IRC logs for #baserock for Saturday, 2015-10-10

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pedroalvarezwoha! baserock on a rpi2!08:54
pedroalvarezcurrently wondering if this can handle an upgrade as it is09:05
pedroalvarezI think I'm going to try that, and then fix the bits I had to hack09:05
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SotKpedroalvarez: great!12:03
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pedroalvarezright.. 1200 lines of defconfig file:
pedroalvarezthis is why it takes that loooooong to compile16:11
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pedroalvarezright, 'boot' partition wasn't been populated because of a typo :)16:55
pedroalvareznow built, deployed, dd'ed, and working :)16:56
pedroalvarezno hacks16:56
pedroalvarezno hacks to make it boot, I mean :)17:00
pedroalvarezthere are probably some "automatic" hacks, but I'll worry about them another day17:01
pedroalvarezheh, the upgrade almost works. `system-version-manager deploy` failed17:47
pedroalvarezi guess it depends on the `extlinux.conf`. Would be nice to have that working :)17:47
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