristanotherwise one would expect a separate tip for each and every release10:31
richard_mawI don't know how they version it, I'll take your word for it, it's just that looks like a list of tags to me10:31
gtristanit is definitely a stable branch10:33
gtristanrichard_maw, according to
richard_mawcool, thanks for clarifying10:33
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richard_mawI'll have a read to see if git-svn is capable of fetching, and if we can do so without needing to change lorry-controller10:34
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persiarichard_maw: `git svn fetch` is a command I run regularly, to update the svn repo (and show new branches, tags, etc.)10:38
wdutch[] CRIT: This repository is not for you10:42
* wdutch chuckles10:42
wdutchdo I have permission to give ciat permission to push to trove?10:45
persiaI think only the ops team can grant push permissions there.10:47
wdutchssam2: ciat needs to be able to push to definition, could you give it that powah please? :)10:48
gtristanwdutch, I dont think CI should be pushing to upstream definitions - we need to have a review process where CI proposes merge candidates10:57
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gtristanand we need to have a stable branching scheme for upstream definitions10:58
gtristanotherwise upstream definitions will be even more chaotic and unpredictable10:58
wdutchgtristan: it pushes to a speical branch which can then be reviewed by a hooman10:58
gtristanthat also works :)10:58
wdutchI don't know what the best solution is in the longterm, possibly to have it work with gerrit10:59
gtristanI have a pending email/draft :-S11:00
gtristanwdutch, but as webkit is still compiling (fscking c++ !)...11:00
gtristanwdutch, what do you think about having a definitions-wide branching/release scheme ?11:01
gtristanI think we need one, like... currently we could branch baserock-1.0 in definitions11:01
gtristanthen I would shoot for gnome 3.18 in baserock-1.0, and be preparing for gnome 3.20 in master, or whatever release of GNOME is stable when we are ready to branch baserock-2.011:02
gtristanwe would just take "whatever is stable" for each "system" in definitions for baserock-1.011:03
gtristanand "whatever is experimental" in master, but coordinate for a definite baserock-2.0 in say, 6 months or 1 year11:03
wdutchsounds like debian :P11:03
gtristanwdutch, then we would have separate instances of CI - we would have continuous integration of stable upstream branches proposing candidates for baserock-1.011:04
gtristanand also CI for master11:04
wdutchI don't know if having a collection of what is considered to be stable is inkeeping with how this project is used11:04
* gtristan had envisioned the CI safely on a separate machine with a separate clone of upstream definitions.git, honestly11:04
gtristanbut maybe a branch of ci-dev and ci-stable works just as well11:05
gtristanwdutch, well, I guess we'll just have to have a group wide mud-wrestling match for that11:06
wdutchcurrently it does use a different trove which mirrors, a lot of people didn't want this and wanted it to work directly with git.baserock.org11:06
gtristanor a wet tee-shirt contest11:06
gtristanbut honestly, I dont see the point if we cannot focus on providing a stable baseline11:06
gtristancurrently I am focusing on GNOME bleeding edge, and every time I upgrade some dependency to bleeding edge, I get a sick feeling in my stomach11:07
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gtristanI think: Ouch, that entity which actually *uses* baserock as a baseline for something in production...11:07
gtristantheir whole upstream baseline is totally compromised, just because I wanted to fool around building a silly bleeding edge GNOME11:08
* gtristan thinks it's a no-brainer that a basic branching scheme will fix this11:08
persiawdutch: Could ciat just submit a candidate to gerrit, and update it regularly?  If it merges, start a new one?11:10
wdutchit probably could11:11
persiaPushing directly to a branch on sounds to me like a recipe to have the system be entirely ignored, as we don't review branches there, typically.11:11
SotKpersia: +111:11
wdutchthis will slow down the migration of the server, I'd like to migrate it as-is first then start making changes11:12
gtristanwdutch, curiously (and I have no knowledge of ciat yet)... can we easily have read-only access to ciat's definitions ?11:13
gtristanif for instance, I would want to produce an automated image of GNOME from there directly11:13
wdutchI guess so? I don't really know how trove permissions work11:13
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +v ssam211:15
SotKI assume CIAT will just work in
wdutchSotK: the pipelines themselves are not not defined there, kinnison did not like the idea so they are in
gtristanSotK, wdutch says it currently use a different mirror, and could potentially submit candidates over gerrit11:17
gtristanSotK, honestly I have some reservations about letting a bot commit to the upstream "crown jewels", but that's just me :)11:17
SotKwe can probably set the acls so it can only commit to some subset of branches in there11:19
* SotK is guessing there though11:19
* SotK is glad the config isn't in definitions :)11:20
paulsherwoodhow does one upload images to w.b.o? via git only?11:23
persiawdutch: Please do it right, rather than doing it wrong fast, cleaning up, and then trying to figure out how to resolve the mess in (which has a never-garbage-collect policy).11:23
ssam2paulsherwood: what's w.b.o ?11:23
ssam2ah, I don't know11:24
wdutchpersia: it's a bit late for that ...11:24
persiawdutch: For any git server on which garbage collection was done, your plan isn't quite as terrible: it's just that the policy in this case means you can *never* clean up the mess later.11:24
paulsherwoodis ths a good time to mention that ciat code has odd examples of personal nicks in it,and is missing license info11:24
persiaYes, beacuse it means that g.b.o is in license violation, so we can wipe it entirely, and clean up after wdutch's mess.11:25
persiaMind you, this isn't ideal for any baserock users11:25
persia</unhelpful sarcastic irritation>11:25
paulsherwoodpersia: i don't think it's in violation. just that folks didn't stick license headers in the code they wrote.....11:26
paulsherwoodwhich can and should be fixed11:26
persiaAsk counsel.  My understanding is that outside a few commonwealth countries, the provider is liable for the copyright violation inherent in distributing code without a license to do so, as there are no common carrier provisions without prior arrangement.11:27
persiaMy understanding may be incomplete or flawed.11:27
*** gtristan has quit IRC11:30
wdutchhow should it be licenced?11:31
ssam2copy the notice from morph or ybd or some other bit of Baserock11:32
ssam2they should all be the same (GPLv2)11:32
paulsherwoodgplv2. use the same style of header as all of the morph and ybd code. you'll need to add the gplv2 license too11:32
wdutchokeedoke, cool11:32
wdutchshould repos containing only config also be GPL'd?11:33
persiaAsk the author.  They can be GPL'd, which makes it easier to modify and distribute with code, but it makes writing a book about it all harder, as the GPL snippets are considered inclusive by some folk.11:37
wdutchI don't plan to write a book about it, does anybody else?11:37
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pedroalvarezwow this jetson is failing with this
*** gtristan has joined #baserock11:48
pedroalvarezradiofree: any idea about this ^?11:48
gtristaninstances:2 for ybd is really working nicely11:55
radiofreepedroalvarez: no, not seen that before, issue with nouveau11:56
radiofreeis it happening all the time?11:56
radiofreewhat version of mesa/kernel11:56
ssam2I've added the start of some documentation on caching in Baserock, feedback welcome:
ssam2it's quite tricky to explain so it might not make any sense so far11:57
gtristanthe build count needs fixing though... 'step' number should be 'completed builds + 1', instead of 'how many builds this instance built' :D11:58
ssam2Vagrantfile in ybd  -- nice!! i missed that before12:01
ssam2if only Vagrant didn't force you to pick a specific vm provider in advance! but it will still be pretty useful I think12:01
richard_mawssam2: your links are a bit off12:02
*** franred has joined #baserock12:02
richard_mawotherwise it's all accurate12:02
ssam2you mean, not linkified? i fixed that12:03
richard_mawgtristan: I think we can do a full import of every webkit branch, though arguably we actually just want a repository that has the branches, which we don't currently support, but could with a patch to lorry to make trunk also optional12:07
* richard_maw never considered that a project might not have a main development branch12:07
tlsassam2: could mention ccache on the list of other tools12:09
ssam2i guess.. it operates at a different level to bitbake, morph, ybd etc12:14
ssam2related though12:14
gtristanrichard_maw, yeah I dont think supporting master-less projects is important, in any case, those webkitgtk branches - even if they never completely merge to master... have patches that do get merged12:23
gtristanrichard_maw, they basically share the same engine and work alongside trunk, upstreaming engine fixes to trunk - maybe one day it will merge there, who knows12:24
pedroalvarezradiofree: the versions of the latest tag of definitions12:24
pedroalvarezGenivi-k something12:25
pedroalvarezThe thing is that the same version of the system works in 8 Jetsons12:25
pedroalvarezFails in 312:25
pedroalvarezI'm blaming hardware..12:25
richard_mawgtristan: I see, in which case we ought to be able to do the import with a newer version of lorry on git.baserock.org12:25
richard_mawpedroalvarez: are you still part of Baserock Ops? How would you recommend the lorry update happen?12:26
ssam2the dirty way is fine by me12:27
ssam2i.e. 'sudo python ./ install' from a checkout of lorry.git12:27
ssam2as long as everyone is kept in the loop that it was done12:27
richard_mawssam2: how do you normally keep people in the loop about this?12:28
gtristanrichard_maw, one thing about your email I'm unclear about... the branch names might be strange with "{branches,releases}/*" ... but I guess that would just be a 'baserock-ism' and perfectly acceptable as such12:28
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: if definitions.git is updated, then when we upgrade the new version will be in12:28
gtristani.e. we wouldnt have a 'webkitgtk-2.10' branch, as one might expect, but rather a 'WebKitGtk-webkitgtk-2.10' ? or something namespaced with the intermediate path ?12:29
pedroalvarezI'm fine with ssam2 approach as long as definitions has the change too12:29
richard_mawgtristan: we'd have safari-xxx-branch and Apple/Leopard and WebKitGTK/webkit-1.1.1 as branches12:30
richard_mawwe'd be stripping the releases/ bit off the beginning12:30
gtristanrichard_maw, yeah I think that's totally fine, probably the way to go too12:30
gtristanin the definitions we would have a WebKitGtk.morph which would build the WebKitGtk branch, of the WebKit repo12:31
richard_mawgrand, I'll start trying to import the whole thing then12:31
gtristannice, thanks for the assistance ! :)12:32
* gtristan has been trying and... just takes too long :)12:32
gtristanalright, one last dependency build failure, libpwquality needs some touch up... and then gnome-initial-setup has all of it's deps: next milestone close !12:33
richard_maw"Bad URL passed to RA layer: Unrecognized URL scheme for '' at /usr/share/perl/Git/ line 148." O_o12:35
gtristanI heard that with another lorry last week...12:37
gtristanbut it is *not* an issue with lorry from master :-/12:37
richard_maw suggests it might be a problem with the version of svn12:37
gtristanlast week we pointed the svn lorry to a github instead and avoided the problem12:37
gtristanthat could be12:37
gtristancorrection: it is *not* an issue with lorry master and whatever stuff I happen to have on my laptop :)12:38
* richard_maw grumbles12:38
richard_mawlooks like our version of SVN is compiled without http12:39
* richard_maw tries with svn:// url12:41
richard_mawdidn't work, timed out connecting to the svn port12:47
ssam2richard_maw: keep us in the loop by emailing baserock-dev, or admin@baserock.org12:47 reaches all current 'ops team' people (me, gary, fran, pedro)12:47
ssam2thanks for looking at this by the way!12:47
richard_mawgrr, we have serf and neon libraries as dependencies, both of which can provide the http backend, why should subversion decide not to build with them!12:54
lostduckno longer certain of process for handling binaries in baserock, i have cause to depend on a binary, how would i set this up?12:56
lostduckoh there seems to be a morph add-binary command13:00
richard_mawthat's for git-fat13:01
*** paulwaters_ has quit IRC13:01
richard_mawcareful with it, git becomes decentralised, as you need to fetch the objects over rsync13:01
lostduckokay so if i create an empty repo on my trove and use morph add-binary to add the binary, then i should be fine.13:01
*** paulwaters_ has joined #baserock13:03
richard_mawgrr, we don't have http support in our version of svn, because our libserv version is 1.1.0, rather than the required 1.2.113:06
* richard_maw preps definitions patches to update lorry and libserf13:12
* richard_maw grumbles that libserf is from a tarball13:15
paulsherwoodwhy was that?13:16
richard_mawI don't recall13:16
richard_mawand it's not encouraging that the only version control I can see is which is an archived google code page13:18
richard_mawah, grand! my google bubble wasn't displayin ghtat13:21
richard_mawhmm, unfortunately we're in a bit of a bootstrapping problem, since we need a version of subversion that supports http to get the latest libserf via version control…13:22
richard_maw for the update to the version of lorry to one that can handle absent tags for subversion imports13:25
* richard_maw will prepare a lorry change to update the libserf-tarball lorry13:26
ssam2integration work is fun!13:26
lostduckjust after i read gitano errd applying some hook after i pushed the change to allow anon access to all repos so that i can view the new repo i created on this trove so that i can add a dependency for the thing i'm trying to build13:31
*** franred has quit IRC13:32
gtristanWell... libpwquality builds with --disable-nls... but we probably want the translations (looking at the po files, they are like "The password is too similar to the old one"... and lots of rich messages that are nice to translate in a UI)13:33
gtristanjjardon, good candidate for a downstream delta I think...13:34
* richard_maw is not going to attempt to integrate libserf 1.3.8, since they changed build-system to scons13:35
wdutchif ciat were to push to gerrit then would it need an openid?13:36
persiawdutch: Yes13:36
*** nowster has joined #baserock13:37
* wdutch wonders if this means that it shoudl also have an email address13:37
wdutchif we don't want peoples names involved any more13:39
wdutchmust it be a valid email address?13:40
persiaWhen automation is replacing a human function, that automation should be granted many of the things we usually consider to belong to humans.13:40
persiaWhile the current implementation may not, it is not inconceivable that integration automation would want to receive feedback from the review system, so as to have a current understanding of reviews, with email being a reasonably sane event-based notification mechanism.13:41
persiaAs long as the automation is not yet smart enough to read it's email, it should probably go to a human, but the mailbox should likely be a real mailbox.13:42
*** franred has joined #baserock13:44
wdutchso have a and for now it can forward to me? who could create this email adress?13:44
persiaOnce the automation learns to read email, the mail can stop being monitored by a human (although the automation may want to escalate unparseable messages to a human, to avoid needing to have full natural language parsing capabilities)13:44
*** zoli_ has joined #baserock13:45
SotKwdutch: I'd guess ssam2, gary_perkins, franred, or pedroalvarez could create it for you13:45
richard_maw is the libserf lorry update, so we can update libserf to fix svn to fix lorry13:45
persiaThat email isn't a bad start.  I think you need a member of the ops team to request a mail address from the provider (I don't think we run our own mailserver).13:45
wdutchdon't let it learn to read email, it'll just read everythign as 'dog'13:45
persiawdutch: Please do teach it to read review vote feedback, so that it can respond to some things (like if something gets a -1, it ought try to understand why, rahter than just blindly moving forward, etc.)13:46
wdutchif it were smart enough to understand why then the reviewer would not be needed in the first place13:47
ssam2yep, ops team can create email addresses, just request in email on baserock-dev@ please (so there's a log)13:59
ssam2might be better to have it forward to you and the rest of the ops team, to reduce bus factor14:00
*** mariaderidder has quit IRC14:00
*** persia has quit IRC14:02
*** locallycompact_ has joined #baserock14:03
richard_mawfranred has +1d, anyone else able to take a quick look?14:03
franredrichard_maw, you have my +2 if no one check it in one minute14:04
richard_mawfranred: I've got my own +2 for that, I'm hoping for another opinion14:04
franredrichard_maw, ok14:05
richard_mawfranred: thanks for the offer14:05
*** locallycompact has quit IRC14:05
franred:) no probs14:05
*** persia has joined #baserock14:10
*** persia has quit IRC14:10
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*** locallycompact_ has quit IRC14:11
richard_mawthanks ssam214:12
*** locallycompact has joined #baserock14:12
*** mariaderidder has joined #baserock14:16
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*** paulwaters_ has quit IRC15:27
wdutchdoes firehose work with gerrit?15:37
richard_mawhow do you mean?15:38
wdutchit looks to me like to use gerrit you need to clone from gerrit, and do something else to get the hooks15:40
wdutchdoes firehose support this?15:40
SotKyou don't need to clone from gerrit, but you do need to have the commit-msg hook15:40
richard_mawno, it doesn't support gerrit-style candidate generation15:41
SotK(since commits need change-ids to go on gerrit)15:41
bashrcif it hasn't changed since I last worked on it then yes15:41
richard_mawbashrc: it has, we don't want to generate gerrit candidates until it's been through the pipeline any more15:41
*** mariaderidder has quit IRC15:41
richard_mawbashrc: otherwise you'd just get swamped with candidates, and have robots pushing changes that other robots decide are wrong15:41
wdutchthe intelligent bots that persia wants arguing in mailing lists and on gerrit!15:43
wdutchon the plus side skynet will never happen because they'll be too busy arguing15:44
wdutchdoes firehose support having base and candidate refs in different hosts?15:47
richard_mawwdutch: erm, not sure15:49
wdutchit doesn't look like it from any of the examples but I'll have a look and see if I can see in the code15:49
richard_mawdoesn't appear so15:49
KinnisonFirehose is well before candidates need to be offered to gerrit anyway though, right?15:50
Kinnisonso just have that handled in the "publish" phase at the end of the test cycle15:50
wdutchbut if people don't want CIAT pushing to gbo, firehose needs to put it somewhere else for the rest of the pipeline to get it before publish hands it over to gerrit15:50
wdutch'it' being definitions15:51
SotKcan the orchestration machine serve its own mirror or something?15:51
wdutchthis is what I'm thinking but firehose will always try and push definitions to the repo it got it from afaict15:52
KinnisonWhy would firehose not push to gbo?15:52
wdutchKinnison: see discussion from 11:4515:54
richard_mawwdutch: that was a misconception of what it would be pushing I think15:54
wdutchpeople said they don't want gbo cluttered with branches being used by CIAT15:55
richard_mawif they are ephemeral, namespaced and not too many, I don't think it matters too much, though there is the point that temporary branches would get lorried downstream15:56
Kinnisonso namespace them outside of refs/heads and refs/tags15:57
KinnisonI think we explicitly don't lorry anything outside of those refs spaces15:57
KinnisonBut if people are really that whingy, set up a separate trove which mirrors just the definitions repo and have firehose operate on that15:57
Kinnisonseems a tad overkill though15:57
*** toscalix__ has joined #baserock15:58
KinnisonHowever if people really want, then yeah, you could trivially add an additional remote support into firehose and have it pull from one remote and push to another15:58
richard_mawKinnison: I'd prefer that, and while you wouldn't get the non-heads or tags downstream, you've also got to persuade lorry that you're allowed to push outside of refs/heads and refs/tags15:59
KinnisonMeh it's trivial to futz about with a trove's ruleset, esp. if it's a special-case one16:00
*** CTtpollard has quit IRC16:01
*** ssam2 has joined #baserock16:17
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v ssam216:17
*** toscalix__ is now known as toscalix16:20
*** ssam2 has quit IRC16:43
richard_maw to fix the libserf thing16:44
richard_mawthough being able to lorry webkit will require a proper update to after that has been merged16:45
franredrichard_maw, just a little comment about it.... unpetrify-ref :D16:52
richard_mawha!, you're right16:53
richard_mawmaster and baserock/morph used to be the same16:53
*** bashrc has quit IRC17:00
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*** franred has joined #baserock18:21
*** locallycompact has joined #baserock18:27
SotKanyone around that knows if it would be feasible to make the ciat pipeline config accessible using the API?18:40
jjardonseems mason disk is full18:40
*** franred has quit IRC18:56
*** locallycompact has quit IRC20:48
*** robtaylor has quit IRC21:26
pedroalvarezjjardon: mason failure looks really weird..21:37
pedroalvarezIt has around 70G available21:37
pedroalvarezit seems to me that the gnome rootfs doesn't fit in the 6G of DISK_SIZE21:38
pedroalvarezbut I may be wrong21:39
pedroalvarezyeah, is not Mason's disk, it's gnome's image disk21:46
*** gtristan has quit IRC22:10
paulsherwoodBaserock GENIVI Demo Platform in Seoul will be livecast

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